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Futurity media our approach to content marketing


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Futurity media our approach to content marketing

  1. 1. Do you judge a bookby its cover?We all do, but it’s thecontent that counts.
  2. 2. Great content is the keyto selling technology.So don’t create amarketing strategywithout thinking aboutthe content.
  3. 3. Top six areas wherecontent marketingcan help youSource: Organizational Goals for Content MarketingB2B Content Marketing: 2010 Benchmarks, Budgetsand Trends | MarketingProfs/Junta42
  4. 4. What do The technology marketing landscape is fragmenting across digital, print and multimedia channels. Picking the right tools for the job is hardyou want enough, but you face an even tougher task if you forget about what’s really say? Without good content, no-one will read your blog or sign up to your newsletter. Without engaging content, your web site will be invisible. You need to consider what you want to say, who you want to say it to and the best way of saying it. Step 1 Identify goals Do you want to reinforce your brand among existing customers? Educate and shape an early- stage market? Create a buzz around your service? Or maybe provide tangible leads to your account teams? Different goals require different media.
  5. 5. Step 2 Step 3Create messages Develop content planGood messaging answers these questions: Knowing what you want to say, and who to say itWhat are my customers’ pain points? to is the foundation of your content strategy. WhenHow does my service solve my customers’ you have this figured it out, you can choose whichchallenges? How do I differentiate myself from content tools are most appropriate, before creatingrivals? What’s hot in the market? the content.
  6. 6. A content Technology companies have many tools at their disposal to reach their audience: from newsletters and customer roadshows to corporate blogs andstrategy video interviews.will create But marketing communications can be faddish. One day glossy newsletters were in vogue, the next it was customer events. Today’s turn isharmony social media. It is important to see beyond these fashions. We will help you develop a content strategy that fits with your business goals and messaging framework, whatever the medium.
  7. 7. Helping you getyour ideas acrossWe resolve many ofthe challenges thatprevent you fromcommunicatingeffectively.Source: Biggest Content Marketing ChallengeB2B Content Marketing: 2010 Benchmarks, Budgetsand Trends | MarketingProfs/Junta42
  8. 8. Is your content Can you produceengaging? enough content?We can create content that demonstrates real If your experts understand how a new servicebusiness benefits or positions you as a thought works, but can’t explain it to anyone else withoutleader in your market. We know the technology a PhD, we are able to both support them and workindustry inside out and know what’s interesting independently to bring your messages and thoughtto your audience. leadership to life.Is your content Do you get good valuevaried enough? from your content?We produce a range of content from blog posts Good value requires that you think about theand news analysis, to video and web radio. content. By looking at your content strategyWe understand how to adapt the content to fit the holistically, you can achieve tangible results andmedium: each has its own style and requirements. find content synergies across multiple media.
  9. 9. About usFuturity Media develops engaging contentfor some of the world’s leading technologycompanies. With a solid background in technologywriting, our team of experienced journalists andcopywriters cover the entire technology worldfrom cloud computing and IP VPNs, to mobilecommunications and social media.We manage projects across the content spectrumfrom blogging & live blogging, podcasts, videos,webinars, web site copy, print & email newsletters,reports, whitepapers, case studies, brochures,press materials, and also offer strategic advice.
  10. 10. Some of our clientsSome of the clients we’ve helped communicatemore effectively include:• Orange Business Services• Alcatel-Lucent• EMC• TelecityGroup• Siemens Enterprise Communications• SITA• Juniper Networks• Airwave• Vodafone• Imtech Telecom• GSM AssociationBy working with us, you benefit from our marketknowledge and the ability to tease a good storyout of your own people.
  11. 11. We deliver greatcontent for thetechnology industryFuturity Media+44 (0) 20 7354 0700 Futurity Media is not, in my eyes, merely a vendor, but a real business partner…their command of market is second to none.” Yann Gourvennec, Head of Internet & Digital Media,35 Britannia Row, London, N1 8QH Orange Business ServicesFollow our directors…@stewartbaines @anthonyplewes Printed on Splendorgel FSC paper.