8/12 escort services


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8/12 escort services

  1. 1. Human TraffickingOverviewSex Trafficking in the U.S.Fake Massage BusinessesInternet BasedResidential BrothelsStreet ProstitutionHostess & Strip ClubsEscort ServicesTruck StopsLabor Trafficking in the U.S.Recognizing the SignsInternational TraffickingTrafficking FAQsState-by-State ResourcesCalendar of EventsThe NHTRC Human Trafficking Report a Tip Access Training Resources Map Get Involved ContactA victim under the age of 18 is considered avictim of sex trafficking, regardless of thepresence of force, fraud or coercion.An agency, pimp, or other controllertypically arranges appointments, and maymonitor the escort and take some or all ofthe earnings."The ICE-led investigation began in November 2008, after a 14-year-old victimof the escort service run by Pierre was rescued in Fort Lauderdale. Subsequently,another 16-year-old victim of Pierres escort service was discovered. Pierreoperated a prostitution ring disguised as an escort service from his Ft.Lauderdale residence."- 2009 ICE Press ReleaseEscort services or agencies are one venue throughwhichvictims ofsex traffickingmay be forcedto provide commercial sex. Thisincludes “out-call” services where the individual goes to the locationof the "john," or “in-call” services where the "john" comes to theindividuals location. Anagency, pimp, or other controller typicallyarranges appointments, andmay monitor the victimandtake someor all of the earnings. Escorts are typically female, thoughsome aremale. They may be adults or minors, U.S. citizens or immigrants.Escort services are commonly advertisedonline throughspecificescort websites as well as general sites suchas backpage.comandother media.A22-year-oldwomanbeganworkingat anexotic dance club. Afterafew months, she was approachedby arecruiter, who toldherthatshe couldmake more money as part of his escort agency. The youngwomaninitially agreed. The recruiterpostedadvertisements forthewomeninthe escort agency onbackpage.com, andarrangedmeetings with clients. The youngwomanwas requiredto keepacell phone with herat all times andcheckinwith the recruitereveryfew hours. Whenthe youngwomanwantedto visit friends inanotherstate, the recruiterthreatenedherandtoldhershe hadtokeepworking. Afterafew months, the youngwomandecidedshewantedto leave the situation. Whenthe recruiterlearnedshe hadgone to ajob interview, he physically assaultedherandthreatenedto harmherfriends if she triedtoleave again.*Basedoncalls receivedby the National HumanTraffickingResource Center. Identifyingdetailshave beenchangedto protect confidentiality.When does it become trafficking?Traffickingoccurs whenthe agency or pimpuses force, fraud, and/or coercionto maintaincontrolover the escort andto cause the personto engage incommercial sex acts. A victimunder the age of 18is consideredavictimof sex traffickingregardless of the presence of force, fraudor coercion.Commonmeans of control include:Force–Physical or sexual abuse, ofteninthe formof repeatedrapes by one or more people to createsubmission;confinement to the residence;restrictions onmovement andcommunicationto family andfriends;frequent forcedmovement betweencities.Fraud–False promises of abetter life throughthe trafficker presentingas aboyfriendor caretakerfigure;false informationabout workingconditions, payment, andwhether commercial sex will berequired;tellingthe victimthat if he or she initially consentedto be part of the escort service that he orEscort Services E-mail PrintShareSIGN UP BLOG SEARCH LOGINABOUT USABOUT US WHAT WE DOWHAT WE DO HUMAN TRAFFICKING TAKE ACTIONTAKE ACTION RESOURCESRESOURCES MEDIAMEDIA GIVEGIVEconverted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  2. 2. Top ResourcesHumanTraffickingNational HumanTraffickingResourceCenterSex TraffickingintheU.S.RecognizingtheSignsTheVictimsClient Quotesshe must continue to consent andis not avictim.Coercion –Threats of harmto the victimor victim’s family;threats to shame the victimby revealingthe commercial sex to his or her family andothers inthe community;verbal, psychological andemotional abuse;nightly quotas;confiscationof birthcertificates andother identificationdocuments;forceddependency onthe pimp, agency or controller;exploitationof victims’ shame;rumors of orwitnessedviolence at hands of traffickers;cycle of rewards andpunishments;convincingthe victimthat police/service providers will only see the victimas aprostitute andwill arrest andnot assist thevictim;threats of deportationif victimis aforeignnational.*The above list is not comprehensive orcumulative. One element of force, fraudorcoercionmay bepresent, ormany.Intersections with Other Sex Trafficking NetworksLatino Residential Brothels and Latino Escort "Delivery" Services–Anescort “delivery”service model is closely relatedto the operationof residential brothels. A brothel might convert intoanescort service if asingle residential locationbecomes knownor targetedby lawenforcement. Inthe“outcall” or escort service model, the womenare “delivered” to abuyer’s house, apartment, or hotelroom, insteadof the buyers goingto acentralizedlocation.Pimp-Controlled Sex Trafficking–Pimps sometimes use anescort service model to facilitatecommercial sex. Inadditionto providingcommercial sex throughescort arrangements, victims arecommonly requiredto provide commercial sex viastreet tracks , truck stops andother settings.Regardless of the venue, victims are requiredto meet daily quotas andto handover all earnings totheir pimp.Statistics SnapshotWhile statistics onthe scope of sex traffickinginescort services are not available, a2008studyprovides insight into the dynamics of the network. Of the womenandgirls interviewed, 41% of thewomenandgirls were escorts, and28% startedas escorts whenfirst recruitedinto commercial sex.Ninety-three percent hadpimps whenthey were first recruited. Of the 41% who were escorts, 67% hadexperiencedviolence by their pimps and59% saidthat they hadbeencoerced.1For more resources onsex trafficking, click here1 Jody Raphael andJessicaAshley. Domestic Sex Traffickingof Chicago WomenandGirls. IllinoisCriminal Justice InformationAuthority andDePaul University College of Law, 2008. 8, 10, 25.ContactPolaris ProjectP.O. Box 53315Washington, D.C. 20009Tel: 202-745-1001Fax: 202-745-1119Email Polaris ProjectWhat We DoNational Human Trafficking HotlinePolicyAdvocacyClient ServicesTraining and TechnicalAssistancePublic Outreach and CommunicationsFellowship ProgramConnect Search Join Our NetworkPrivacy Policy | Copyright 2013 Polaris Project.Sitemap Loginsearch the site enter your emailMore Client Stories"Many things have changed forme since coming to PolarisProject. I now believe it’s nevertoo late to begin again."converted by Web2PDFConvert.com