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28032012 Jacques Bus Privacy en Identiteit in Europese richtlijnen en programma's


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Privacy en Identiteit in Europese richtlijnen en programma's
Jacques Bus, Former Head of Unit Trust and Security, European Commission

Published in: Technology
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28032012 Jacques Bus Privacy en Identiteit in Europese richtlijnen en programma's

  1. 1. StePS- Utrecht Jacques Bus 28 Maart 2012DigiTrust.EU
  2. 2. Introduction Jacques Bus • 22 years in EU ICT research programmes – Various organisational/IT jobs – 4 yrs HoU Software Engineering – Last 6 years HoU Trust and Security • Since April 2010: Independent Advisor (DigiTrust.EU) – Research Fellow Univ Luxembourg (SnT) – Secretary General Digital Enlightenment Forum Asbl – Director Business Development Privacy & Identity lab (cooperation RUN, UvT, TNO, SIDN): www.pilab.nlDigiTrust.EU – Senior Advisor Center for Science, Society and Citizenship (CSSC) – Advisor to other projects: TDL, ABC4Trust, …
  3. 3. Content • Introduction to EC • Research and Technology Development • Competitiveness & Innovation • European Institute of Technology - ICT Lab • Future RTD and Innovation (Horizon 2020)DigiTrust.EU
  4. 4. Introduction to EC EU Council EU Parliament DGs & Serv Independent Agencies/Bodies Sec Gen ENISA EU Commission DIGIT Home Affairs Justice EITDigiTrust.EU Research European Data INFSO Protection Enterprise Supervisor EC DP Off
  5. 5. Current RTD for Trust, security, privacy ... • In FP7 ICT Theme – mostly in “Trust and Security” unit (INFSO/F5). Obj. 1.4 Trustworthy ICT – Some activity also in eGovernment and eHealth activities, or in Future Internet and Data management of ICT Theme (DG INFSO) • In FP7 Security Theme in the context of civil security. Also studies on interactionDigiTrust.EU between Security and Privacy (DG Enterprise)
  6. 6. Trustworthy ICT: 58 Trust & Security projects in FP7 200 m€ Network Identity management, Services infrastructures privacy, trust infrastructures 4 projects 8 projects 4 projects 7 projects 40M€ 5 projects 60M€ 7 projects 48M€ Critical Infrastructure Protection 9 projects 20M€ Enabling technologies Biometrics, trusted computing, cryptography, secure SW 4 projects 4 projects 27M€ Networking, Coordination and Support Research roadmaps, metrics and benchmarks, 4 projects 5M€ international cooperation, coordination activities 2 projects ••• 6Foil from INFSO/F5 with thanks
  7. 7. FP7-ICT Call 8: Trustworthy ICT 26/7/2011 –17/1/2012 80 M€ a) Heterogeneous networked, service and computing environments 70 M€ Min. 50% IPs b) Trust, eIdentity and Privacy management infrastructures Min. 30% STREPs c)Data policy, governance and socio-economic ecosystems d) Networking and coordination activities Max. 10 M€ NoE, CSA Evaluation done and results expected in April ••• 7Foil from INFSO/F5 with thanks
  8. 8. Identity management, privacy, trust ABC4TRUST Attribute-based Credentials for Trust ENDORSE Legal Technical Framework for Privacy Preserving Data Management GINI-SA Global Identity Networking of Individuals - Support Action PICOS Privacy and identity management for community services PrimeLIFE Privacy and identity management in Europe for life PRISM Privacy-aware Secure Monitoring SWIFT Secure widespread identities for federated Telecommunications TAS3 Trusted architecture for securely shared services uTRUSTit Usable TRUST in the Internet of ThingsFoil from INFSO/F5 with thanks
  9. 9. TAS3 Trusted Architecture for Securely Shared Services Obj: Platform for management of personal information, (generated over a human lifetime), collected & stored at distributed locations and used in a multitude of business processes. • Trusted architecture and set of adaptive security services which preserves privacy and confidentiality in dynamic environments and enables: • complex and highly versatile business processes, • dynamic user-centric management of policies, • end-to-end secure transmission of personal information and user-controlled attributes between heterogeneous,DigiTrust.EU context dependent and continuously changing systems. • Deployment trials in regional service platforms – Mainly in employment services, and health platforms
