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Doing SEO in The Netherlands - SEOloger October 2017


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Inspiration for blowing your competition out of the water by analysing what works well for SEOs in The Netherlands.
In order to understand why the Dutch do SEO the way they do, we need to go back in time and look at their history.

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Doing SEO in The Netherlands - SEOloger October 2017

  1. 1. Doing SEO in .nl Inspiration for blowing your competition out of the water.
  2. 2. About me
  3. 3. About me Steven van Vessum Dutchman living in Brno. Co-owned a digital marketing agency in The Netherlands for 8 years. Three years ago co-founded ContentKing, a realtime SEO auditing and change tracking platform.
  4. 4. About me ContentKing SEO is realtime. So your tooling should be realtime too. ContentKing enables SEOs to do 20-30% more within the same time while increasing the quality of their SEO work. Because ContentKing: - Continuously crawls websites to find issues and changes - Reports actionable information rather than data - Sends weekly reports and alerts
  5. 5. About The Netherlands
  6. 6. About The Netherlands But they also known for
  7. 7. About The Netherlands DNA - Multi-lingual. Forced to speak other languages. - Think big. The world is their market. - Cultural differences. Understanding that every country has a different approach.
  8. 8. About Dutch SEO industry
  9. 9. About Dutch SEO industry Crowded
  10. 10. About Dutch SEO industry Crowded
  11. 11. There are a lot of companies offering SEO services. Estimated: - 500 Medium-Large agencies - 5,000 - 15,000 Small agencies / freelancers
 (but probably more) About Dutch SEO industry Crowded
  12. 12. Business owners know they need SEO. Often they have a (very) basic understanding of it. Up until the 2012/2013 it was common to completely outsource SEO. This lead to lots of burned relationships and penalties. SEO agency market consolidated. Anno 2017, SEO is often a tight collaboration between a business and agency. Lots of time spend in business’ office. About Dutch SEO industry Understanding
  13. 13. The Dutch are a little behind the US and UK in terms of knowledge and innovation when it comes to SEO, or Digital Marketing in general. It doesn’t help that Google experiments and launches first in the US and UK. About Dutch SEO industry Innovation
  14. 14. The Dutch aren’t bound to Dutch tool providers. They care about quality, and they’re fine with using an English tool like: - Screaming Frog - Ahrefs PS: local data has long been an issue though: competitive intelligence and backlink data. About Dutch SEO industry Tools used
  15. 15. The hourly rate for a SEO specialist is between About Dutch SEO industry Let’s talk money € 75 - 150 
 (Kč 1,250 - 3,750)
  16. 16. Increasing amount of acquisitions and mergers in agency space. 
 The idea behind it: - Integrated marketing approach (offline + online) - Multi-lingual approach 
 Google’s algorithm updates roll out faster to NL. About Dutch SEO industry Trends
  17. 17. Doing SEO in NL
  18. 18. Search engines: Google has 94% marketshare. Bing has 4%. Devices: desktop: 55%, mobile 34%, desktop and tablet 11%. Sources: Doing SEO in NL Some statistics
  19. 19. The basics of SEO apply also in The Netherlands: - Great technical foundation - Great content - Strong, trustworthy links Doing SEO in NL The basics apply
  20. 20. When doing keyword research, you’ll find the Dutch use a lot of English words when searching. This happens for two reasons:
 1. English words are commonly used in the Netherlands. 2. Dutch expat community size is estimated to be ± 500,000. Doing SEO in NL English words Sources:
  21. 21. Interesting things about earning links: - Link directories are still going strong
 (and some still pack a punch). - People are open to outreach, a lot more than in English markets. It’s rare for them to get a outreach request by phone. Doing SEO in NL Earning links
  22. 22. If the US and UK are innovators, make sure to be an early adopter. Examples: - Google Shopping - AMP - Rich Snippets Doing SEO in NL Chance to be early adopter
  23. 23. SEO industries: Dutch and Czech
  24. 24. - Both small countries, forced to look beyond borders. - Both crowded spaces. - The Netherlands + Belgium vs. The Czech Republic + Slovakia. SEO industries: Dutch and Czech Similarities
  25. 25. - Search engines: Seznam (16,6% market share). - Desktop vs mobile vs tablet: mobile revolution yet to come. - SMB business owners: not yet willing to invest much in online. - Orientation: mostly Czech and Slovak markets. SEO industries: Dutch and Czech Differences from NL Sources:
  26. 26. Agencies and businesses: - Look beyond Czech Republic and Slovakia. What about Germany, Austria and English speaking markets? - Be early adopters. Agencies only: - Multi-lingual approach for SEO offering. - Educate businesses on how SEO works, specifically how collaboration works best and what they can expect. SEO industries: Dutch and Czech Opportunities
  27. 27. Opportunities Discount and vacancies Discount for those here: - 20% life-time discount on ContentKing - Send email to Vacancies: - PHP and JavaScript developers (both Junior and Senior) - Content Marketer - Visual Designer
  28. 28. Questions?