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North River Mills, WV


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Steph probably created this back in 2004. The hamlet is listed on the National Historic Register.
Music, "Turkey in the Straw", Jack Shaffnaker, Paul Roomsburg, Jo Shanholtz Largent, Steve Bailes.

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North River Mills, WV

  1. 1. A town where time has stood still and the people are crazy
  2. 2. Named for North River and its 3 grist mills First known as Parker’s Gap Population of 1 (BJ the Horse)
  3. 3. The One Room School House  Served grades 1 to 8  2nd one NRM has had (came from Shilo)  Closed in 1933  Later was turned into a garage  Is being restored by the Clarks
  4. 4. The North River Mills United Methodist Church
  5. 5. Built in William Miller gave the land Ceiling and walls may have been stenciled by the congregation  Lantern lights still used on special occasions  Has services every 2nd and 4th Sunday   
  6. 6. The Bees Church has always had a problems with bees. Rev. Groscup(1920-1924) use to take the siding off and remove the honey then replace the siding
  7. 7. Church Congregation
  8. 8. List of Church Members
  9. 9. The Kump Cabin
  10. 10. Land first owned by Lord Fairfax House was built in 1808 The house had no kitchen at first later the barn was moved over and attached to the house to make a kitchen  20 unmarked graves in cemetery on the hill   
  11. 11. The Miller Inn
  12. 12. Has been an inn, post office, bar, and home Now used for important social functions Put together in 3 parts. The oldest part was built in the 1700’s  A traveling salesman died in one of the rooms and is now known as “The Haunted Room”   
  13. 13. The Gathering Place Front Porch of the Miller House
  14. 14. The Other Gathering Place The “two holer” on the hill
  15. 15. Old Picture of the Miller House
  16. 16. Look closely There was no mortar used to make the foundation
  17. 17. Grinding stone
  18. 18. Smaltz House Location
  19. 19.  The Smaltz Family was German  They lived a mile and a half from North River Mills  The last daughter to live in the house had 25 cats and a blind chicken  There is a family cemetery located in a field near the house
  20. 20. McCauley Farm
  21. 21. Located 2 miles from North River Mills The house was built in 1918 Their barn burnt down and the community joined together to rebuild it in 2 days  There is an ice house beside the farm house. It could keep ice from the river frozen through the summer   
  22. 22. Snapp House Author Maud Pugh
  23. 23. Fort Thomas Parker Was located through the trees. George Washington stayed here
  24. 24. Snapp Mill Site
  25. 25.  Only mill in North River Mills powered by North River  Had an undershot wheel  Blown up in 1930 so the new road could be put through  Rocks from the foundation still remain at the site
  26. 26. Snapp Mill Overpass Location