  10. 10. ABC4Trust Attribute Based Credentials for Trust Obj: Federation and interchangeability of technologies that support trustworthy yet privacy-preserving ABC. • Abstraction of concepts, unification of features • Common unified architecture – Independent of specific technologies – Federation of privacy ABC systems (ip: U-prove, Idemix)DigiTrust.EU – Interoperability between different technologies • For users SP’s and IP’s (no lock-in)
  11. 11. Competitiveness and Innovation (CIP ICT-PSP) A funding programme in support of trials and demonstrations using available new technology • Large Trials: – STORK (interopable eID in Europe) – EPSOS (European patient health records) – SPOCS (Support EU cross border Service Regulation) – PEPPOL (European eProcurement) • Networks and coordination: – BEST (biometrics for authentication) – PrivacyOS (use of privacy enhancement technologies) – SEMIRAMIS (secure data storage in public organisatons) – SSEDIC (platform for Single European Digital Identity Community)DigiTrust.EU Also smaller trials in related fields. Next Calls DL end May 2012 (WP 2012-2013)
  12. 12. STORK - Large Scale Pilot Obj: Framework for providing EU-wide eID interoperability on top of existing MS systems • Now 18 MS, 26 Mi funding in 3 phases: – Common specifications – Implementation and deployment – Piloting • Cross-border authentication platform for e-Services • Safer Chat • Student mobilityDigiTrust.EU • Electronic delivery • Change of address • A2A between EU-ECAS and MS authentication
  13. 13. EC internal authentication: ECAS • European Commission Authentication Service • Implemented by DIGIT • Used for external access to EC research system • Meant to evolve in cooperation with STORK into interoperability with MS eID systemsDigiTrust.EU
  14. 14. European Institute of Technology EIT started early last year. Three Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC’s), more coming 1. Climate 2. ICT Labs 3. Innovation in Energy Supports innovation aspects of existing industry projects. Consists of group of labs in Europe (Virtual Lab) and partners. Thematic action lines in ICT Labs:DigiTrust.EU Smart spaces; Smart energy systems; Health & Well-being; Digital Cities of future; Future media & content; delivery, Intell mobility and transport; Trust and Security
  15. 15. Horizon 2020 (2014 – 2020) EU Strat. FW for Res and Innov, incl: RTD, CIP and EIT • Excellent Science: ERC, FET, Marie Curie, Research Infrastructures • Industrial Leadership: in enabling and industrial technologies (ICT, nano, materials, biotech, adv manufacturing, space and cross- cutting) • Societal Challenges: – Health, demographic change and wellbeing – Food security, agriculture, marine&maritime, bio-economy – Secure, clean and efficient energy – Smart, green and integrated transport – Climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials – Inclusive, innovative and secure societiesDigiTrust.EU • New SME instrument (alike US-SBIR) – Support of innovative ideas – only SME apply (possible with others, but lead by SME) – different phases (feasibility, project, follow-up)
  16. 16. The DIGITAL ENLIGHTENMENT FORUM will provide a broad framework fordebate and guidance on the rapid technological changes and their perceived impact on society and its governance. It will take reference from the Enlightenment period, as well as from intervening transformations andevolutions. It will view digital technologies and their application with a fully open mind so as to prevent carelessly sweeping away values. www.digitalenlightenment.orgDigital Enlightenment Forum is a follow-up to the RISEPTIS report and established by a core group of RISEPTIS members
  17. 17. Founding Members:Jacques Bus - Advisor DigiTrust.EU - [Secretary General]Kim Cameron – Microsoft Distinguished Engineer - [Member of Executive Board]Malcolm Crompton – Managing Director IISWillie Donnelly – Vice President Research, Waterford Institute of TechnologyMireille Hildebrandt – Professor at Erasmus University, RotterdamGeorge Metakides - Professor at University of Patras – [President]Elly Plooij – van Gorsel – Former MEP - [Treasurer]Reinhard Posch – Professor at Graz University, CIO AustriaKai Rannenberg – Professor at Goethe University Frankfurt
  18. 18. Activities:- Yearly high level Forum (Luxembourg, on invitation)- Provide a platform for multidisciplinary discussion through: - Workshops, Seminars, conferences (one on 31 Oct in Paris on the future of European eID) - Web-based discussion and blogs - PublicationsDigital Enlightenment Forum is a not-for-profit association,based in Luxembourg, financed by sponsoring and donations