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Every HR manager around the world is on a mission to increase the amount of people hired within a business via an employee referral program. Our team of people are in the process of developing “Sticky HQ”.

StickyHQ is a social, collaborative employee referral eco-system that is both measurable and engaging. Our team has a very strong recruitment and business background and are excited to working with some great businesses to develop this awesome software.

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  1. 1. Engaging referralsSticky is a social and collaborative employee referral eco-system that is both measurable and engaging  
  2. 2. About us?  We are absolutely passionate about delivering a simple, user friendlyand effective employee referral program software to the masses. Oursoftware will ensure your employees provide the best possiblecandidates to your positions.StickyHQ is a social, collaborative employee referral eco-system that isboth measurable and engaging. Our team has a very strong recruitmentand business background and are excited to working with some greatbusinesses to develop this awesome software.We give your employees a reason to tell their friends about you!  
  3. 3. ERP facts!  •  A successful ERP will drastically reduce your hire costs•  Employee Referral Programs will reduce the time to hire•  Your company will receive higher quality applicants•  Improved on-boarding•  Better company and culture fit as only suitable talent referred
  4. 4. ERP challenges!  •  Engaging your employees to take part in your ERP•  No tracking of referrals•  Referral candidates fall into a black hole•  Lack of feedback to referee after referrals apply for positions•  Not adequately marketed internally
  5. 5. Why StickyHQ rocks!  •  Matches skills and history of employees social connections to jobs•  Measures and tracks referrals across social platforms•  Engages your staff participation through gamification•  Measure referrals through social sharing from staff•  True social experience when candidates have applied for vacancies
  6. 6. StickyHQ basics!   Hiring manager posts job StickyHQ alerts employees Employee makes referrals with social matches Employee receive referral Potential candidates Candidates apply for rolebonus and public recognition screened, shortlisted and hired
  7. 7. StickyHQ detailed!   Hold on to your seat while we show you what StickyHQ has to offer in more detail….  
  8. 8. Let’s get started!   List your role
  9. 9. Employees social connections!  StickyHQ alerts your staff of new roles and searches their socialnetworks
  10. 10. StickyHQ identifies job matches!   Our advances algorithm matches your employees social connections to your roles using employees social graph
  11. 11. StickyHQ simple referral sharing!   Employees can share jobs using any tools that suit; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or email.
  12. 12. Candidate application!  ATS Candidates either go into your ATS, or into the StickyHQ social talent funnel
  13. 13. Engagement platform!   Developed under a veil of secrecy…The StickyHQ engagement platform is not only top secret, it is so advanced even we are not privy to the full details. Let’s just say that yourstaff will be climbing over one another to refer their social connections to your companies vacancies… And no it’s not just a ho hum referral bonus, that’s so 1980’s!
  14. 14. Advanced metrics!   This is for all you lovers of ROI, just about everything conceivable is measurable within StickyHQ, what good is software if you are unable to measure whether it’s effective. Awesome Great CrapRecruitment Co. Job Boards StickyHQ
  15. 15. Internal Marketing!   Leverage our internal communication platform to keep your staff updated of new positions within your company
  16. 16. Open API !  
  17. 17. Feature & Benefits re-cap!  •  Referral engine •  Social recruitment funnel•  Social candidate matching •  Full metrics•  Reduced cost per hire •  Measurable ROI•  Increased quality of hire •  Simple on-boarding•  Measure social recruitment •  Better company fit•  Open API •  Internal ERP marketing