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Managing WordPress


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Help Jeff manage his WordPress website by accompanying him on a new journey, with the goal of saving time and putting processes into place so he can focus on doing the work he loves.

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Managing WordPress

  1. 1. Managing WordPress Managing WordPress Steven Watts | @bboywattsy @newtlabsuk |
  2. 2. WordPress Support Where can Jeff go for help when something goes wrong, or if he's not sure how to do something?
  3. 3. WordPress Support WordPress Support Forums WordPress Slack Group - WordPress Questions Facebook Group A WordPress Support Company…
  4. 4. Making Changes Who here has broken a website when doing an update? Can anyone think of some ways we can help Jeff avoid breaking his website?
  5. 5. Making Changes - Staging Let’s look at the “WP Staging – DB & File Duplicator & Migration” Plugin
  6. 6. WordPress Backups
  7. 7. WordPress Backups Install and activate UpdraftPlus plugin Create a free Dropbox account Connect UpdraftPlus to Dropbox Backup your files and database daily
  8. 8. WordPress Security What are some of the basic security measures Jeff can put into place to drastically improve his chances of having a secure site?
  9. 9. WordPress Security Unique usernames and passwords Limit log-in attempts Use two-factor authentication Disable file editing Install an SSL certificate Use correct file permissions Keep WordPress up to date Install plugins/themes from trusted sources Use a Firewall
  10. 10. Uptime Monitoring Who here knows for sure that their website is up and running right now?
  11. 11. Uptime Monitoring Create a account Install and activate Jetpack via your site Connect Jetpack to your account Activate the Monitor setting
  12. 12. Site Speed Who here knows the average load time of their website? What are some of the things we can do to help Jeff speed up his website?
  13. 13. Site Speed Quality Hosting Lean Framework/Theme Reduce number of Plugins Implement a Caching Plugin Add a Minification Plugin Use a Content Delivery Network Optimise & Lazyload Images Optimise Database Reduce stored post revisions Turn off pingbacks/trackbacks
  14. 14. The End Managing WordPress Steven Watts | @bboywattsy @newtlabsuk |