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Travel Like a Pro - a Consumer Travel Guide by Vacation Side Travel

  1. 1. THE Travel GUIDE
  2. 2. Traveling destinations are better planned with a Travel professional such as Vacation Side Travel. They will help you plan your events; find the best hotels, hotspots, etc. In addition, Travel experts will locate the cheapest packages available you to help you save cash. No matter where you want to go, you can find assistance online to help you plan your trip. packages online include African safaris, Nile River Cruises, Australian vacations, paradise vacations, family vacations, etc. You can find vacation packages, promotional packages, traveler packages, business packages, and more online. Most packages offered online will include hotels, meals, Travel expenses, activities, etc. You can find affordable packages now. To help you relate better to Travel temptations we have compiled 50 articles that will take you through Egyptian lands onto the lands of Panama City and further. Africa Safari Travel Temptations An African safari will take you to Kenya, or to Africa’s Big Five. Kenya is a place to visit if you got good commonsense and an interest in adventure. Kenya is filled with wild beasts, which forests hide them behind shrubs, octopus trees, and so on. The big five is where Africa’ buffaloes roam the lands, as well as the rhinos, elephants, lions, leopard, etc. Here you will enjoy beautiful sunsets, sunrises, and wildlife like you have never enjoyed before. In this area you were
  3. 3. explore grassy plains, or grassy flatlands were trees are scattered about in the subtropical and tropical surrounding. If you choose to tour Africa, i.e. by a package you’ll ride around in a four wheel jeep, just as you seen on television. As well, vacation packages, or tourist packages enables you to allow a specialist guide your path. If you’ve never been Africa this is probably the safest route to take. Kenya is reserved and renowned lands, which Masai Mara has a wide array of game views. On a Kenya safari you will enjoy grasslands, guerrillas, giraffes, and monkeys that swing from the trees, or sit in the trees, just like you see in the movies. Serengeti is Africa’s national park where you will enjoy crown jewels of Africa, including the sanctuary Terzian’s wildlife. Similar to Masai Mara you will see a wide array of animals, including the black endangered rhinos, zebras, elephants, and, lions. In Kenya’s forestry area you’ll see a lot more than you can bargain for. South Africa is another safari you may want to take, since here you can enjoy Africa’s Kruger National Park. At the park you’ll enjoy architectural, etc. Zambia will take you on a tour to the lower Zambezi, which is another of Africa’s national parks. Here you will see hundreds of bird species, as well as hippos, elephants, etc. Africa includes game reserve, which predators swarm the lands. This is Africa’s capital of predators. In Botswana Moremi you will see cheetahs, Leopards, hyenas, wild African dogs, a huge volume of lions, etc. Visiting Etosha Natl., Park you will enjoy Africa’s largest park, where the black rhinos will make you enjoy visiting Namibia. In the northern part of
  4. 4. Tanzania African safaris will take you on a stunning adventure where you will enjoy snowcapped mountains, such as Mount Kilimanjaro. The mountain reaches higher than 19,000 feet into the air. Africa’s, Manibia area is desert land, which the area’s world known as the oldest in history. You want to see some of the largest trees in the world, or taller trees NAMIB will open doors for you, as well as take you over to SOSSUSVLEI were you will enjoy Sandy Dunes. Along the Zambezi River and through the borders of Zambia-Zimbabwe, Victoria Falls will take you through cosmopolitan areas, Johannesburg, Cape Town, or through Africa’s Nairobi. Again if you have never taken an Africa safari, you may want to get information gathered about the packages online. Tourist guides will walk into the channels of an African safari, which will provide you protection. Wildlife tends to be dangerous especially if you fear them. You must pay back at all times, since these critters can rip someone apart in a matter of seconds, or minutes. You can book packages, which will cover area sightseeing. The guides will transport you through the area while giving you a background of the areas history. packages will also include lodging, meals, and thrilling side excursions. The excursions may include whitewater rafting, scuba diving, bungee, etc. Thus, Africa safaris are interesting and dangerous; having a guide could save you from Africa’s wild beasts that stalk the land. Austria is another area you may want to consider in Travel destinations.
  5. 5. Australia Travel Temptations About Australia Few of the top listed destinations in Australia include; Fiji, Adelaide, Wellington, Melbourne, Dunedin, Moorea, Tahiti, Christchurch, Samoa, Sydney, Canberra, Rotorua, Cairns, Queenstown, Bora Bora, Perth, Auckland, and American Samoa. Christchurch Christchurch, Australia has a wide array of shopping, dining, entertainment and more to select from a list. The Bishop Manor, Crowne Plaza, Elm Tree House, Hapuku Lodge, Hadleigh are just to name a few. Christchurch’s Bishop Manor rent suites. The manor includes a shower and bathtub. This hotel is one of Australia’s old home resting areas. While the building may present however, an ancient feeling, you will enjoy modern draperies, fine bedding, and more. You also have a balcony, which is sheltered, two bedrooms, and dressing rooms. Nearby the hotel you can enjoy golfing, tennis, tours, massages, car rentals, laundry, babysitters, dry- cleaning, on-call doctors and dentists, as well as non-smoking environment. The Crown The Crown Plaza located in Christchurch is a state-of-the-art hotel. The hotel dominates Victory Squares, which is also located in Christchurch. The hotel has high-quality service, and convenient location to central parts of Christchurch. Crown Plaza recently renovated the hotel, therefore the furniture is contemporary. In the rooms, you will have a superb view of
  6. 6. Christchurch. The hotel includes club rooms. In the club rooms, you will enjoy lounging, cocktails, and free breakfast. Crown Plaza includes three restaurants and bars. In addition, the hotel is near Christchurch’s golf course. Furthermore, Crowne Plaza has a gym, concierge, free bicycles, car rental, tourist desk, business center, room service, babysitters, masseuse, dry cleaners, laundry facility/service, on-call dentists or doctors, and non-smoking rooms available. The Turret House is another of Christchurch’s finest hotels. The hotel offers reasonable rates, and has some of the largest bedrooms in Australia. The hotels exterior brings you back to the good ole days, by twisting modern day furnishings with grand old inner city’s home life. In the morning when you wake up you may want to take a stroll down the road and enjoy a hearty breakfast. Turret is also conveniently located near the golf course; as well you will have access to booking tourist centers, bike and car rentals, dry cleaner, laundry, and more. If you are planning a vacation to Christchurch and taking your family or friends along, you may want to check out the Living Space. The hotel is a cross-over between an apartment building and hotel. The hotel offers studios, roomy apartments, which the doors all have swipe locks. In addition, while resting at the Living Space you will be conveniently located in the center of Christchurch. The bus exchange, kitchens, library, theatres, dining areas, laundry mats, and more are conveniently located near this hotel. In addition, you will enjoy fine arts painted on walls as you stroll along this area.
