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How e-commerce brands can survive Google’s E-A-T | Jack Nottidge, SEO Lead, Stickyeyes,


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Google’s updated search quality guidelines place a major focus on three key principles; expertise, authority and trust. These updates have changed the game for ecommerce brands when it comes to content, user experience and brand positioning.

The update saw a number of established and trusted brands have suffered at the hands of Google’s new policy, so how do ecommerce brands convey expertise, build authority and establish trust whilst, at the same time, producing content that sells?

We’ll explore just what has happened with the Google EAT update, and what you need to do to step up your content and search marketing strategy.

Speaker - Jack Nottidge, SEO Lead, Stickyeyes

Published in: Marketing
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How e-commerce brands can survive Google’s E-A-T | Jack Nottidge, SEO Lead, Stickyeyes,

  1. 1. How brands can survive Google’s E-A-T update. November 2018.
  2. 2. Agenda • An overview of information from Google • What is E-A-T? • What should you be doing about it • Understanding content types • How to show your expertise • The importance of technical SEO • External signals • Q&A session
  3. 3. Information from Google.
  4. 4. “This week we released a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. Our guidance about such updates remains the same as in March”. - Google Search Liaison, Aug 1st 2018
  5. 5. Quality Rater Guidelines. • Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines can be used to gain an understanding of what their algorithm tries to do. • The guidelines should be used to help understand, rather than fully inform.
  6. 6. YMYL Your Money Your Life (YMYL) search results have seen the biggest impact.
  7. 7. What is E-A-T?
  8. 8. Authoritativeness Trustworthiness Develop the expertise of the creator of the content, Your right as an author / website to be talking about a particular subject Addressing commercial bias in authoritative pieces & answering ALL questions. The depth, presentation, quality and external validation of the content in question and why that places you as an authority on the subject. Expertise E-A-T overview.
  9. 9. What should you be doing about it.
  10. 10. Firstly, understand the different forms of content.
  11. 11. The 3 types of web page content Advertisements Advertisements that are placed on a web page to make money and do not always follow the purpose of the page. Supplementary content Content that may aid the user in their journey, based on the page which they are viewing. This content can come in many forms; including related products or articles. Main content The main content of the page and the reason the user is here. Main content can vary in size and format but must match the customers intent.
  12. 12. Identifying content types. Main content (MC) can take the form of images or text. This content helps the page achieve its main purpose & displays trust.
  13. 13. This supple- mentary content aims to give a greater user experience. More helpful content related to the page.
  14. 14. More useful content designed to give the user everything they need to make a decision on the product they are looking at.
  15. 15. Advertisements
  17. 17. Micro-moments. Understanding the stage of journey your customer is at is crucial for content production. “Sell” when a user wants to buy and “Inform” when they need more information. I WANTTO KNOW I WANTTO DO I WANTTO GO I WANTTO BUY Informational search Commercial search
  18. 18. Commercial content. Quality, user generated content and reviews. High level of main content and product specifications Useful, point of purchase information clearly broken down.
  19. 19. Informational content. Quality, easy to follow video that aids the user experience. Easy to follow, written step-by-step guide. Useful, step-by-step imagery.
  20. 20. Cite your research. When creating content, cite the sources of your research. Back up claims that you make with hard evidence. Especially when considering YMYL topics.
  21. 21. Showcase your expertise.
  22. 22. Showcase your expertise. How? How to accurately portray your expertise and increase trust signals. What? How to identify what expertise within content looks like across different verticals. Who? Identifying who your experts are and why they are.
  23. 23. Identify your experts Formal expertise Theseexpertsoranabsoluterequirementforany consideredYMYLbrandssuchaslegal,financialor medicalproducts. Thisincludesexpertswithformalqualifications whetheracademicorotherwise.
  24. 24. Identify your experts Informal expertise Peoplewithlifeexperience,firsthandproduct experienceandcommentsonforumscanallbe classedasinformalexpertise.
  25. 25. Identify your experts Other experts Itispossiblethatanenthusiastichobbyistis consideredanexpertintheirfieldorhobby. Thiscanbedowntothelevelofexperience theyhaveandtheknowledgethey’vebuiltup.
  26. 26. Tiers of content expertise 01 A well known industry expert is curating information or articles for your site on your site only. 02 A well known expert is attributed to the content or information on your site and it has their ‘seal of approval’ 03 Your content is linking out or linked to by external high quality articles or relevant information.
  27. 27. Provide complete information ACCURATE Highly accurate, informative information is vital. Immediately showing the user what they can expect from the product they are purchasing. 1 THOROUGH Be thorough and share information or knowledge about your products and the issues or problems they could help users overcome.2 HUMILITY Let users know if the product on page wouldn’t be suitable for them and why. Suggested alternatives here are great. 3 HONEST Avoid deception. This includes deceiving users and Google. Your e-commerce pages must be accurate, trustworthy and the correct level of depth. 4
  28. 28. Be an expert. To be truly seen as experts, make all of your brands expertise clear. Awards Showcase your hard earned awards and external industry recognition. Standards If you conform to ISO standards or manufacturing conduct codes, make this clear Authors Content author bios can be a good way to showcase individual awards and expertise Production Your product production process and where products are sourced from can demonstrate your expertise.
  29. 29. Showcasing author credentials. Links to social media or the authors own site Including a short bio of the author at the beginning or bottom of the article Linking to the authors profile to showcase other content they have produced
  30. 30. Technical SEO is still important.
  31. 31. Technical SEO and security Interstitials / ads Interstitials, ads and supplementary content that make it difficult to access the main content should be avoided. Shopping cart Quality raters are instructed to test the shopping cart functionality, so ensure any “add to bag” buttons are obvious to users and function correctly. Maintain your site Your website appears managed and well maintained. Functionality should be tested to ensure it is up to date and working correctly, and any UGC should be reviewed for spam / abuse. Secure website HTTPS and security features are a part of Google’s search algorithm, web browsers, and also quality rater signal. Ensure all pages on your website are served securely.
  32. 32. It’s about much more than just your website.
  33. 33. Citations and links 01 Consider the authority, reputation and balance of any sources and citations you use. 02 External links and references to your content from authoritative sources will reinforce your websites reputation. 03 Other internal links on the page should be used to aid navigation of your site, and not to mislead / deceive users.
  34. 34. Your reputationis important. Monitor your brands reputation and stay on top of customer reviews. Find references to your brand using: • ‘brand’ • ‘brand reviews’
  35. 35. Build topical relevance. Marketing Business RegionalsNationals Build relationships with the industry websites that matter to your customers. Coverage in these places will build brand reputation and topical relevance. Example niches for
  36. 36. Measuring topical relevance. - Topical Trust Flow Example Arts / Television Arts News / Magazines and E-zines Computers / Software / Internet Arts / Design News / Media Industry News / Newspapers Society / People Arts / Music Regional / Europe Business / Opportunities Recreation / Travel Other Majestic’s Topical Trust Flow rating can be used to understand your brands topical relevance.
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