Bb citizenship literacy


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Bb citizenship literacy

  1. 1. LITERACYBB Citizenship Stage 2
  2. 2. CONTENT PAGE Literacy Facts Literacy Effects Literacy Actions How individuals can join the fight against Literacy Credits
  3. 3. LITERACY FACTS According to the Unesco (United Nationals Educational, Scientific andCultural Organisation), it was reported that one in five adults is notliterate today and two-thirds of them are women. There are a total of 796 million adults who lack minimum literacyskills and 67.4 million children in the world are out of school. In Singapore, compulsory education was implemented in 2003. All children born after 1st Jan 1996 have to attend a national primaryschool in Singapore.
  4. 4. LITERACY EFFECTS Poor Social Development - Literacy is a tool of personalempowerment. It is a means for social development as well. Low Life Expectancy - UNESCO has found a correlation betweenilliteracy and poverty, low life expectancy, and political oppression.
  5. 5. LITERACY ACTIONS International Literacy Day - September 8 was proclaimedInternational Literacy Day by UNESCO on November 17, 1965. Itwas first celebrated in 1966. Its aim is to highlight the importance ofliteracy to individuals, communities and societies. On InternationalLiteracy Day each year, UNESCO reminds the internationalcommunity of the status of literacy and adult learning globally.
  6. 6. LITERACY ACTIONS Room to Read - John Wood, Founder of Room to Read, started as anoverworked Microsoft executive escaping to Nepal for a backpackinggetaway. While hiking in the Himalayas, John met a Nepalese "EducationResource Officer" who invited him to visit a school in a neighbouringvillage where he was confronted with the inadequacy of schools in ruralareas of the developing world, a factor that contributes to continuingpoverty and inhibits economic development.
  7. 7. LITERACY ACTIONS Stones into Schools - Over the past 16 years, Greg Mortenson, through hisnon-profit Central Asia Institute (CAI), has worked to promote peace througheducation by establishing more than 130 schools, in remote regions of Pakistanand Afghanistan. BB Learning Centre (Cambodia) - In 2003, The Boys Brigade began itslong-term project to establish the BB Learning Centre, located in PrayutVillage, Puok Commune, Puok District, Siem Reap Province Cambodia. TheBoys Brigade has since began the construction of the Learning Centre,equipped with classrooms, a library, basic sanitation and accommodationfacilities and generator to supply the Centre with electricity.
  8. 8. H OW I N D I V I D UA L S C A N J O I N T H E F I G H T AG A I N S T L I T E R AC Y 1. Invest in education Room to Read are on track to reach 10 million children by the year2015, and you can help them get there. In a world with 793 millionilliterate people—2/3 of whom are women and girls—the time to actis now.
  9. 9. H OW I N D I V I D UA L S C A N J O I N T H E F I G H T AG A I N S T L I T E R AC Y 2. Start your own campaign Run a marathon, have a bake sale, grow a beard or give up yourbirthday! Do good while having fun by starting your own campaign toraise money for a school, a library or years of girls education.
  10. 10. CREDITSDone By:CPL Stevenson KooCPL Joe OngCPL Thaddeus SohCPL Nicholas Goh