  7. 7. Living Space is located near restaurants, rentals, game lounges, theatre, laundry, kitchens, and more. Doctors and dentist are onsite. Australia’s Capital is surrounded by popular areas, such as Canberra, New South Wales, and Lake Burley Griffin. In Canberra you will enjoy hills, plains, mountains, forest land, countryside, etc. The National Park is in close proximity. Along the trails of you will enjoy Namadgi Park. Here you will enjoy BBQs, trails, and more. Not far in the distance, Australia’s Murrum- bridge River provides you a swimming spot. Through the river you will see the Black Mountains, Cotter Dam, Casuarinas Sand, Kambah Pool Reserve, Gibraltar Falls, Point Hill Crossings, Uriarra Crossings, and Pine Island. In all, Australia has some fine areas to visit. You may want to check out areas online to learn more about various areas in Australia. Book now! Booking Travel Temptations Online you can book Travel temptations anywhere you like. If you want to visit the Keys, Paris, France, Disneyland, the Bahamas, etc, you have options available to you. Online you will find helpful information that will deliver first-class advice. For instance, if you are confused about an area you want to Travel, online you will find reviews that give honest reports on various vacation spots. Travel agents, or sites that offer Travel temptations may inform you of various areas, packages, deals, etc, yet reviewers will
  8. 8. give you insight far better than anyone else. If these people have been to the lands there area well aware of particular areas and what it has to offer. In addition, online you can find coupons, discounts, promotions, vacation packages, and so much more. Few Travel sites offer deals on various vacation packages. In addition, if you are planning a trip, now is the time to get your motor running. At the moment, Travel agents, etc, are offering the lowest deals ever. Since, our economy is low; the business industry is looking for ways to make ends meet. The ends include $225 vacation packages to Disneyland. Vacation packages are available for Caribbean trips as well. You can find packages for as low as $550. One thing you want to keep in mind however, if the website offering packages are not a secure site, you want to skip away and find other bargains. Online, people will sell you anything if you let them. Of course, in the world the same is true. Online, however you have worldwide exposure, therefore when you are planning Travel temptations online, plan with caution. Still, many websites are legit and will provide you link to Travel agents, vacation/promotional packages, and so on. Additional hotspots include the shores lines of Costa Rica. Costa Rica Travel Temptations
  9. 9. Costa Rica is a small, diverse island. Still, Costa Rica is an escape land to Central America’s most beautiful area. Costa Rica Travel gives you the option of booking a stay at the areas finest resorts or hotels, as well as spending a romantic vacation on a tropical island. You have the option of selecting secluded areas where white sandy beaches will take your breath away. Over in Costa Rica people enjoy scuba diving, waterskiing, snorkeling, boating, sailing, etc. The beautiful blue waters and sandy beaches surrounded by palm trees give you the option of enjoying any water activity you choose. In addition, if you elect land activities you may enjoy horseback riding, hiking, biking, etc. Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful scenic lands where you will tour the beach, national parks, or the wildlife refuge. Biological reserves are another of Costa Rica’s main attractions. Cost Rica has some of the friendliest people around. Their villages and towns will welcome you to relaxation while you enjoy your dream vacation. San Jose is near the Volcano Natl., Park. You’ll find lodging, beaches, reserves, transportation, and more in this area. Jaco and Manuel Antonio Beach are nearby. Costa Rica provides you with car rentals, taxi, buses, etc. Hotels: Few of the well-known and liked hotels in Costa Rica, include the Arenalk, Drake Bay, Flamingo Beach, Jaco Beach, Manuel Antonio, Monteverde hotel, OSA Peninsula, Pagagayo, Puerto Viejo, San Jose, Tamarindo, Tortuguero, and so on.
  10. 10. Beaches: Costa Rica beaches are a paradise on earth. Costa Rica’s coastlines stretch beyond 1800 kilometers. Along the beach are stony areas, rocky areas, and sandy areas where the sand changes colors along the way. You will see bluish-black sandy areas, grayish areas, white sandy areas, pink and tan sand areas, etc. In addition, you will visit Playa Vuelta del Sur beach, Playa Avellanas beach, etc. In all, you will experience one of the best areas of the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, as well as the Caribbean Sea respectively. At the beaches you can enjoy surfing, scuba diving, relaxation, tropical sun, swimming, etc. Casinos: Costa Rica also has casinos on its soil. Costa Rica nightlife presents to you slots, card games, Caribbean stud poker, tables, mini Baccarat, canasta roulette, blackjack, craps, slot machines, video machines, etc. The good deal is you can find casinos throughout the areas of Costa Rica. Hotels in Costa Rica may also have casinos. Some of the areas include, casino club colonial, Royal Dutch Casino Hotel, Parador, Casino Flamingo Beach, best Western Coco Verde, Jungle Casino Calle, etc.
  11. 11. San Jose restaurants: San Jose has a wide assortment of restaurants to select from: Few of the restaurants include: Al Horno, Costa del Sol, Dunn Inn, El Chicote, Il Gatto, Gauchada, and El Gran Diamante, which is a restaurant and bar. El Gran Diamante serves breakfast, lunch, and diner. The bar and restaurant takes credit cards. Here you can enjoy Brazilian drinks and food, wine, beer, liqueur, live music, nightlife, etc. The foods include Costa Rican, Italian, international, Peruvian, Chinese, French, Mexican, German, Spanish, Kosher, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Japanese. Barbecues, seafood, red meats, pizza, vegetarian dishes, poultry, coffee, fast foods, etc, are all served at this restaurant. More activities: In Costa Rica you will enjoy golfing, Whitewater rafting, wildlife adventures, rivers, kayaking, (Both river and ocean kayaking), surfing, reef breaks, beaches, tropical waters, etc. Are you ready for Disneyland?
