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First idea team yellow


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First idea team yellow

  2. 2. PURPOSE & GOALSPurpose: To make young people use their rightsGoal: To make young people support the values of EU Target audience: Just graduatedunemployed people in Europe age 20 – 25
  3. 3. PROBLEM STATEMENTHow do we engage graduated, unemployed people age 20 – 25 to use their rights?
  4. 4. SOLUTION
  5. 5. GENERAL IDEA Webpage - Application Share Opportunities MapAdd Experience (Markers) Categories Social media
  6. 6. BENEFITS1. Become aware of own abilities and interests2. Help young people move forward3. Traveling, finding job over boarders etc.. Less scary4. Increase awareness of your possibilities and rights in EU5. Learn about how experience are ordifferent project works
  7. 7. Under construction