Talk - Skepticamp Melbourne 2011


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Talk - Skepticamp Melbourne 2011

  1. 1. Jason Brown
  2. 2. The Scenario Antivaxer posts idiotic argument Skeptic posts rebuttal Antivaxer denies or avoids rebuttal Skeptic responds Rinse, repeat
  3. 3. The misconception That somehow, if a rational enough rebuttal is offered, the original poster will change their mind and withdraw This will never happen NEVER
  4. 4. Why? Ignorance or denial of basic concepts needed to grasp science Disconnection from reality and inability to process Solipsism and magical thinking Dunning Kruger Backfire effect Among other reasons
  5. 5. What to do instead?DISCUSS Do not ignore Antivaxer or parrot? Soliloquise If possible, use regulatory channels Time is a non-renewable resource Take screenshots Blog and tweet, sidewiki*
  6. 6. Come and join us #stopavnDISCUSS