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Shawn Tobin - Deus Ex Movie presentation

  1. 1.  Rating: R Genre: Action/Thriller Set in 2027 Story begins at Sarif Industries, a growing biotechnology firm based in Detroit Plot centers around Adam Jensen, security director for Sarif, uncovering the truth behind a terrorist attack on Sarif Industries Espionage adventure across the world looking for answers before eventually realizing that the answers are closer than they seem
  2. 2.  Adam Jensen Megan Reed David Sarif Zhao Yun Ru
  3. 3.  Rise of corporations in globalization Espionage Transhumanism (ascending our own humanity) Ethics of advancing humans with biomechanical replacements for body parts Conpiracy
  4. 4.  Gamers like action so more focus would be placed on exciting action sequences and advertising that aspect Most successful movies based on videogames were all action movies The missions to each location in the world would be condensed to fit most of the original plot into the movie
  5. 5.  Males › 18-60 Females › 25-45 Action movies are more geared toward young to middle age males Thrillers are more popular with an older audience
  6. 6.  Most important audience to gather are gamers Most likely to see the movie Easiest to convince Almost 50% of gamers are 18-49 years old Gamers Under 18 18-49 50 + 26% 25% 49%
  7. 7.  Best time of year to release movie would be in the summer  Time when the most successful action movies and movies based on videogames came out Movie Release Date Budget ProfitLara Croft: Tomb June 15 $80 million $167.7 millionRaiderPrince of Persia: May 28 $200 million $135.1 millionThe Sands of TimeMortal Kombat August 18 $18 million $104.2 millionResident Evil March 15 $33 million $69.4 million
  8. 8.  Generate interest in the movie for both gamers and people who’ve never heard of it Use social media to full advantage in spreading recognition of the movie Focus on the “Human Revolution” part of the title
  9. 9.  Magazines Billboards Flyers Make sure they’re visually stimulating and stylish
  10. 10.  Most productive form of promotion Average Trailer = 3 to 4 minutes long for theatres Shorten for television Make sure it’s exhilarating and shows a few pivotal parts of the movie Make 3 versions: › Focus on action aspect › Focus on thriller aspect › Show the relationship with Jensen’s girlfriend to attract more women
  11. 11.  Leak details to various websites Big focus on videogame websites Give “exclusive” information, screenshots, updates, etc.
  12. 12.  Billboards of the internet One of the first things visible at the top of websites Interactive banner ads link to the movie website or even contain a trailer for the movie
  13. 13.  Extremely important in getting trailers around the internet Start a viral video campaign Make videos advertising human augmentations from the film as if they were real commercials Show behind the scene videos and interviews with the cast
  14. 14.  Create Facebook page for movie Update daily with news, videos, links to other websites Post promotions for movie tickets and early screenings Important to establish a presence on most popular social networking site in the world
  15. 15.  Create Twitter account Similar to Facebook in update More links to other websites than Facebook Pay attention to trends list and try to become trending #DeusExMovie, #HumanRevolution
  16. 16.  Giveaways Randomly give Digital Download version of the videogame the film is based off of to people on opening night and through Twitter or Facebook Have anyone dressed up as a character get a discount for the movie or digital download of the videogame
  17. 17. Announcement Release 12 10 8 months 6 months 4 months 2 months 2 weeks months months Trailers X X X X Social X X X X X X X Media Websites X X X X X X X Ads X X Giveaways X X Talk show X Interviews
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