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==== ====Hello are some great wedding speeches idea(s) SPE...
The Grooms SpeechThe grooms speech usually comes next and provides him with the opportunity to respond to thewedding speec...
Traditionally the best man is either a close relative or close friend of the groom and is therefore inthe unique position ...
audience. Making eye contact engages your audience and makes them feel involved in what youare saying. If you are using pa...
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How to complete your wedding speech


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Wedding almost always is a happy occasion and a time to celebrate the joys of life. Friends and
family of the married couple gather together and celebrate with the newly-weds a start of their new

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How to complete your wedding speech

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello are some great wedding speeches idea(s) SPEECHES==== ====Your palms are sweaty, your throats dry, your hearts beating faster and louder than a marchingband - its quite likely then, that youre about to give the all -important wedding speech. But beforeyou drag your feet to the microphone like a person condemned to the gallows, take a littleinspiration from our dos and donts that will soon have you leaping onto the stage brimming withconfidence.The Father of the Brides SpeechTraditionally, the father of the brides speech is the first speech given. As father of the bride, itsappropriate to welcome all the guests and thank them for attending.Do-Welcome your new son-in-law, and his parents into the family-Let your daughter know proud you are of her and how lovely she looks-Relate a humourous anecdote about your first impression of your son-in-law-Offer advice and well wishes to the couple-Propose a toast to the happy coupleDont-Joke about polishing your shotgun or breaking bones if your new son-in-law hurts your daughter.Just remember: Threats (even in jest) + Weddings = Bad Atmosphere - no matter how protectiveyou are of the bride.The Father of the Grooms SpeechTraditionally the father of the grooms speech occurs after the father of the bride has made hisspeech.Do-Welcome your new daughter-in-law and her parents into the family.-State how proud you are of your son and how pleased you are to see him married to his bride.-Tell an anecdote about your first impressions of the couple, an amusing incident involving thewedding preparations or a memorable moment during the bride and grooms courtship.-Give advice and well wishes to the couple.-Propose a toast to the happy couple.Dont-Embarrass the bride and groom with your anecdote. At best, youll only get a few uneasy laughsand a whole lot of uncomfortable silence.
  2. 2. The Grooms SpeechThe grooms speech usually comes next and provides him with the opportunity to respond to thewedding speeches already given by his father and father-in-law. Traditionally the groom wouldspeak on behalf of himself and his bride. However nowadays, a brides speech has becomecommonplace also.Do-Welcome all the guests, with a special mention of those who have travelled a long way to bethere.-Thank the brides parents for allowing you their daughters hand in marriage and for welcomingyou into their family.-Give appreciation of the comments made by your father and father-in-law.-Pay tribute to your own parents.-Acknowledge all the people involved in the wedding preparations.-Propose a toast to the bridesmaids and acknowledge their unique role as support to your brideduring the wedding and reception.-Thank your best man and groomsmen for their role during the wedding and weddingpreparations.Dont-Forget to thank and compliment the bride. Its a common mistake many grooms make. Thoughmany people need to be acknowledged for all the time and effort theyve put into the wedding,shes put in many hours too - especially in transforming herself into the vision of beauty thatstands before you now!The Brides SpeechIts become quite common for the bride to give a speech on her wedding day, particularly if familymembers or close friends can not be present.Do-Thank all guests for traveling to be with you for the occasion.-Describe the feelings of the day and how happy you are to be married to your new husband.-Thank the grooms parents for accepting you into their family.-Pay tribute to your own parents.-Acknowledge the help of bridesmaids and others for their role in the wedding and preparations.-Acknowledge anything notable said in previous speeches.Dont-Hog the limelight! Whilst it is your special day, the speeches arent supposed to be your domain.The Best Mans SpeechThe one that everyones been waiting for! Usually the best mans wedding speech is last androunds off the formal speeches. However, the best man is often called upon to be the master ofceremonies and can sometimes be the first to toast the bride and groom also.
  3. 3. Traditionally the best man is either a close relative or close friend of the groom and is therefore inthe unique position of having known the groom long before he met his bride. This means thespeech is often the most intimate of them all. Its usually light-hearted and fun and demonstrateshis affection for the groom and happiness for the couple.Do-Thank all the guests for coming (particularly if you are also acting as master of ceremonies).-If you are a friend of the groom, describe how you met the groom and relate a funny but not tooembarrassing story of the groom that others will enjoy.-If you are a relative of the groom, describe a childhood incident or something similar which maybe amusing for guests to share.-Talk about the grooms life, experiences and qualities.-Describe how happy you were when the couple met and began their courtship.-Propose a toast to the parents of the happy couple.-To finish, read out letters and telegrams from those who were not able to attend. If there aremany, read a selection.Dont-Get drunk. Many best men make the mistake of having a few for Dutch courage and get a littlecarried away. Slurring and stumbling is not attractive in a speaker.-Relate incidents involving the grooms past girlfriends. Nobody - especially the bride - likes to bereminded that they werent the only one.Other Common Wedding Speeches:Aside from the above wedding speeches, the respective mothers of the bride and groom and alsothe maid of honor may wish to give a speech also.As mother of the bride, or mother of the groom, you may wish to stand with your husband while heis making his speech and add a few words of your own, finishing off by proposing a joint toast tothe couple. Or you may have a full speech of your own prepared along similar lines to topicstraditionally addressed by the father of the bride or father of the groom.Similarly, as a maid of honor, it is common to make a speech similar to that of the best man butwith the focus being on the brides qualities and experiences you have shared together.Other Important tips:Be mindful of your audience: There is likely to be a variety of guests from different cultural orsocial backgrounds and its important to keep this in mind when planning what you will say and thegestures that you use when delivering your speech. You may hold your palm up to stop peoplesconversations and to get their attention but in Greece its the equivalent to giving someone thefinger. A thumbs up to an attendee of the wedding may be meant endearingly but to citizens fromthe Middle East, West Africa and South America its hideously offensive. When in doubt, alwayserr on the side of caution. Refrain from swearing and keep your gestures discrete.Make eye contact: As with all public speaking, it is effective to make regular eye contact with your
  4. 4. audience. Making eye contact engages your audience and makes them feel involved in what youare saying. If you are using palm cards or written notes, make sure the writing is big enough to seeeasily. Rather than writing out the whole speech, consider writing only the main points so that yourdelivery feels natural and you are able to maintain regular eye contact with your audience.Dont rush: Speak at a normal conversational pace, or slightly slower. It is natural to speak morequickly when everyones attention is on you but try to resist this urge. Listeners will relax and hearyou better if you speak calmly and at a steady pace.Speak with heart: Weddings are a beautiful celebration of love and unity. Keep this in mind whenyou are delivering your wedding speech. If you speak with a full heart you will add to the feeling oflove and auspiciousness which surrounds the occasion and your words will penetrate into thehearts of all those present.About the Author:Article brought to you by Bride Online, Australias premier wedding portal. Find wedding dresses,flowers, bridal gowns and bouquets, bridesmaid dresses, reception venues, marriage celebrants,flowers, cakes, invitations, photographers and more. Bride Online have free wedding planningtools, articles and tips, photo galleries and even wedding classifieds listing pre-loved bridal itemsto make organising your wedding day nuptials stress-free and easy. Also visit Wedding DirectoryAustralia, for more wedding resources and ideas.Article Source: ====Hello are some great wedding speeches idea(s) SPEECHES==== ====