  12. 12. Disneyland Travel Temptations Disneyland is a Californian resort, where anniversaries of Disney World break down its action. At Disneyland fireworks light the night sky, as Walt Disney’s Favorite Characters make the roads a paradise and a dream come true for many. Disney is located in California, which theme parks, adventure parks, paradise, and University films will inspire your every waking moment. The PIXAR Film Pal unfolds at the Block Party Bash events each year. Disneyland attractions include the classical and modern parks, which Buzz Light Years Astro Blaster will launch its rockets into Space Mountain. Like Disney World, Disneyland brought in new adventures, such as the Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, and so on. Throughout the parks you will enjoy plenty of fun and activities, including rollercoaster rides. The park attractions are something you will not want to enjoy. Few areas about the park soar, you Over California, as you scream along the way. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror will keep you on the edge of your seat. Monster’s Incorporation, Mike & Sulley’s Rescue will also take you on an adventure you will not forget. MONSTROPOLIS is another of Disneyland’s adventures you may enjoy while visiting California’s world famous Disneyland. Hotels: Disneyland has a wide selection of hotels to choose from. One of the popular hotels is the Disney Paradise Pier. The hotel takes delight in celebrating lifestyles of California while providing you quality service. The hotel has
  13. 13. more than 500 rooms, which include a 3rd - floor pool that is conveniently located on the rooftop. Paradise also serves hearty meals, and a wealth of amenities. Disneyland Resort or hotel is the classical, magical fantasy world where themes take place. Here you will enjoy the Sorcerer Hat, Never land Pool, and more. Disney Grand Californian Hotels will bring you peace and quiet, while taking you on an adventure through Disneyland’s park. The hotel takes delight in delivering majestic beauties, as well as superb environments. Throughout the hotel you will enjoy arts, crafts, and each is in a Californian architectural surrounding. Throughout the paths of Disneyland you will enjoy unforgettable moments. As you head toward Disneyland, you will enjoy the Magical Kingdom of Disney, adventures, beaches, golf courses, and more. Disneyland is everyone’s favorite, since here Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Goofy, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Bug’s Bunny, the Road Runner, and many other cartoon characters come alive. In addition, the amusement park has a wide array of rides to select from, including Space Mountain, Rollercoaster rides, and more. You will walk through the Haunted Mansion, Monster Valley, and stroll over to the world’s most liked areas where Disney characters will shake your hand.
  14. 14. The last moment adventure will help jump start your blood again, thus getting it flowing after you get the wind scared out of you from visiting the Haunted Mansion, or riding on Disney’s adventure rollercoaster’s. You will also enjoy a ride on Himalayan’s, Typhoon, Lagoon Rides, Zippers, Space Rides, and more. Disney’s theme parks enables you to enjoy various classical attractions, as well, the adventures of California is something worth noting. From Hollywood to parks you will have the time of your life. Diners; Get a Bug’s Life, since you will enjoy meals at Disney’s Park Diner, or Disney’s California Diner. Character diner, downtown diner, grand Californian diner, paradise hotel, and Disneyland hotel, all have some tasty dishes to serve you. Bug’s Land has some tasty dishes as well. In addition, you will enjoy affordable dishes, such as pastries, croissant sandwich, baked foods, and more. The Gold State Restaurant, Mexican Grill, and Farmers Market are down the road as well. Moving on we can now visit Disney World.
  15. 15. Disneyworld Travel Temptations Everyone, at least once in their lifetime must visit Disneyworld. Disneyworld is a land of fun, entertainment, action, activities, meals, and more. Strolling through Disneyworld will put you in front of Goofy, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Daisy, Donald Duck, and more. Right now you can book a six night land sea adventure online for as little as $225. In addition, you can purchase Disney tickets for as low as $25. Disneyworld has four theme parks, which are the prime areas visitors enjoy, yet all around Disneyworld you can have the time of your life. One of the popular sites is Snow Whites area. As well, Disneyworld’s Blizzard Beach and Water Park is another main attraction. Disneyworld’s Typhoon/Lagoon is a water park that you must see. In addition, you will want to see Pleasure Island, which is in the downtown area. Disney World’s interactive park and wide world of sports is another main attraction you may enjoy. Recently, Disney World setup an original roller coaster, which would take you through Animal Kingdom’s shores. Various other rides would take you through Mountains of Himalaya while you’re aboard Disney’s fastest runaway trains. Hold your breath however, because you will take and 80 foot drop, which will deliver you in a mystical Disney World veti. In addition, you may want checkouts the Sea World and Universal Studios. At Universal Studios you will witness real-life movie drama, and more. Hotels:
  16. 16. Nearby Disney World is the Hotel Savona. You can rent suites for as little as $65. The hotel is five miles from Disney World. Ramada Plaza Gateway is 1.6 miles away from Disneyworld. Here you can stay for as little as $29 per night. The Royal Plaza offers room and board for as low as $75 per night. Hilton Garden Inn is their 10 miles away from Disney World, and the rooms are around $92. You want to check out availabilities online, as well as additional hotels, since you can find hotels closer to Disney World. Shopping: In the downtown area of Disney you’ll find marketplaces, dining, entertainment, shops, and more. Some of the shops include Pleasure Island Entertainment/Shopping & Dining, and Once Upon a Toy/Once Upon a Toy Fact. You will also spot Westside Dining and Entertainment. You will find helpful tips of information available also, as well as, Cirque du Soleil. Thrills, Chills, and Amusement: Disney World has a wide assortment of thrilling, chilling, an amusement rides. One of the all-time favorites is the Crush ‘n’ Gusher water roller coaster ride. This tycoon, lagoon is filled with water park rides, which will give you the thrill, many chills, and amusement that will last year lifetime. Hold the phone, and avoid eating or drinking if you have weak stomach. The Crush ‘n’ Gusher rides is a Whitewater rafting adventure that will make you think you are on one of the fastest and longest roller coasters in the world. The tropical jungle, Typhoon, Whitewater rafting Lagoon adventure is one you surely do not want to miss.
  17. 17. Restrictions: Take note that many rides or haunted adventures are restricted to those suffering back injuries, heart conditions, and related conditions. The restrictions are for your own good, and are intended to protect you from additional harm. In fact, you will see many of the same restrictions at local fairs. Additional areas to visit in Disney World is the famous Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, Magic World of Disney, Tomorrow-Land Indy Speedway, Goofy’s Barnstormer, Stitch’s Great Escape, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion, and the Mad Tea Party. The recommended stay at Walt Disney World is around one week. All aboard, we are off to Egypt.
