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Markham and Wells - Recap of Social Media Week: Chicago


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Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business
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Markham and Wells - Recap of Social Media Week: Chicago

  1. 1. Social Media Week @Markam & Wells  The Scoop  Amazon Knows you Better Than Your Spouse: The Future of Metrics  Sports and Social Media  | Turning Autojournalism into Social Media Content  Content, SEO and Social  Door to More – Lesson’s from Nissan  Social Media Law Lessons
  2. 2. The Scoop 200+ Events Media & Publishing. Lifestyle & Culture. Society & Environment. Business & Entrepreneurship. Advertising & Marketing. Education & Learning. Politics & Government. Science & Technology. Health & Wellness. Cities Berlin, Bogota, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, San Paulo, Toronto 27% of total US internet time is spend on social networking sites. 15% of total US mobile time is spend on social networking sites.
  3. 3. The Future of Metrics
  4. 4. Panel Favorite Examples Coke -Benefits to both parties Affirm -Phone Number & Birth Date Coke YouTube is the No. 1 Brand on Facebook
  5. 5. Case Studies: Using Metrics for Predictions DIVORCE = POTENTIAL FUTURE CREDIT PROBLEMS Guest ID Use a CC, coupon, survey, mail a refund, call customer service, open an email, visit the website Pregnancy
  6. 6. You Have the Data…Now What? Assumption-based Thinking Listen to your data. More heads = Checks and balances. Look at the whole. 5 Facebook metrics marketers should be measuring: Fans, Organic Reach, Engagement, Storytellers, Click-through
  7. 7. First Step in Metrics: Tracking Effectively Effective measurement must align with your set measurable objectives. - Peter Druker: SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Timed) Specific – Describe your objectives to the results you want. Dig deeper for quantitative. Measurable – You’ll want to use metrics in the campaign review. Achievable – 100% goals Realistic – Ensure you have the resources. People & Tools. Timed – Specific time frames makes your objectives real and tangible. 5 Facebook metrics marketers should be measuring: Fans, Organic Reach, Engagement, Storytellers, Click-through
  8. 8. Social Media & Sports
  9. 9. Natural Convergence Three Areas that Fit Well into Social Media: -Behind the scenes. In the locker room, player celebration, real time access -Opinions on top of facts -Ability to build a brand personality -Player interaction Twitter Stats: Tweets with hashtags get 2X more engagement
  10. 10. Pre-Game Generate buzz before the game. Create FOMO. Atlanta Falcons Case Study – Launching Tuesday’s Microsoft Surface - Falcon's Social Hub Flicker: 87 million users, 8 billion photos *as of March 2013
  11. 11. Live Twitter -Crowd engagement -Bringing together the fan community -Discover major influencers -Incorporate sponsors More than 80% of fans use social media while watching a game. More than 60% use it while attending a game.
  12. 12. Daily Excellent ways to: -Show Personality -Highlight Special Events Friendfeed, developed by former Googlers, today is owned by Facebook. Top users hail from Turkey & Italy.
  13. 13. Constant Communication Your fans are always listening and engaging -Positive Mission Control Tour -Negative Central America’s popular choice for social networking and gaming in-one.
  14. 14. Making the Cut:
  15. 15. Nothing Different Than Publishing Get it right Clear Consumer Benefit To the Point Fast, but Thoughtful Make it Engaging Googles +1 is the fastest growing widget.
  16. 16. When Creating Content: Top Tips Copywriting: Design Consideration: Write for both car-seekers and nonCelebrate your seekers Milestones Shoot for a 6th grade reading level Celebrate editorial awards Celebrate editorial POV Share segment tips Highlight high-end YouTube has over 800 million unique visitors each month. photography
  17. 17. Content, SEO and Social
  18. 18. Write for the Audience… …not the machines. • Quality Content > Quantity Content. • Don’t play tricks. • Never force conversation or expertise. • Don’t have an SEO strategy; Have a content strategy that supports SEO. Instagram has over 150 million users on the platform, 16 billion photos shared, and 1 billion likes happening each day.
  19. 19. Road to Good SEO Five Quick Tips > 1. Make sure your page loads within 3 seconds. 2. Produce content and then optimize for SEO. 3. Think of bitly URLs as secondary SEO. 4. Don’t get caught up in social & SEO analytics. 5. Create a human-to-human experience. 68% of the 500+ million users on Google+ are male.
  20. 20. Door to More – Lessons from Nissan
  21. 21. Social is a Door to More Nissan’s Goal with Social Media: Turn Social Users into Owners and Owners in to Social Users Why? Because while Social ROI still seems a bit illusive, COI is obvious and impactful. How do they reach their goal? Produce engaging content Test, test, test Accept that their social media tools are not web shopping tools 75% of Twitter users use hashtags. Nissan’s #Nissan360 was used more than 1,000 soon after campaign launched.
  22. 22. Nissan “Door to More” Video Contest Vine and Instagram Contest Situation Nissan invites Instagram video and Vine users to print, cut out and build a 3D model of the new Versa Note then use that prop to shoot a video about “what you love.” Entries must be shared on Instagram or Twitter (Vine’s parent company) using the hashtag #VersaVid. Three videos will be selected to run in the Versa TV ad and six entrants will receive a $1,000 gift card. Results Nissan received around 150 entries and a high amount of engagement and impressions. Lessons Learned Simple: Make the contest easier. 31% of the Top 100 Brands are using Tumblr to connect with it’s 112+ million users.
  23. 23. Vine saw a 403% growth between Q1 and Q3 this year – making it the world’s fastest growing app.
  24. 24. Social Media Law
  25. 25. Copyright, Intellectual Property, Ownership, etc. Q. Your write a blog post or take a picture with your phone. Who owns it? A. You do. If you create it, you own it, until you say otherwise. From the moment you “fix” your original creative work in a tangible medium, you own copyright in it. There were 30 million Reddit posts in 2012.
  26. 26. Copyright, Intellectual Property, Ownership, etc. Q. Who has ownership and rights to content after it’s posted to a website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.? A. You still do. You’ve made it easier for people to infringe your rights, but you still own it. There are over 74 million users and 2.6 million companies on LinkedIn.
  27. 27. Copyright, Intellectual Property, Ownership, etc. Q. So, do the social media sites have a right to use the content you posted to their sites? A. More than likely, yes. It varies by channel, but when you sign up for these services, you have agreed to give up some of your rights. In Oct. 2012, Digg had 1.5 million visitors. In Oct. 2013, Digg has decreased to less than 350,000 visitors.
  28. 28. Copyright, Intellectual Property, Ownership, etc. Q. What about brands? Do brands have the right to use content that is posted to social media? A. If it falls under fair use, yes. If the owner has granted permission, yes. Otherwise, it is copyright infringement. Pinterest drives more traffic to publishers than Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit Combined.