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(BMOA) Partnership Program

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Partnership Program

  1. 1. Integrated Facility ServicesPartnership Program
  2. 2. Welcome to BMOAHow would you like to be part of a national company instead of Partnershipjust being a vendor? ProgramHow would you like to have the exclusive rights to a territory andbe the only company that can service this area?
  3. 3. Mission Our mission statement is to be the most innovative building Statementmaintenance service company in the world. Our strategy is to expandinto local markets across America by building valuable partnerships withother operating companies. This can only be achieved through open and straight forwardbusiness relationship and most importantly through people who sharethe same vision. We provide the technology, systems and training togrow effectively.
  4. 4. FAQ?
  5. 5. FAQ?Q: What is a Area Developer?A: An Area Developer is an independent business that enjoys the rights to exclusiveterritory offered by Building Maintenance to sell and service all 18 maintenanceservices on behalf of provided by Building Maintenance of America.
  6. 6. FAQ?Q: Is this a Franchise?A: No this is not a franchise, there is no initial investment or ongoing royalties topay.Q: Do I need to pay any investment upfront?A: No, there is no payment paid to us to be granted a exclusive territory and thereare no training fees.
  7. 7. FAQ?Q: What services does a Area Developer provide?A: An Area Developer can offer any of our 18 maintenance services as listed below.Q: Do I need to know how to how to operate all the services?A: No, you do need to know how to manage these services and create extrarevenue for you and us. .
  8. 8. Partnership
  9. 9. Partnership Our partnership is based on the simplicity, where you have theexclusive rights to a territory to provide and market services using BMOA.“We can achieve more together than we can as individuals” is the foundation ofour partnership. Building Maintenance of America offers already operatingmaintenance companies the exclusive right territory to sell and distribute services.Building Maintenance of America provides the best systems and managementprocesses in the industry. This strategy of partnership fuels rapid expansion andgrowth.
  10. 10. Business Relationship BMOA You create a new companythat has exclusive rights to a territory Developer Your company signs a Sub-Contract agreement with the Your Development company. Company
  11. 11. Our RelationshipWe focus on National You focus on Local Accounts Accounts BMOA Developer National Local Account Market
  12. 12. National Advertising / LocalWe focus on National You focus on Local Advertising Accounts Accounts BMOA DeveloperWe spend funds on Spends at least National and $1,500 per mo. inRegional Marketing local advertising
  13. 13. PartnershipOur software and technology provides live tracking of all servicesconducted at a job site.This backed with our customer service department and customer portal login, ourstructure ensures the success of our operators. We used our 60 years ofcontracting and marketing experience to ensure rapid expansion. We focus ondelivering the best quality service at competitive pricing.
  14. 14. RevenueSharing
  15. 15. Revenue Sharing Fees Sales to BMOA/BMOA Advertising Developer Commercial Cleaning 15% 5% 80%
  16. 16. Revenue Sharing Fees to BMOA/ Sales MaintenanceBMOA Advertising Developer Services 10% 5% 85%
  17. 17. Revenue Sharing The The Customer signs a contract Customer with BMOA.BMOA pays the Developer BMOA Area You pay the Sub-Contractors Developer Sub Sub Contractor Contractor
  18. 18. OurResponsibilities
  19. 19. Our Responsibilities• We provide marketing packages• We generate targeted leads and proposals in your territory through thelocal advertising program.• We maintain the website and online marketing• We provide professional RFP packages and bidding packages• We provide the janitorial agreements between the customer and BM.• We provide the Sub-Contract agreements between the Sub-Contractor andthe Area Developer.• We provide and maintain a full time Customer Service Departmentbetween 8:00 am and 8:00 pm EST.• We provide Sales Support• We provide Management Support• We provide our Software to our Area Developers at reduced rate• We provide customer referrals• We Invoices all clients• We pay the Area Developer• We provide toll free number with a direct extensions• We provide full time reception services
  20. 20. Your Responsibilities.
  21. 21. Your Responsibilities• You provide Management of Services• You Manage the Quality of Services• You Manage the Customer Relationship• You Provide the Sub-Contractors with Management, Training andDevelopment• You send BMOA sign janitorial agreements for final approval.• You select Sub-Contractors in your territory• You Invoice BMOA for services rendered• You provide local advertising funds• You represent Building Maintenance at all times but not limited to; 1) Vehicle Decal 2) Business cards 3) Uniforms 4) Office Address
  22. 22. Sub Contractors
  23. 23. Sub Contractors Responsibilities• The Sub-Contractor is responsible for providing theservices• The Sub-Contractor is responsible for weekly inspectionsusing our software.• The Sub-Contractor is responsible for remitting invoices forservices rendered to the Area Developer• The Sub-Contractor closes out all daily work tickets in thesystem and market as completed.
  24. 24. Call BMOA forAvailableTerritories1-855-390-3900 x1401