  18. 18. Egypt Travel Temptations KOM OMBO is the Temple of HORUS and SHOBEK, which the sights are spectacle. Passing along you may want to enjoy EDFU, which will put you in front of HORUS. Aswan is an area that Egypt has preserved. Aswan has one of the highest and oldest dams in the area. Of course, if you are considering a Travel destination, you will want to consider the Valley of Kings & Queens. As well, you may want to check out Luxor, which the Karnak Temples will give you an eyeful If you are considering a Travel destination to Egypt, you may want to purchase packages online. Few packages available will take you on a Flight to Luxor, UK, or sailing along the shores of Egypt. Many packages include accommodations, which you will see available information in your package. Your package may include meals, which is all-exclusive if you decide to cruise through Egypt. Egypt is the land where Jesus once walked. In fact, Jesus was taken to Egypt to escape the Religious Kings or authorities in his day. Throughout the land, Egyptians have preserved ancient history, which you will see once you arrive. Egypt is an area of tombs, temples, pyramids, channels, valleys, dams, etc. Each area you walk, you will find something fascinating to view. Of course, shops, hotels, malls, etc, are available in Egypt, yet who wants to spend their time shopping when they can see the Religious backgrounds of
  19. 19. Egypt. In fact, before Jesus arrived on earth, Romans prior to Greeks stomped a pathway that lead to the treasures and tombs. The tombs and treasures shed light on the River Nile, which is the life-giving water. After the treasures where discovered, they were placed in museums. You can enjoy what the British people, French, and Napoleon brought to your view. In other words, you will enjoy museums, and ancient items of the path while visiting Egypt. Popular Areas: In all, Luxor and Aswan are popular areas in Egypt to visit, however many other areas overseas present amazing captures. Egypt or Luxor has some of the oldest temples in the area. At Luxor you can enjoy sight visits to HATSHETSUP Temple, KARNAK, Valley of Kings and Queens, and more. The Luxor Temple is located in the center of Luxor. Staying at one of the local hotels will put you minutes away from this ancient temple. You can also rent boats in Luxor, which will Travel to Aswan. Luxor Temple is an interesting structure. The history of this Temple dates back to AMON. AMON is a king of the Egyptian gods. AMON, his wife, and son named KHONS, as well as AMENOPHIS III built the temple with dedications to particular gods. The temple is in fact, recorded in the bible. The temple dates back hundreds of years, which links to HATSHETSUP and THUTHMOSIS III. Egypt is Sacred grounds, which the history of AMUN, AKHENATEN, RAMESSES III, and others once walked the lands.
  20. 20. In summary, Egypt is a fascinating land, since Joseph (Jesus’ Step-Father) helped the Egyptians by establishing a root to defeat hunger. At one time, Egypt went through famine, which thanks to Joseph and his followers, Egypt defeated the 7-year famine. What a remarkable recovery, yet today Egypt is preserving the marks Joseph, Jesus, and many other well-known ancient history people left behind. Of course, in Egypt you can enjoy many activities, however again walking, sightseeing, biking, or hiking is the choice for many who visit the beautiful ancient lands of Egypt. Finally, if you want to visit Egypt, consider a Nile River Cruise, since the cruise liners will take you on an Egyptian safari you will not forget. Do you enjoy exotic atmospheres?
  21. 21. Exotic Travel Temptations Exotic Travel temptations could take you to Athens. The beautiful city expands west and east to the majestic Falls in Greece. Here you can sail the beautiful Greek sparkling waters, as well as sail along the shores of the Mediterranean sea. You will enjoy beautiful, islands of ancient history, which will demonstrate myths, ancient wonders, history, and mystery. You can purchase packages online, as well as book your destination. The packages available may include hotel accommodations, Travel, activities, etc. IF you book a cruise you will enjoy breakfast buffets, lunches, diners, snacks, etc. Exotic Australian packages are also available. Take a trip down under as you enjoy adventure, excitement, beauty, hospitality, values, tours, etc. The packages may take you through New Zealand, Tahiti, and possibly on to Moorea. In addition, you may cruise through Sydney, Melbourne, Great Barrier Reef, down under, Christchurch, New Zealand Alpines, Queenstown, Milford, Auckland, etc. Each area has some superb tropical scenery, which you definitely want to snapshots. The beautiful exotic India trip is a touring adventure that will take you on the TAI Mahal Express. Check out the Golden triangle, Delhi, Agra, etc, where you will see sumptuous mansions, as well as a wide assortment of palaces. India is a fine environment, not only will you witness ancient architectural, you will also enjoy a wide array of fun activities. Unlike American laws, in India the people set-aside a day to draw graffiti on the
  22. 22. walls: the people stand out in the streets griming their clothes, skin, etc, and each person is having the time of their life. India Culture includes Buddhist, Hindus, Islamic, Jain, Christian, Akbar, etc, yet the prime religious culture focuses on Hindus. Exotic Ukraine cruises may strike your interest; however, millions of other peoples’ interest has been ignited as well. If you intend to go to the Ukraine’s you want to book your Travel temptations ahead of time. At the moment the Black River and Ukraine River packages are sold out at various Travel agencies. This is truly a hot spot. Ukraine will take you through Western atmospheres. Kiev will present to you stylish and sophisticated cultures throughout the area. Yalta is Ukraine’s historical resorts, which you will enjoy a stay on Ukraine’s port at the Odessa. The areas has a wide array of attractions, including countryside, slivering birch, farmland, gardens, fields, forests, crops, etc. Yet, you certainly will not want to miss out on a cruise through the rivers of DNIEPER, where you will head off toward the amazing Black Seas. The Treasures of Thailand is another exotic Travel destination you may want to consider. Thailand has pleasing to the senses Beach areas. The exotic islands present foreign architectural buildings, amazing ruins of the past, and interesting culture background. Thailand’s sister areas, include Bangkok, Chiang Mai, etc. Scandinavian is another area that peek many travelers interest. From boating to sightseeing you will enjoy countryside surroundings, while you explore
  23. 23. the Scandinavian’s midnight sun throughout its land. You will enjoy St. Petersburg, which at one time Czarist Russia was the capital. Peru Travel will take you to the Cuzco, which is the capital of Inca. You will stop along the way to visit the Lost City, Machu Picchu. The architectural surroundings will amaze you. Of course you will visit Ecuador. As well, you will visit Galapagos Islands, which is a majestic, unusual area. Here Darwin setout along with this fellowmen to prove this area to be “Life on Earth,” thus if you make it to this corner, you are a lucky traveler, since Peru limits the amount of visitors who can actually witness the land. Are you ready for Great Britain?
