Deep Tissue Laser Q & A


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Nice article by my friend Kristen on deep tissue laser technology. We all know how much I love that!

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Deep Tissue Laser Q & A

  1. 1. Article reprinted from Impact, June 2010, with permission of the Private Practice Section, APTA. NIcHE PRacTIcE Q & aUse of Class IV Laser Technology inPhysical Therapy PracticeBy Kristen N. Imperiale T active and reduce their pain simultaneously was a huge asset to his article details how three clinic owners made the my practice. decision to integrate a new technology into their prac‑ cd: I made the investment in the Class IV laser system because tice. They discuss the factors behind the decision, the I saw the potential to offer treatment results that I never achieved process of integration, and the financial and clinical out‑ as quickly before. comes, as well as thoughts on the overall experience. The following clinic owners were interviewed for this Q: What conditions respond best to Class IV laser therapy? article: JG: All musculoskeletal inflammatory pathologies such as ten‑ donitis and tendosynovitis. John Gallucci Jr., PT, DPT cd: Pain and edema almost always respond during and/or President, JAG Physical Therapy after the first treatment. West Orange, NJ RG: Patients training for marathons, baseball games, golf, or Also medical coordinator, Major League Soccer other sporting activities or those just wanting to be pain‑free Years in Practice: JAG 6 years, MLS 15 years reported that the laser used in addition to our other interven‑ Richard Giordano, PT, DPT tions was directly responsible for getting them back into the President, Sleepy Hollow PT game or back into pain‑free activity. Hawthorne, NY Q: How do you market your practice? Do you ever feature Years in practice: PT 39 years, Owner 32 years being a laser center? Charles C. Donley, PT JG: We have a very expansive grassroots marketing plan that President, Regional Rehab Physical Therapy/Laser Center highlights all aspects of our practice. We do market that we Spring Hill, FL have a Class IV laser to the tendonitis crowd. Years in practice: 11 years RG: The laser has marketed itself because of the positive impact it produces. Our hand patients as well as the general orthopedic and sports population have benefited from this new modality.Q: You added a Class IV laser to your practice long before cd: We advertise our practice in local newspapers, publica‑this device became popular. This was a large financial invest- tions, and a variety of local monthly community papers. Wement. What was the motivating factor behind you consider- speak to groups, including professionals, medical professionals,ing, and ultimately purchasing, this device? and at health fairs. We also use Talk Fusion video email toRG: Whenever adding a new modality or technique to our record success stories. We offer complimentary consultationsinterventions, we as professionals have a responsibility to ensure and a free first treatment. We have experienced such successthat these new approaches are efficient, safe, and justified in with laser therapy we changed our name to include “Laserachieving the highest quality of care for our patients. We exam‑ Center.”ine the literature for the best evidence to support our decisions.We seek out seminars as well as other professionals who are Q: How do you bill for Class IV laser therapy?presently utilizing these interventions. This process was under‑ JG: Fee for service.taken when deciding to purchase a Class IV laser approximately cd: Fee for service—and business has doubled.3 years ago. We made our decision and felt confident that we RG: We charge a nominal amount in line with the copay if it iswere upgrading the quality of our practice. As patients consis‑ just for laser treatment. We roll it into the visit otherwise.tently report feeling significantly better after a laser treatment, Q: Any “miracle” stories or patients who responded to Classour exhaustive investigation was worth every hour. IV Laser therapy when nothing else worked?JG: As a physical therapist who treats many soft tissue pathol‑ JG: No miracles, we let God take care of those!ogies, I was looking for a modality that could produce a quick cd: Several miracle stories:clinical return on investment. To be able to keep your patients 1. Amputation canceled thanks to laser treatment.50 - June 2010
  2. 2. Article reprinted from Impact, June 2010, with permission of the Private Practice Section, APTA.2. Ninth major abdominal adhesion surgery canceled due to cd: Find a niche and be open to being on the cutting edge of pain relief from laser therapy (pain‑free 14 months post fast, effective, lasting treatment results. laser treatments, 2–3 times per week for 4 weeks). Q: With several years and hundreds of patients under your3. Two‑year‑old boy from Tanzania, Africa, was healed of belt, was it worth the up-front investment? deep partial thickness burns treated 2 days after injury. JG: Yes, it is worth the investment. Pain was eliminated and edema reduced by 50% following RG: The variations in reimbursement in our health care indus‑ the first treatment. Following the fifth treatment, the boy try today do not allow a clear calculation as to the direct cost/ was healed. He had no scarring, and no range of motion or benefit in terms of direct fees for this service, but the additional functional deficits at the completion of his course of referrals have more than compensated for the expense of our treatment. laser purchase.Q: What challenges have you experienced with the integra- cd: Absolutely worth the results. Our clinical and personaltion of a Class IV laser into the practice? lives have changed dramatically from introducing the Class IVJG: Lack of insurance reimbursement. laser. We are providing the best in technology for pain andRG: The integration of the laser into our practice has been seam‑ symptom relief to those who truly have no other options.less, except for the fact that more and more patients are being Q: Any other thoughts on how new technologies are impact-referred for laser treatments and we have to manage the growth. ing the independent physical therapist?cd: Scheduling the growth is our biggest challenge. RG: There will always be new and highly touted innovations inQ: What advice would you give a clinic owner who might be our field of physical therapy; if they produce the positive impactconsidering adding a Class IV laser or any other high-end the laser has in our clinic, the future looks very bright. ntechnology?JG: That he/she should look into any modality that can help off‑ Kristen N. Imperiale is director of marketing for LiteCure, LLC,set pain and swelling to be able to bring in functional activity. in Newark, DE. She can be reached at (302) 709-0408 orRG: Do your research. June 2010 - 51
  3. 3. Increase Clinical Return on Investment Incorporate the LiteCure Laser Therapy Solution into your practice and increase clinical outcomes, referrals, and revenue. LiteCure is the industry leader in manufacturing, With the LiteCure Class IV Laser education, and support of Class IV lasers at our ngertips we can help a patient get back to doing what he Differentiate Your Practice with the LiteCure Laser or she loves with less pain, in less Schedule a free demonstration with your local laser expert time, with more enjoyment than Call 1.877.627.3858 or visit ever before. Now Available! Integrated Health of Southern Illinois Double-blinded studies for bromyalgia and tendinosis Visit or call us at 1.877.627.3858 to learn more.26 - June 2010