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Stickyeyes: Consultancy Services


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This presentation outlines the consultancy services provided by Stickyeyes.

Stickyeyes is an award-winning digital marketing agency, working with global brands in over 20 countries.

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Stickyeyes: Consultancy Services

  2. 2. Problems we help solve Digital business turnaround New C-Level requires digital health check Underdeveloped/immature digital offering Desire to build a dominator strategy Optimum channel mix Interim digital management Digital organisation planning Identifying and delivering quick wins International expansion plans Review of digital cost base and identify savings
  4. 4. TOOLKITStrategic Consulting Tactical Solutions Measure & Refine
  5. 5. Strategic ConsultingLed by one of our executive team, this service allows youto tap into our deep and wide level of experience.Our offering ranges from helping fill specific strategicgaps through to providing an outsourced executiveecommerce function
  6. 6. Strategic ConsultingService Examples Defining and setting best practice Identifying where the biggest opportunities are and how to capitaliseon them Identifying potential new markets Deep dive into one or more digital channels Competitive benchmarking Helping define the requirements for and then assistance withbuilding digital teams Providing training/guidance/support for the Board and/or investors Due diligence for potential acquisitions
  7. 7. Strategic ConsultingSummary Led by Executive team Leverages best of breed technology and 125 digital experts Straight talking – Solutions, not research
  8. 8. Tactical SolutionsHaving helped define your strategy we can assist with anumber of tactical solutions to help deliver on thestrategy.
  9. 9. Tactical SolutionsConversion OptimisationWe shift conversion rates and understand the power ofdoing so. From landing pages through to large e-commerce sites we will provide expert analysis backedby a robust quantitative testing methodology.
  10. 10. Tactical SolutionsAnalytics Implementation & AuditingYou’ve probably got a web analytics solution, but does itprovide all the answers you need?Our analytics experts make sure you get what you needfrom your analytics solution, whether that’s a bespokeimplementation from scratch or creating customiseddashboards/funnels tailored to your business needs.
  11. 11. Tactical SolutionsAnalytics TrainingOur training sessions are not standard. We teach youwhat you need to know in the best environment for you.
  12. 12. Tactical SolutionsAttribution ModellingAttribution analysis allows you to measure the value ofevery step within the customer journey.Our modelling services will allow you to obtain the fullpicture of what is happening within each marketingchannel as well as giving you a full understanding of thedegree of influence each channel has on a consumer’sdecision to purchase a product or transact on yourwebsite.
  13. 13. Tactical SolutionsMarket Intelligence ReportsOur Market Intelligence reports are the result ofintensive and deep interrogation of your business andthe market you operate in.The reports are available as one-off documents orquarterly publications and cover the activity of you andyour competition across the entire online marketinglandscape.
  14. 14. Tactical SolutionsMarketing DashboardsMarketing Dashboards provide Executive level reportsthat measure the success of your business againstcriteria you define.Our dashboard service offers the functionality toinstantly see where your brand is winning and losing inthe market.
  15. 15. Tactical SolutionsCustomer Identification & ClassificationCombing industry leading tools such as Hitwise andGlobal Web Index with analytics data and othermarketing intelligence to ascertain who your customersare, where they are digitally active and therefore whereyou should focus digital marketing efforts
  16. 16. Tactical SolutionsLifetime Value AnalysisTo understand the true value of marketing activity it iscrucial to understand lifetime value.Our analysts will mine your data to understand the truevalue of each customer segment and marketing channel.
  17. 17. Tactical SolutionsResourcingThe Stickyeyes team can help solve short, medium andlong term resourcing issues. We can fulfil an interimeBusiness Director/Manager role or if you prefer helpyou recruit digital talent.
  18. 18. Measure & RefineDigital Strategy demands fluidity.It is therefore crucial to continually measure progressand refine the strategy over timeMany of our clients retained us to do just that using ourin-house technology and digital strategy skills.
  20. 20. Service ApproachExec Lead StrategyDirectorHead ofInsightsProject DirectorProject ManagerSupport Teams