  24. 24. Great Britain Travel Temptations The United Kingdom replaces Great Britain. That is Britain as well as surrounding areas took a backseat to the United Kingdom’s. While Britain took a backseat however, Britain constitutes England. The surrounding areas include Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Man, etc. As well, the Irish Sea, as well as the Channel Island nestles itself close to Great Britain. The English Channels also nestle around Great Britain. While Great Britain has a surplus of surrounding lands and seas, England takes the front seat. England has the largest population throughout the UK. (United Kingdom) The population succeeds Ireland. Great Britain is a past tense participle that is bound by the Irish Sea and Whales. The Channels of England, Dover, and Europe all separate itself from Great Britain’s lands. Great Britain’s political divisions include the lands of Scotland. In this area, Great Britain teams with Scotland however to produce a series of islands. Scotland separates itself from England however, since the Tweed River flows through the Cheviot Hills, and onto Liddell, Solway Firth, and surround bodies of water. The Atlantic Ocean meets Great Britain’s ties at the Northern Sea. Great Britain’s largest capitol city is Glasgow, while Edinburgh takes a second to this town. Still, the larger of Glasgow is London. London has reached far beyond a population of six million since the early nineties. Great Britain People
  25. 25. Britain takes the fourth to England. Its people include, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, India, Pakistan, Africans, China, Scotland, English, etc. Great Britain is the land of religious freedom, which drove in Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Jews. Today, there are more than 80 universities in the area of Great Britain alone. Cambridge, Oxford, London, St. Andrews, and Edinburgh University are just to name a few. Hilo is an interesting country you may want to consider as well.
  26. 26. Hilo Travel Temptations Hawaii Travel temptations to Hilo will put you at the center one of Hawaii’s largest Islands. The Island sets at the heart of Old Sugar City, public life, historical gems, Hawaiian hot spots and busy ports. Hilo is a fabulous area to visit. Hilo is setoff by background volcanoes, which stretches out around the areas port. The volcanoes surround themselves by visually, windward distinct scenery, which include treated groves, grassy forestry, waterfalls, snaking recreational trails, and more. The area is similar to an oasis, which volcanoes rest between the seas, presenting an exciting feeling. Hilo’s Harbor once was a main attraction, but due to innovative construction that took off when the sugar cane fields in Hawaii started is manufacturing. Today, sugar is not a subject in Hilo however. Today, Hilo is a cultured developed land, where Islands preserve history in a unique fashion. Today, you will enjoy history at its best through hula dances and music. Hotels: Hilo has some fabulous hotel structures. Along Banyan Drive you will find a wide array of grand hotels. The hotels along this area make it convenient to visit Hilo’s favorite spots, including scenic areas near the bay. As well, the gardens are in walking distance. One of the hotels along this drive is the Naniloa hotel. The hotel has a good reputation, and the service and views have high values. You can enjoy fine
  27. 27. meals, as well as a variety of amenities while resting at Naniloa. In addition, you can walk next door to visit Hilo’s Golf Course and Country Club. Castle Hotel is another of the hotels listed in this area. Here you can enjoy golf, and the Mauna Kea. The views are spectacular. The hotel also offers views of Hilo’s best dressed gardens, as well as a pool to dip and cool from the heated sun. Hotel Castle has some of the finest seafood available as well. Regardless, anywhere you stay in Hawaii, Hilo you will enjoy Hawaiian atmosphere at its best. Once you rest at the hotel, you may want to enjoy the hula, hula shows, or the blue roof gigs. The Hawaii people typically call the blue roof event, “Uncle Billy.” Naniloa Volcanoes is another of Hawaii’s favorite hotels. The hotel is a few minutes away from Hawaii’s International Airport. You will also have shuttle access, as well as a tropical view to enjoy. The hotel rests near Hilo Bay as well. The bay is saturated with green natural landscapes, where you have pathways conveniently available so that you can walk along the garden. In addition, tidal pools, and the fabulous volcano rocks set the market for this area. The hotel offers air conditioned rooms, suites, and an excellent ocean view.
  28. 28. You can also enjoy views of Coconut Island, and the snowcapped mountains that set behind Mauna Kea. The Hamakua coastlines are also an attraction you will enjoy while resting at this hotel. The hotel has outdoor pools, golf course, fitness center, spa, cocktails, ocean view dining, and gazebo for weddings, entertainment, banquet area, meeting rooms, gift shop, salon, and more. Shopping: Hilo’s shopping malls, centers, shops, outlets, and supermarket offers a surplus of souvenirs, gifts, and more. Few of the shops include Kekuanaoa’s shopping centers, Hattie, which is a Fashion Shop, Puainako, and so on. If you want cool drinks and snacks, visit the Farmer Market, or the Sack ‘n’ Save markets. Otherwise, head over to the Safeway. In summary, Hilo is a wonderful area to visit. If you enjoy nature, fine music, dance, and historical moments, you will enjoy a Travel destination to Hilo.
  29. 29. Hot Spots in Travel Temptations All throughout America and overseas you have a wide assortment of hotspots to select from. Your best bet is to go online in search of Travel destinations, vacation packages, promotional packages, holiday packages, and so on. packages will take you on a trip to Panama, Disneyland, Disney World, Las Vegas, London, Paris, Germany, Switzerland, Bahamas, Caribbean’s, Egypt, Spain, California, Colorado, and so on. No matter where you want to go, the packages offered would take you there. Vacation packages often include hotel stay, discounts on meals and shopping, activities, amenities, and so on. Planning a tour will save you a small fortune, as well as spare you from getting lost in areas you visit. Travel destinations, or packages online is available at a price you cannot refuse. You can take a trip to Disney World for as little as $225. You can purchase Disney World tickets for around $25. Keep in mind, if you are traveling to Disneyland or Disney World the theme parks charge you per park. That is you will pay $25 to visit one area of the amusement land. Still, if you plan a three-day trip you will not enjoy in one park, what Walt Disney World and Disneyland has to offer. In addition, you can plan Nile River Cruise which you will sail along the Nile River on an immaculate cruise liner. As you sail along you will enjoy ancient history at its best. packages online are available, whereas you can
  30. 30. cruise the Nile River through Egypt and northern parts of Africa for under $2000. Aboard ship you will not have to worry about hotels, since Nile River Cruisers incorporate hotels that float, far superb than any hotel you will rest at on land. packages are available as well where you will find discounts on flights, hotel’s, meals, recreation, etc, all throughout America. If you are planning a trip to Florida checkout the deals on Panama, Miami, and Orlando, etc.
