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Jan Renier de jong Skylark Profiting from Sustainability Conference York Dec 2014 uk


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Conference Presentation at Profiting from Sustainability in York (UK) Dec 2014

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Jan Renier de jong Skylark Profiting from Sustainability Conference York Dec 2014 uk

  1. 1. Skylark Sustainable Agriculture on a Dutch Farm Twitter: @veldleeuwerik @jrdejongodoorn
  2. 2. Jan Reinier de Jong Arable farm in Odoorn 100+ hectare Seed potatoes Starch potatoes Barley Sugerbeets Solar
  3. 3. History 1920 Mixed farm Crop farm Take over 2006 5th Generation....
  4. 4. • Participation Skylark – Participation from in 2010 – From 2000 participant in several projects about innovation, soil and environment – Motivation: Sustainable farming is important for our future. Participation in Skylark enables me to shape sustainability at my farm in my own way together with colleagues
  5. 5. Skylark Foundation Cooperation between farmers, buyers and processors. Sustainable Agriculture Sustainability is about making connections Producer, A consumer and Wonderfull society Challenge
  6. 6. Initiative Heineken International - 2002 • Ten farmers – Development of a Bottum Up approach – Learning from each other about sustainability, not checking off requests of standards – Hiring of academic expertise – Friends in rotation • Heineken Barley • Suiker Unie Beet • Unilever Carrots • McCain Potatoes • Van Liere Onions
  7. 7. Our objectives • Promoting the sustainable production of agricultural products. • Facilitate the establishment of sustainable supply chains. • Restoring the social context between producer and consumer.
  8. 8. Our mission: • The Skylark system to be THE system for sustainable agriculture in the Netherlands.
  9. 9. Ten Farmers Fifty farmers Flevoland Flevoland Nederland 2003- 2005 2006 - 2010 2011 - 2014 development application upscaling Project Veldleeuwerik Stichting Veldleeuwerik Over 400 Farmers
  10. 10. Facilitate the establishment of sustainable supply chains. Collaboration: Primary sector, processors and retail Some examples
  11. 11. Farmers have key role Continuous improvement on farm level Involves whole crop rotation Ten indicators for improvement Sustainability plan Region groupes Industry supports Transparency in the supply chains Same approach for all crops [ Friends in Rotation ] Instruments and tools for farmers Consultants sustainable arable farming Experts and workshops Skylark method: Key elements
  12. 12. Skylark method: Vision An individual grower with an own sustainability plan. Created with the help of a sustainability consultant. RC Regional group with 10 to 12 growers under supervision of an academic expert. Every grower has his/her own sustainability plan. Consul tant Grower with SP Plan Action Effect
  13. 13. The regiongroup Meets 8 times a year • Fixed day The farmer discusses his sustainability plan with the group • Sharing knowledge and experiences Exploring new knowledge (demand driven by the group) • Skylark partners contribute their knowledge Process management by region coordinator • Being open, honoust and critical to each other
  14. 14. More than 1000 actions every year Indicators No of actions For instance Soil fertility 400 Crop rotation widen to 1 in 6 years potatoes with more onions Apply solid manure Soil loss 17 No tillage Applying pulp for mulching Product value 196 Partnership with dairy farmer Growing new crops Nutrients 177 Supply phosphate into the row Sowing green manure Crop protection 172 GPS based techniques Phytobac Water 66 Collect rainwater for spraying chemicals Between drainage Energy 142 Installation of solar panels Energy registration in warehouse Biodiversity 51 Gaining knowledge about plant protection effect on soillife Natural field margins Human capital 52 Partnership with potential successor Training permanent workers Local economy 14 Expand home sales Receiving students at the farm
  15. 15. INDICATOR -- ACTION 1 Compost Tillage
  16. 16. INDICATOR -- ACTION 2 Solar panels Battery
  17. 17. INDICATOR -- ACTION 3 GPS Optrx - sensor
  18. 18. Shared knowledge leads to shared inspiration Together towards a sustainable healthy future Thanks for your attention sustainable business