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Employment Discrimination


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Learn more about discrimination in the workplace. Our San Francisco employment lawyers explain what you should know. For more information, visit our site at

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Employment Discrimination

  1. 1. Employment Discrimination A Presentation by Stewart & Musell, LLP
  2. 2. Discrimination in the Workplace  In our experience, we know that there can be few things as humiliating as being subjected to employment discrimination.  If your rights have been violated due to illegal discrimination or harassment, it is vital you speak with an experienced and compassionate San Francisco employment lawyer.  At Stewart & Musell, LLP, our legal team is dedicated to eradicating workplace discrimination by applying our extensive knowledge of the law—one case at a time.
  3. 3. Types of Discrimination •Ancestry •Age •Color •Disability •Gender or gender identity •Medical condition •National origin •Race •Religion •Sex •Pregnancy •Sexual orientation •Marital status
  4. 4. Age Discrimination Common ways that employers discriminate based on age include:  Posting a job description targeting employees of a certain age range  Asking about an employee's age on the application or interview  Preventing older workers from receiving training available to younger workers  Denying an older worker a promotion but hiring a younger employee for the position  Creating a hostile environment for older employees  Encouraging older workers to quit  Implementing a layoff that affects mostly older workers  Demoting an older worker in favor of a younger employee
  5. 5. Disability Discrimination  The law also specifies a number of protections, making the following illegal:  Termination because of disability  Not hiring someone because they are disabled or appear to be  Harassment or abusive language
  6. 6. Gender Discrimination Gender discrimination occurs any time:  An employee loses favor, station, or undue wages due to a pregnancy.  An employee isn't paid as much as an employee of the opposite gender for doing identical work.  An employee is passed over for promotions or bonuses due to their gender.  Any other policies or treatment that singles out employees based on gender.
  7. 7. WhatCan Legal Help Do? We pursue your rightful amount of compensation, which could include the following:  Front pay, back pay, promotion, or hiring  Reinstatement  Cease-and-desist orders  Reasonable expert witness fees and attorney fees and costs  Punitive and emotional distress damages
  8. 8. ContactOur TeamToday  If you are an employee or applicant who has experienced discrimination in the private or public workplace, Stewart & Musell, LLP can assist you as you file a complaint with the DFEH.  Employment discrimination claims must be filed within the statute of limitations of one year from the last act of employment harassment.  We can represent you so your rights are protected and your employer is held responsible for their wrongful actions.
  9. 9. CONTACT STEWART & MUSELL, LLP Phone Numbers: (415) 275-3051 Address: 2200 Powell Street, Suite 440 Emeryville, CA 94608