  31. 31. How Travel Temptations Online Work Searching for Travel temptations online is fairly easy. You can locate helpful web pages that will inform you how to plan, prepare, and make connections with Travel agents that will assist you in your Travel destination. To get started we can first show you how to search for Travel agents, destinations, etc. You can also book flights, cruises, train trips, etc, online. It depends on what you want to do, but most types you type in keywords to find what you are searching for. Getting Started: First, you will need connection to the Internet. Next, you will log in to your screen, type in the keywords: Travel Destination, Travel Agents, Travel, Travel Discounts, etc. Once you type in the keywords you will be redirected to a web page that will provide you a list of traveling information. From here you merely click on a link(s). The information available requires that you scan the web pages to locate what you are searching for. For instance, if you choose to go on a Nile River Cruise, you would type in Travel temptations or agents, and then search in the tool bars for information that links you to Nile River Cruises. What do I need to consider when planning? When you plan to Travel you must also include a checklist. Checklists are important to spare you hassles in the event disaster should occur. For instance, if you include in your checklist, Travel checks purchased, record numbers of checks, and store the information in separate locations than your common checks, you will have a backup plan in the event loss occurs. Going
  32. 32. online will help you to plan properly, since here you will find helpful information that will guide you to writing a working checklist. What else could I learn online? Online you could also learn more about areas you wish to visit. For instance, you can learn what hotels are available to you in the area you wish to Travel. The hotel information, online typically includes reviews, which could give you an idea as to what hotels offer the best amenities, etc. As well, you could learn more about restaurants in the area you wish to Travel. Most Travel websites list cafés, coffee and tea shops, quick grab diners, and more. Attractions are also available, i.e. you can locate information on the main attractions in the area you wish to Travel. Nightlife and shopping information is also available online. For instance, if you enjoy gambling you can use the Internet to locate casinos in the area you wish to Travel. Cinemas and more are often posted under nightlife Travel. Just type in the keywords and go online. In addition, you can locate maps, and message boards that will point you in the right direction. If you plan to Travel in a foreign land where you have never traveled before, the maps online is ideal. You can print the maps and take them with you along your trip so that you have a broad view of where you want to visit in the area. Don’t forget to mark the areas you wish to visit.
  33. 33. How do I find information for cruises, flights, etc online? If you want to Travel aboard a yacht, ship, cruise liner, airplane, etc, you can go online and type in the keywords. Various websites offering Travel luxuries will provide you tool bars, which you type your information into the forms. Once you provide details of your start location and arrival destinations, the page will redirect you to information showing you how much you will need to pay, and the day you can leave and arrive home. You want to shop around, since some Travel sites offering flights, cruises, etc, give better deals than other sites will. You can book flights, cruises, etc, all online and save huge spending. Now we can drive off to Indiana.
  34. 34. Indiana Travel Temptations Indiana Travel Temptationswill take you to the land of Amish and Mennonite movements, onto modern-day lands where you will enjoy rafting, kayaking, canoeing, boating, sailing, and warm sunny days on beaches. Throughout the areas of Indiana, you can select from family spots, vacation spots, travelers haven, and more. Indianapolis would take you on a family vacation through monuments, memorials, museums, beaches, and more. Otherwise you can head-on up to Orange County, which is seated in the southern areas of Indiana and enjoy flee marketing, Amish, Mennonites, and green, grassy farmlands. Take care that you watch out for the horse and buggies along the way. Indianapolis preview: Indianapolis is the heartland of the United States of America. The area is surrounded by Sports Centers, shakers, movers, great landmarks, children’s museums, pioneer towns, lodges, diners, and so on. Indianapolis, each year delivers sporting events, which include world-class sports competitions, concerts, and so on. Southern Indiana review: Route Southern Indiana you may Travel through Goshen, Elkhart, Osceola, Shipshewana, and so on. Each area in Southern Indiana is where the Amish settled from the lands of Montgomery. The Amish moved on to Daviess County and traveled further out through Orange County. In Orange County you will see Amish farmlands, restaurants, horse collar/construction shops, wheel work, and more. The Amish lands stretch out to Washington County
  35. 35. and all through the southern areas of Indiana. Along the way, you may want to stop at the Amish gift shops where you can view, or buy a variety of woodwork, crafts, quilts, and more. Along the way you may run into Stoll Lakeview restaurant. Down the way you’ll also stumble upon the Lost River, Spring Mill Park, Gus Grissom Memorial, and so on. Washington County will take you to the lands where Amish construct their furniture. About the Amish: Amish families still remain faithful to their religion. You will see these people still wearing handmade clothing, long beards, and riding along the roadsides in their horse and buggy. Mennonites: The Mennonites broke off from the Amish. The Mennonites now drive motor vehicles, rather than horse and buggy. The two separate themselves by wearing differing clothing, i.e. the Mennonite women will wear white head coverings, while the Amish women will wear black. Still, the two remain to agree on particular religious beliefs. Their culture and religions background is to be respected. Therefore, if you Travel to Mennonite and Amish lands take care not to use profane languages, or act in ways that would demonstrate disrespect to their beliefs. Shipshewana: Shipshewana is a place to visit if you want to surround yourself by Mennonites and Amish people; horse and buggies, flea markets, horse auctions, farmland, etc.
  36. 36. The area is a dry County, which means the stores do not sell alcohol beverages. Shipshewana has one of the largest flea markets in the world. At Shipshewana flea market, you should prepare to spend at least three or four days. It will take you this long to walk through the majority of vendors’ booths at the flea market. In addition, horse auctions are on site, which you will see Clydesdales, stallions, farm horses, as well as a variety of other farm animals auctioned. Many of the horses are auctioned at a phenomenal price. Typically, when the Mennonite and Amish can no longer use farm animals, they will sell them and low-cost. The money is utilized to purchase fresh farm animals, or equipment. In addition, Shipshewana’s flea market has a variety of shops, stores, restaurants, diners, cafes, etc. You can find pretty much anything you would like to eat at the flea market. The flea market also has some of the lowest priced goods and products, including fruits, vegetables and more. If Shipshewana is not the one, let’s tryout of Florida Keys over in Key West:
  37. 37. Key West Travel Temptations Down in Key Largo, or better known as Key West, or the Florida Keys you will enjoy a tropical experience. Key West is a favorite vacations spot, since it reminds visitors of the beautiful Caribbean areas. The world known island adds to its scenic area, enabling you to enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, sports fishing, sunbathing, sailing, boating, and eco-touring, kayaking, and so on. Each destination has its own attraction, i.e. special attraction. In summary, Key West is a paradise on earth. Southwest of the Key West is Florida’s popular area, Miami. This is the very first island you will explore as you visit Key West. Key West stretches hundreds of miles, which connect via causeways and bridges. In Key West, you will enjoy diving, snorkeling, boating, and sailing in a clear blue waters. You will also enjoy a trail walk through John Pennekamp State Park. Throughout the waters in this area are ships that have wrecked from long ago. Tourist guides will give you a first class diving course, which will enable you to visit the sunken ships. At the same time, you will enjoy marine life at its best. Along the Keys is Island Islamorada. Many travelers visit this area to enjoy sport fishing. Tournaments, anglers, and the line all join in to bone fish. Sail fishing is another of Key West’s main attractions.
