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Open spending as-is 2011-06


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As-is state of WDMMG/OpenSpending project, 2011-06 (OKCON2011)

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Open spending as-is 2011-06

  1. 1. Current StateStefan June 2011@Stiivi
  2. 2. Data
  3. 3. Data Store
  4. 4. Collections data metadata dataset entryentity classifier dimension
  5. 5. Dimension types classifier collection entity collection string scalar field float scalar field date hash/dictionary no implicit hierarchy
  6. 6. Time■ time is a range from 
to■ compound object■ dataset specifies date for analytics■ in cubes it is split into year + manth + day■ date hierarchy is hardwired in app logic
  7. 7. amountthe only one measure
  8. 8. Extraction,Transformation, Loading
  9. 9. ETL – overview mapping wdmmg openspending pylons application paster pylons managed data CSV file csvimport store with ORM ckan-datapkg datapkg paster load "raw" data locally cached resource resource wdmmg-ext extraction modules loading loading scripts loading scripts scripts cofog still runing from here
  10. 10. classification – entity – date from to + + amntCSV file entry
  11. 11. Aggregations
  12. 12. ≈dataset* cube *still as dimension
  13. 13. roll-up is aggregated “on the fly”