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Website evaluation


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Website evaluation

  1. 1. Title of Website: __________________________URL (web address): _______________________________________________________AUTHORITY INFO: Who is the author/creator of this website (could be an organization): ________________ Is contact information provided? Y N What evidence is there that the author/creator is an authority on this subject? Which file extention is this site? (Gives us clues about the creator) .edu= educational .org= not-for-profit organization .com= commercial .net= internet service provider .gov= government .mil= militaryOBJECTIVITY/BIAS: What appears to be the main purpose of this site: (Circle one) 1. To inform or explain 2. To sell or advertise 3. To report news 4. To entertain 5. To persuade or present a particular viewpoint 6. To share personal information or interests Are there political, ideological, cultural, religious, or institutional biases? Y N If the information given is opinion, is this clearly stated? Y NACCURACY: Is there any indication that the information is documented, researched, or cited? Y N Describe the indications that tell you that this is accurate information: Does the site provide quality links to other quality resources on the subject? Y NCURRENCY: When was this site created? ___________ When was this site last updated? __________ Is this information current enough for your topic? Y NOVERALL: What rating would you give this site based on your purposes for using it? (Circle one)5 Great 4 Good 3 Okay 2 Not so good 1 Poor