  38. 38. Key West surrounds the Marathon Keys. If you enjoy relaxation, rive up those engines and head on over to Marathon Keys. Is the vacation spot you’ll want to enjoy a moment of relaxation along the beaches? Marathon Hotels: Bonefish Resort is one of Marathon Keys finer motels. The motel is ideal for those traveling on a strict budget. Captains Pip Marina and Hideaway is a friendly hotel, where suites are available. You will have Ocean views, as well as a guest boat you can enjoy while staying at the hotel. Another of Key West’s finest areas is the Big Pine Keys. This area is located at Key West’s lower section. If you enjoy boating, this is the area you truly want to visit. You will take tours, trips, dives, snorkels, backcountry fishing trips, bird watches, and more as you enjoy the Big Pine Keys. In summary, Key West is the place to go if you want to enjoy sunny beaches, perky waters, beautiful areas, boating, fishing, water sports, and more. An advantage the Key West offers you are that you can take your boat and live on the waters into your vacation expires. An additional hot spot you may want to visit in the Keys is the grand Bahia Honda Park. This is Keys state park. In fact, this area is one of Key West most beautiful vacationing spots.
  39. 39. You probably had seen listings in very popular traveling magazines. Bahia has beautiful sandy beaches, marinas, etc. You have accessory to camping facilities, RV campgrounds, natural preserves, plants, flowers, etc. In all areas of Key West you will enjoy nightlife and day recreational and activities round-the-clock. The weather usually stays at 78 degrees higher or lower, yet it never falls above a level you will feel uncomfortable. According to reviews, Key West is where is happening especially if you like the nightlife. Bars, clubs, pubs, lounges, and more area all open generously. In addition, most of the nightclubs or nightlife areas are along the beach. This means you have indoor and outdoor nightlife entertainment. You ready for an Martini, let’s checkout Mexico.
  40. 40. Mexico Travel Temptations Online Travel promotional plans, vacation packages, and Travel temptations are at the lowest price ever. For example, you can purchases a package to Los Cabos, Mexico, which will include airfare and four nights at Mexico’s hotel. The Regal Solaris Los CABOS is an all-inclusive package, which is available you for as little as $720. Additional packages to Vallarta, Mexico will give you four nights in a hotel, airfare and a visit to Sheraton Buganvilias Resort & Convention Center. Various websites online are offering a special to this area for as low as $448. For little more, you could take a trip to Mexico and spend four nights at the Villa del Palmar Beach Resort and Spa. A trip to Cancun will cost you a little more than $800, yet you will stay four nights at Cancun’s Dream Resort and Spa. The hotel is an all-inclusive luxury. A trip to Cozumel is around $600, and you will stay four nights at the Casa Mexicana Cozumel. For less than $100 more you could stay at Cozumel’s Fiesta Americana Cozumel Dive Resort. Mexico just across the border is a beautiful area to Travel. Mexicana are friendly people who enjoy outdoor festivities, Carnival’s, sunbathing, diving, water sports, and more. The clubs are nice, since many are shaded yet the clubs have open areas where you can sit in the club, yet fill the
  41. 41. freedom of nature. It gets a bit hot in Mexico; therefore enjoy martinis, Margarita, or other beverage while you rest at the clubs. If you enjoy colorful atmospheres you may one of vacation at Puerto Vallarta. This area is a Mexican Fiesta, were folk dancers where bright costumes while snapping lassos during the show. At the fiesta you will enjoy the traditional Mexican folk music, or Mariachi, which is played by professional mariachi band members. Watch as the Mexican festivity members’ dance across the street. Once you enjoy the parade, you may want to skip on over to one of the open bars where you can enjoy a buffet and cool beverages. NOTE: it is recommended that you make reservations while booking trips to Puerto Vallarta. Additional trips or packages available to you are the four day visit to Mexico City. Here you can book at stay at the Fiesta inn NAUCALPAN and stay four nights near Mexico’s business area. The hotel is conveniently located near the center area of Mexico City. Amenities: Each hotel is different in Mexico, yet most hotels offer sufficient amenities. For example, the rooms include satellite television, coffeemakers, tea makers, Internet access, phones, etc. On site you may enjoy the hotels health clubs, or nearby the hotel you may enjoy historical moments, museums, etc.
  42. 42. In all, no matter what you are searching for in Travel temptations you can find a surplus of packages online, which will save you money. Vacation packages, business packages, promotional packages, etc are all available, which could take you to a secluded area, quiet area, or casual environment. Additional packages to Mexico may include a stay at Mazatlan Costa de ORO Beach Hotel for 4 nights. You can find packages online for as low as $370. We can now head on off to Michigan.
