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  • `` StrengthsSupport of various promotersKnowledge of Indian MarketRight strategy for right productHigh degree of customer satisfactionDedicated work force aiming at making long-term career in field Weaknessescustomer service staff needs trainingsectoral growth is constrained by low employment levels and competition for staffSome gaps in range for certain sectorsOpportunities - Growing Indian banking sector. - People are becoming more service oriented - In the global market. - profit margins will be goodThreatsFrom various competitors -Foreign banks -govt. banksFuture market trends.Lack of infrastructure in rural areas could constrain investment
  • Bebi’sJari making enterprise growsHailing from a small place in Varanasi called Macharahahaan, Bebi is known for her Jari work on sarees. She has been relying on her talent tomake sarees and sell them for a profit. A fourteen thousand rupee loan from HDFC Bank has helped her eliminate her dependency on middlemenfor raw materials. Bebi now buys her sequins and gold and silver thread directly from wholesalers, improving her product as well as her qualityof life.Plantain farming thrives in KeralaChaitanyaKudumbasree is a Self Help Group in Pandalam, Kerala. Comprising only of women, this group has improved the local agricultureindustry in Kerala by investing in organised plantain farming. Taking a loan of one and a half lac rupees from the Bank, they have used themoney to first lease appropriate farm land and then buy and plant plantain trees. Today, this group benefits from their farming venture sinceplantains are in high demand in the region. They now look forward to the additional income of thirty five thousand rupees that will be generatedevery year which they plan to re-invest in the plantain farm.A flower seller expands her businessSunita has been making and selling garlands outside the ShirdiSai Ram temple in Wardha, Maharashtra. Using her HDFC Bank loan, she nowmakes floral arrangements as well, which has helped attract a new customer segment and increase profits. Her daily income has increased bythirty percent as a result.Bag makers achieve successMembers of Self Help Group, Chand Jan Sambal, make a living from manufacturing bags made of fiber in Alwar, Rajasthan. A two lac rupee loanfrom HDFC Bank enabled them to sell their bags in bulk at the local market at Alwar. Proceeds from the sale are distributed to all members.Each of the ten members now earns almost three thousand rupees as pure profit every month.Flora’s business prospersFlora, a resident of Margao, runs a fruit and vegetable stall promoted by the Goa State Horticulture Corporation. A loan of ten thousand rupeesfrom HDFC Bank has helped her hold more stock at her stall. Flora’s daily income has increased by ten percent as a result.
  • Hdfc

    1. 1. Presentation in theBanking sector Subject:-Business Aspects In Banking and Insurance
    2. 2. The bank we have chosen is :-
    3. 3. Group membersS.Y.BMS-C
    4. 4. Introduction Overview Wide Range of ServicesTo BankingTo HDFC Retail Banking HDFC In Detail of our Wholesale Banking Treasury Achievements Capital Structure project Approach Distribution Network
    5. 5. What is a bank? A bank is a financial institution whose primary activity is to act as a payment agent for customers and to borrow and lend money. Banks are important players in financial markets and offer financial services such as investment funds. In some countries such as GERMANY, banks are the primary owners of industrial corporations . While in other countries such as the UNITED STATES banks are prohibited from owning non-financial companies.
    6. 6. Introduction HDFC Bank began operations in 1995 with a simple mission : to be a “ World Class Indian Bank.” Their business philosophy is based on four core values - Customer Focus, Operational Excellence, Product Leadership and People. They believe that the ultimate identity and success of their bank will reside in the exceptional quality of their people and their extraordinary efforts. For this reason, they are committed to hiring, developing, motivating and retaining the best people in the industry.
    7. 7. Mr. Aditya Puri
    8. 8. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mr. Jagdish Kapoor , Chairman Mr. Aditya Puri, Managing director Keki Mistry, Managing Director Mr. Harish Engineer, Executive directors Mr. A Rajan, Country Head-Operations Mr. Rahul Bhagat, Vice president
    9. 9. History
    10. 10. MISSION :“World Class Indian Bank”.OBJECTIVE :Maintain Ethical Standards, Professional Integrity & Cooperate Governance.
    11. 11. 13 Capital Structure and Shareholding Pattern  The authorized capital of HDFC Bank is Rs550 crore( Rs 5.5bn) Paid-up capital is Rs 424.6 crore (Rs 4.2 bn).  The HDFC Group holds 19.4% of the banks equity.  28% of the equity is held by FIIs.  11.86% is held by the General Public.  The Bank has about 570,000 shareholders.  The shares are listed on the BSE & NSE.
    12. 12. Camel’s Approach It is a method for evaluating bank performance and healthy position of the bank since it considers all areas of banking operations.Camel Means C = “Capital Adequacy Ratio” A= “Asset quality” M= “Management quality” E= “Earnings quality” L= “Liquidity”
    13. 13. RETAIL BANKINGWide Range of Wholesale Services Banking Treasury
    14. 14. Loan NRI Depository Services productsInsurance RETAIL POS Sales BANKING Terminals Mutual Cards Fund Sales
    15. 15. Commercial Banking TransactionalGovernment Banking Wholesale Banking Financial Large Institution corporate Supply Chain
    16. 16. Foreign Exchange Asset Liability Equity Management Treasury DebtDerivatives Securities Statutory Reserve Management
    17. 17. Distribution network As on March 31, 20122,544 branches and 8,913 1,986 branches ATMs in 1,399 and 5,471 ATMs in 996 cities As on March 31,2011
    18. 18. Net profit: 5,167 crore. An increase of 31.6% compared to the previous year Non Performing Assets: Balance sheet size: 1,999 crore (gross); 1.0% 337,909 crore as at 31st of Gross Advances March 2012 Highlights Total deposits: 246,706 crore. An increase ofTier I capital ratio: 11.6% 18.3% compared to the previous year Capital Adequacy Ratio: Total advances: 195,420 16.5%. Regulatory crore. An increase of minimum requirement is 22.2% compared to the 9% previous year
    19. 19. StrengthThreats Weakness Opportunities
    20. 20. Flora’s business Bag makers prospers achieve success A flower seller expands her business Plantain farming thrives in KeralaBebi’s Jarimakingenterprise Sustainable Livelihood Bankinggrows
    21. 21. Dun & Bradstreet Banking Awards 2012 IDRBT Banking ICAI Awards 2011 Technology Excellence Awards 2011-12Skoch foundation Asia Money 2012 2012 2012 Indias Top 5005th Loyalty Summit Companies -Dun & award Bradstreet Corporate Awards Asian Banker International Excellence in Retail Finance Asia Financial Services Awards 2012 UTI Mutual Fund CNBC TV 18 Financial Advisor Awards 2011
    22. 22. Outlook Dun & Money Best Bradstreet Bank Banking Award Best Businessworld Awards 2011 2011 Commercial Best Bank award Vehicle Financier CNBC TV18s Best Bank & Financial Institution Awards BCI Continuity & Resilience Award IDC FIIA Awards 2011 Financial ExpressIBA Banking 2011 Best Bank Survey 2010-11TechnologyAwards 2010 ISACA 2011 Bloomberg award for ITUTVs Financial Governance Leadership Awards 2011 IBA Asian Productivity Banker FINANCE DSCI Excellence Euromoney Awards 2011 ASIA Excellence Awards for Country Awards 2011 Excellence Awards 2011 2011: India
    23. 23. BibliographyThe information has been taken from the following sites:   Hdfc bank Dadar branch
    24. 24. ThankYou…….