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The flintstones


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Learn more about the Flintstones!

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The flintstones

  1. 1. The Characters
  2. 2. Fred Flintstone• Weighed 325 pounds.• Worked at the Bedrock Stone Quarry.• Avid bowler.• Part of the Water Buffalo Club.• Mr. Slate was his boss at the quarry.• Had an elephant as his vacuum cleaner and dish washer.
  3. 3. Barney Rubble• Worked at the Bedrock Stone Quarry.• The secondary main character and Freds best friend and next door neighbor.• He and Fred are both members of the fictional "Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes" (Lodge No. 26).
  4. 4. Bam-Bam• The Rubbles abnormally strong adopted son.• His name comes from the only phrase he ever spoke as a baby: "Bamm, Bamm!“• Pebble’s best friend.
  5. 5. Dino• The Flintstones pet dinosaur.• Barks and generally acts like a dog.• A running gag in the series involves Dino knocking down Fred out of excitement and licking him repeatedly.
  6. 6. Wilma Flintstone• Freds wife.• She is more intelligent and level-headed than her husband.• She often has a habit of spending money.
  7. 7. Betty Rubble• Barneys wife• Best friend of Wilma.• Goes shopping with Wilma and also has a habit of spending money.
  8. 8. Pebbles• The Flintstones infant daughter.• Born near the end of the third season.
  9. 9. The Great Kazoo• An alien exiled to Earth• Helps Fred and Barney, often against their will.
  10. 10. Fun Facts• At first, the Flintstones only had Dino. Pebbles was not born until 1963.• The Flintstones wasnt always named The Flintstones. In the demonstration pilot pitched to ABC, Fred and Wilma had the last name of Flagstone. After the series was commissioned by the network, the title of the show was changed to The Gladstones for a short period of time to avoid confusion with the Flagstons of Hi and Lois fame.• It was the first prime-time TV show.• The show was inspired by “The Honeymooners.”
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