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Process mining in the construction industry beyond bim congres

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Process mining in the construction industry presented at the Beyond BIM congres in Ghent.

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Process mining in the construction industry beyond bim congres

  1. 1. Master thesis research Presentation @Beyond BIM symposium, 09-12-2015 Stijn van Schaijk Process mining in the construction industry
  2. 2. About myself • Study: Master, Construction Management and Engineering @ TU/e • Sept 2015 - now: BIM consultant @ Bureau Based • Job 2012 – sept 2015: BIM employee @ Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling
  3. 3. Always the same problems?
  4. 4. Complexity in construction • Winch (1987): construction projects are amongst the most complex of all activities. • Gidado (1996): rapid increase in the complexity of construction processes
  5. 5. IT in construction to manage processes Plan Build Operate BIM Design Support Systems Project Information Systems Facility Management Systems
  6. 6. Process Mining • Analyse Event Logs to learn from processes
  7. 7. Case study’s: Construction process mining Plan Build Operate BIM Process mining with facility management data Construction design process mining BIM based process mining
  8. 8. Construction design process mining Most extreme result: validating 1 specification had 1904 process steps!
  9. 9. Construction design process mining “Process mining analytics did us realize that we use our IT systems to store information, but those systems don’t automatically facilitate an efficient process” -Process engineer, contractor More info? Paper upcoming…
  10. 10. Process mining with facility management data Errors solved within 3 minutes costed 300 euros each (total of €723600)
  11. 11. Process mining with facility management data “We can better invest in data analytics to save money than fire our own people” -Facility manager, Erasmus Hospital More info? Read: dy%20Erasmus%20english%20V1.pdf?dl=0
  12. 12. Case study: BIM based process mining • Target: Shorten construction projects • How: Plan, (Autonomous-) Capture, Analyse and Re-use process data from construction sites • With: Using BIM and Process mining techniques Plan CaptureAnalyse Re-use
  13. 13. Case study • Project: Schependomlaan • Projectmanagement: Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling • Partners: RAAMAC:
  14. 14. Case Study: Plan 1. Connect planning to IFC 2. Generate As-Planned models Plan CaptureAnalyse Re-use
  15. 15. Case Study: Capture 1. Scan construction site with drones 2. Create As-Built Point cloud model (Structure from motion) 3. Compare As-Built with As-Planned 4. Merge results with event log Plan CaptureAnalyse Re-use
  16. 16. Case study: Capture: Dronescan
  17. 17. Case study: Capture: Dronescan
  18. 18. Case study: Capture: Dronescan
  19. 19. Case study: Capture: Compare
  20. 20. Case study: Analyse 1. Event log analytics -Merge As-Planned and As- Built in Event-logPlan CaptureAnalyse Re-use
  21. 21. Case study: Generate event log
  22. 22. Case study: Analyse 1. Event log analytics 1. As-Planned vs As-Built 2. Durations 3. Process variants 4. Bottlenecks
  23. 23. Case study: Re-use 1. Plannings Consult Plan CaptureAnalyse Re-use
  24. 24. Case study: Re-use 1. Planning consult Upload IFC Search in event-log database Planning advice and risk identification
  25. 25. Case study: Re-use -> Planning consult
  26. 26. Case study: Re-use -> Planning consult
  27. 27. Case study: Recap Plan CaptureAnalyse Re-use
  28. 28. ‘Data explosion’ • More devices, • More sensors, • More camera’s. • Upcoming: Intelligent ways to register processes • So: more data
  29. 29. BIM based Process Mining
  30. 30. BIM based Process Mining
  31. 31. BIM based Process Mining
  32. 32. Conclusion and discussion 1. Current IT systems can be used for process mining, valuable data in there! 2. Process mining enables fact based problem identification 3. BIM based process mining is possible -Use GUIDs to connect information from different tools.
  33. 33. Further work 1. Automate process capturing on construction sites. 2. Combine data from several IT systems. 3. Better/more advanced planning consult
  34. 34. Questions? Want to get updates? Fill in this form: Contact: LinkedIn: Twitter: @stijnvanschaijk