Trail Voluntour Cochamo 3.0


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Program Profile for Voluntours.

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Trail Voluntour Cochamo 3.0

  1. 1. Wanderland Volunteer Vacations  Trip Details Trip Type: Service Learning, Active, Lodge- Based. Difficulty: 4 (Somewhat Strenuous) Scale is 1 – 7. Length: 10 Days Destination: Cochamó Valley Group Size: 8-20 Patagonia Chile Price: $ TBA Please Call Us for Pricing. Volunteer Project For Trail Improvement Dates: January 3-14, 2012 Meeting Time and Place: PM Jan 3, 2012, Puerto Montt Airport, Chile. Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.  Wanderland’s Mission: Natures peace will flow “To provide educational travel that reveals and into you as sunshine respects geography, culture, flows into trees. The and history, while responsibly supporting and winds will blow their re-investing into local own freshness into you, and the storms their economies and environmental protection.” energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves. ~John Muir Stewart, Eric & 1 866 701 2113
  2. 2. Cochamó Volunteer Vacation exotic birdsong and clear running streams. And it is an adventure destination. The towering Introduction granite peaks of the inner valleys are ripe for exploration. Climbing, trekking and rock Chile’s Cochamó Valley in Northern Patagonia is scrambling up from the valley will provide you not only one of the most accessible destinations with Andean vistas across a wide region. Our in the Patagonia region, it is also one of the hosts are the owners of the Refugio Cochamó, most beautiful, verdant, and inviting places in a wide decks, a loving kitchen, and hot showers. region already known for its wild nature. The Cochamó Valley has obtained a rare and precious state of recognition and protection for its untrammeled state, the lush Valdivian Rainforest Complex, and the dynamite exposures of Andean Granite, peaks that soar to 4000 feet from the valley floor. Join us for a week-long trekking and trail improvement edventure / voluntour. The trails that access to Cochamó Valley are in need of a lot of TLC and we hope that you will come not only to enjoy the wildness of the place and its special beauty but also to lend a hand in improving access and signage for hikers, horseback riders, and climbers. The Valley of Cochamó has been impacted by more than 100 years of pastoral activities that preceded its establishment as a trekking and climbing destination. The stock that moved up and down the valley seasonally have left deep troughs for trails, the walls of dark, rich earth sometimes tower over hikers heads. Other stretches contain soupy, half-floating boardwalks over calf-deep mud. Hikers have established social trails that thread around these obstacles and these need to be better established and fortified for navigability and safety. The Valdivian rainforest is a temperate zone that contains immense Redwoods, Nothofagus, and many other unique and enchanting native trees and shrubs. It is a wilderness of lovely, 1 866 701 2113
  3. 3. Day 1 Arrive to Puerto Varas Days 4-9 Trail Improvements and Cochamó ExplorationShuttle Airport to Inn: ½ Hour from PuertoMontt. Our detail will be assigned to specific improvement projects. We will hikeMeet your Trip Leader / Field Educator and approximately 7 kilometers per day. We oftencheck in to hotel. After you settle into our nice have ready access to horses and stock forlodgings and get a chance to rest a bit and transport of equipment, tools, and rawperhaps take in the sights of Puerto Varas, a materials. Don’t envision yourself lugginglovely small town on the shores of Lake chainsaws and blocks of wood on your back.Llanquihue you will meet for a short orientation Expect to be either employing shovels, handmeeting and then depart for dinner of delicious saws, trimmers, block and tackle, router, and/orChilean fare in a great local restaurant. painting supplies as we tackle signage needs,Day 2 Head To Cochamó and Trailhead brush trimming, log placements, hiker trail routefinding and crew support. There is roomToday we will drive along Lake Llanquihue and in our detail for all kinds of talents, we welcomeenter Secret Patagonia, the beginning of the what you can bring to the table! Also expectSouthern Highway system, the Carretera plenty of ‘hike breaks’ where we can exploreAustral. Our associates in Cochamó will meet hidden niches in this lush forest for brightus at the trailhead and we will begin hiking up springs, uncommon vistas, and even glacialthe 10 kilometers of pioneer’s trail that allows tarns.access to the interior valleys. Along the way notonly will we be inspecting the trail forimprovements that need to be effected, we willalso revel in the lush forests of Nothofagus andUlmo and thick canebrakes of the ValdivianForest. We will enjoy short side hikes to theroaring cascades of the Cochamó River and thenarrive at the main valley and set up camp in thewide basin ringed by granite spires that will beour home for the week.Day 3 Getting to Know and Love CochamóToday we will hike the famed Arcoiris Trail to anamazing overlook of the Valley. Today we wantto explore and appreciate this jewel of theAndes. In the evening over a fine mealprepared by your guides and hosts we will worka little on producing signage and familiarizingourselves with the implements of trail repairand the targeted zones we will be improvingthroughout the next few days.
  4. 4. While some of the work required will be strenuous, there are also many light-duty options and support crew assignments that means we welcome all able hikers. Trip Details Day 10 Return to Puerto Montt and evening Flights home. Trip Type: Service Learning, Our last couple of days we will be working on Trailwork, Hiking, Lodges and the portions of the trail closer to the trailhead Camping. and will camp within an easy hike on day 10 to the vehicles and then return to Puerto Montt for evening flights or extended stays in the Difficulty: 4 (Considerable) region. Scale is 1-7. Education Wanderland NFP and the Cochamó NFP are Length: 10 Days dedicated to providing you a learning experience along with your travel and service to this region. Expect your guides to provide you with excellent materials and background to the Mileage: 35 Miles Overall region and to the specific area where you visit. Natural History, Geology, Geography, Biology, Ecology, and Language Immersion are all in the Group Size: 6-20 outdoor classroom of Cochamó. Pack Weight: 10-25 lbs. Price: $925 Start Dates: December. January, and March, 2012 Meeting Time and Place: Afternoon of Day One, Puerto Varas, 1 866 701 2113
  5. 5. Travel, Transportation, Meeting and Lodging Travel: International Flights form the US to Santiago, Chile are available through American, Continental and LAN Chile. National Flights through LAN from Santiago to Puerto Montt depart several times each day. Gateway Cities: International arrivals to Santiago, Chile. Puerto Montt Chile for National flights. Puerto Varas, Chile for national bus travel. Shuttle: Regular shuttle and taxi services from the airport to Puerto Varas are easily arranged at the Puerto Montt Airport. Car Rentals: Auto rentals for days that you spend prior to and after the trip can be arranged at the Puerto Montt Airport. Meeting Time and Place: PM in TBA Hotel in Puerto Varas, Chile on the first itinerary day of the trip. Transportation to and From The Trailhead: This is handled by our staff and is included in the price of the trip. Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Recommended Lodging: Contact us for suggestions of hotels or hosterias and activities in Santiago, Puerto Montt, and Puerto 1 866 701 2113