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Parent mtg

  1. 1. WELCOME!
  2. 2. Fourth GradeParent/Teacher Survival Guide Mrs. Debbie Stockhausen McKee Elementary September 5, 2012
  3. 3. Classroom Procedures • attendance • specials schedule • subject folders • bus notes–must have student’s name, teacher, who they are riding with and bus # • absences/missed work (folder) • agendas • envelopes for signed papers • book orders • water bottle/healthy snack • birthday treats
  4. 4. Assertive DisciplineRules: Consequences:1. Raise your hand 1st verbal warning-write name2. Come to class prepared on board with all supplies and homework completed 2nd move clothespin and fill out3. Only speak kind words behavior log-lose point4. Follow directions the first time 3rd move clothespin and fill out5. Keep hands, feet, and all behavior log-lose point objects to yourself. 4th move clothespin and fill out behavior log-lose point Any further/severe disruptions – visit to Mr. Orr’s office. *Monthly Reward Party if 12-16 points are earned
  5. 5. Student Handbook• Now online – McKee’s website• Dress Code (tennis shoes on P.E. day)• Personal Items – No: ~ CD players/digital cameras ~ cell phones ~ toys, games ~ sports cards/trading cards
  6. 6. Homework• HW is given one point for each assignment in that subject and entered as one test grade• HW is checked for completion, not accuracy• Missed homework-homework notice sent home to be signed, missed hw completed, and clothespin moved• HW includes studying/preparing for upcoming tests• HW/tests listed daily on classroom agenda
  7. 7. Grading• Types of Assessment: objective/essay tests, reports, projects, informal – observation and participation• Tests: advanced notice for tests and quizzes written on classroom agenda; tests below C should be signed and returned• Grading scale: 90-100 A, 80-89 B, 70-79 C, 60-69 D, 59-below F• Progress Reports: Begin 2nd nine weeks
  9. 9. Language Arts is: • Reading • Writing • English • Spelling
  10. 10. Reading• Variety of materials: basal (text), novels, technology resources, books/stories on tape• Variety of genres: fiction, non-fiction, biography, poetry, fantasy, folk/ fairy tale• Variety of reading groups: independent, partners, small/whole group• Reading 25 books – aligns with PA Standards ~ Accelerated Reader ~ Silent reading time in class ~ Reading Log (20 min./night, signed and due on Friday)
  11. 11. AR Reading• STAR test to determine ZPD• Goals determined by formula, can be altered up or down as needed.• Information can be accessed online• Great results last year / Students eager to read!
  12. 12. Writing / English• Journal writing: “quick” • Language Handbook writing that focuses on • Lessons on grammar skills content are tied in with the• Process Writing: more reading story formal pieces that follow • Supplemental resource the 5-step writing process materials• 3 District Writing Assessments: Narrative, Informational, and Persuasive
  13. 13. Spelling• Spelling list is tied in with the reading story ~ Pretest given when new reading story begins ~ Pretest – miss 0-1 become an alternate speller ~ 20 words + 5 challenge words ~ HW is cursive practice, PB pages, study words nightly ~ Test – 5 days after pretest
  14. 14. Math• Rocket Math (math facts review)• Math is sequenced month by month• Flexible Math grouping• What will we study? ~ Data Analysis ~ Rounding, Place Value, Estimating, Comparing ~ Time ~ Money ~ Multiplication and Division ~ Geometry ~ Fractions ~ Metric ~ Probability ~ Measurement• Times Tables
  15. 15. Science/Health• ASSET, Inc. – a center that promotes learning in an inquiry- based environment• Hands-on• Units we will study: ~ Characteristics of Sound (Parts of the Ear) ~ Electricity & Magnetism ~ Land and Water• Health – Knowing About Yourself & Others, Food Pyramid/Plate, Disease Prevention, Body Systems
  16. 16. Social Studies• Five regions of the United states• Pennsylvania history• Quizzes, chapter tests• State reports• Learn study skills; vocabulary; study guides
  17. 17. Ways To Help Your Child Succeed in 4th Grade• Check agendas daily• Check backpacks daily• Tests should be studied for in advance• Monitor AR reading• Help promote your child’s responsibility for their learning
  18. 18. Other Assessments• Scantron: Fall, Spring ~ testing is computer-based ~ immediate results• (3) District and In-class writing assessments throughout the year: ~ Narrative, Informational, Persuasive• PSSA: Reading & Math-April 8-19 Science – April 22-26
  19. 19. D.A.R.E.• D.A.R.E. = Define, Assess, Respond, Evaluate• Drug/alcohol/violence awareness program implemented by N.F. Police Sergeant John Bates
  20. 20. Possible 4th Grade Field Trips• “Challenge By Choice” in September• PNC Park, Science Center, Children’s Festival, Children’s Museum• 4th Grade picnic (held at McKee in June)
  21. 21. PARENT VOLUNTEERS Please complete the following clearances to join us on a field trip or help at school:• Act 34 – Criminal Record Check• PA Child Abuse History Clearance• Download these forms from McKee’s website
  22. 22. How to contact me:•• 724-693-8451, ext. 4033
  23. 23. Thank youfor coming!