  43. 43. Michigan Travel Temptations Michigan, like many other areas around the world has some fabulous Travel destinations. Some of the favorite areas in Michigan include Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, and further up north. Michigan is the home of the five Great Lakes, including Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, and Lake Superior. Still, Michigan is surrounded by bodies of water all through the lands. In fact, Sisters Lake, Michigan has more than 10 bodies of water alone. Battle Creek: Battle Creek, Michigan is the land of cereal. Here you will find Kellogg’s Cereal Arena. You can tour through Kellogg’s to see why Tony the Tiger, says, “There’re great!” Kellogg’s factory is one of the world’s award-winning attractions. In fact, Kellogg’s brought in the Tony disco mania. At Kellogg’s you will enjoy dancing with Tony the Tiger and his friendly buddies, while discoing. Gift shops surround the area where you can purchase souvenirs, gifts, collectibles, and more. Red Onion Grill is nearby where you can enjoy tasty lunches. Or else, you can trot on over to the Froot Loop. Here you will enjoy tasty delights. Sullivan is also nearby where you will enjoy some tasty ice cream. Travelers, business parties, private gatherings, family, kids, and so on, will enjoy this area. You want to make sure to contact Kellogg’s Cereal City
  44. 44. United States of America to learn more about schedules. If you’re traveling groups is recommended that you make reservations. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Over in Grand Rapids, just around the bin is Michigan’s Western Coast. Grand Rapids Michigan is a hot spot, since here you will enjoy Michigan’s finest nightlife, botanic Gardens, entertainment, concerts, world-class museums, modern sculptures, and more. Riverwalk is the area to go if you want to explore Michigan’s historical Heritage Hill. Along the walkways through the streets of downtown Grand Rapids you will also enjoy a wide array of performances. Grand Rapids is surrounded by Lake Michigan, where each year (Seasonal Schedules) festivals and carnivals will entertain you; as well the villages along the seaside will inspire you to visit. Grand Rapids, Michigan also has a wide array of, diverse and synthetic cultured amusement areas. You will enjoy views of waterfalls, lighthouses, natural formations of rocks, and more. In addition, you can enjoy visits to the zoos, aquariums, galleries, museums, wineries, etc. Lodging: Of course, Grand Rapids, Michigan has a wide selection of hotels and motels, yet you may want to consider lodging at the Lakeside cottages or log cabins. You can also lodge in the woods. Still, in the wooded areas you’ll often find water where you will enjoy trail walking, hiking, water sports, biking, etc. In the wintertime, Michigan’s snowy weather may even inspire you to go snowmobiling. Meals:
  45. 45. If you choose to lodge in the cabins, or cottages you can enjoy outdoor cooking, barbecues, or else stroll over to the diners, pubs, or eateries. In Grand Rapids, Michigan you can enjoy meals at surrounding restaurants, diners, cafes, etc, or else you can board a ship and dine as you cruise along Lake Michigan’s clear blue waters, enjoying your meal. Few of the diners in Grand Rapids, Michigan decorate their facility to match the old ‘50s. The music, environment, food, drinks, and more would take you back to memory lane. Activities: It depends on what you want to do, however you have a surplus of options. You can enjoy golf courses, clubs, or even schools. You can also enjoy rafting, sailing, waterskiing, boating, walking, and more. If you’re planning your Travel destination over to Michigan, you may want to go online to find promotional and vacation packages. packages tend to include, resorts, Travel, hotel, attractions, activities, meals and shopping at a discounted price. You can also find bargains, which may include golf, ballgames, and entertainment. In conclusion, Ohio is not far from Michigan, so let’s cruise.
  46. 46. Ohio Travel Temptations Traveling to Ohio will put you in front of some of the most adventurous amusement and theme parks around. You can choose from water parks, state parks, indoor water parks, or choose a stay at Ohio’s cabins. Rentals are available online. Ohio incorporates County parks, state parks, amusement parks, etc, all to take you on the wild side of life. One of Ohio’s theme parks includes the Hocking Hill State Park. You will enjoy hikes along trails and boating through Cleveland Lake. You will also sail around Lake Erie Island, as the water splashes around you. Toledo zoo, Reds, great American ballpark, is all throughout the lands of Ohio. Activities: In Ohio, you will enjoy state parks, thrill rides, hiking, amusement parks, exploring, islands, romantic trips, biking, horseback riding, canoeing, and much more. Camping: Burr Oaks is one of Ohio’s favorite camping parks. At the park you’ll find plenty of lodging, including cottages, camping grounds, wildlife areas, and more. Sunday Creek and National Forest is just around the bin. The lodging rooms have a variety a room, meeting areas, dining facilities, full-service lounges, gift shops, beaches, playground, tennis courts, boat ramps, in and outdoor swimming pools, and more. The campgrounds include non- electrical facilities. However, campers are accommodated, since the campground provide you bathing facilities, dumpsites, flushable toilets, and so on.
  47. 47. It depends where you go, but you can locate campgrounds that actually provide electricity. You can also rent camp equipment, including dining flies, tents, cooking stoves, etc. More Parks: Additional parks in Ohio include the Lake Hope State Park. The park is conveniently located near Zaleski Forest Park. You’ll find this area delightful, especially if you enjoy iron ore history. You can see at this park an ancient burial ground, as well as the Hope Furnace. Lodging: The park has cottages, camping, and more available to you. Lake Hope is wildlife, captivating environment where the iron furnace remains. The cabins are equipped with towels, full kitchenettes, heat, ovens, linen, microwave, air-conditioner, etc. Outdoors you will enjoy fire rings and grills. This park sets you up for a nice outing and barbecue. Over at the Laurel Lodge, you can enjoy stone fireplaces, as well as areas that will sleep more than 20 people. In addition, you will have access to kitchens. Lake Hope has a number of campgrounds were you can bring trailers, tents, RVs, and more. The camping area has shower facilities, dumpsters, pit latrine, laundry rooms, fire rings, and picnic tables; in you do have access to electricity. Your pets are welcome at this campground. You also have lake access, hiking trails, boats, and more available to you.
  48. 48. At this campground, you can rent dining flies, tents, cooking stoves, coolers, as well as a variety of other camping equipment. You can also rent teepees. A group campground is conveniently located in the area if you enjoy horseback riding. As mentioned earlier, Hocking Hill Park is an outdoor getaway where the caves will take you on a tour. Ash Cave, Old Man’s Cave, Conkle Hollow, Cedar Falls, Rock House, as well as other adventurers are waiting for you to take action. Throughout the park is plenty of hiking trails, waterfalls, rock formations, etc. In Southwest Ohio you will enjoy state parks, including East Fork State Park, Cowan Lake Park, Shawnee and Caesar Creek Parks, as well as Hueston Woods Park. Water parks, as well as amusement parks are also available to you. Beach Water Park, Coney Island, Paramount Kings Island, LeSourdsville amusement park, etc, are all conveniently waiting for you to visit Ohio. Cedar Point is one of Ohio’s main attraction, as well as the Monsoon Lagoon. Now you are ready for paradise Island, Panama.
  49. 49. Panama Travel Temptations Sapphire, emerald green lands, clear blue waters, and sandy white beaches captivate Panama City Beach, which is located in Florida. Panama has one of the most beautiful and captivating beaches in the universe. You will have over twenty miles of unequaled them breathtaking beauty as you walk along the beach. The beaches located near the Gulf of Mexico and are one of Florida’s hidden recreational areas. Winter is coming, therefore if you are planning to Travel destination you may want to consider Panama Beach. Hot, steamy, smoking sands and water will merge you into one of the world’s most heavily environments. Panama is ideal for anyone wanting to private escape. Families can enjoy group touring as well. If you enjoy the great outdoors, Panama is the place to go. In Panama you will enjoy golfing, tennis, sightseeing, fishing, swimming, boating, parasailing, snorkeling, diving, jet skis, windsurfing and more. Dining: Panama also serves up some of the best seafood in the world. You’ll find a wide assortment of restaurants, cafés, diners, etc. The meals serve their most restaurants will leave your mouthwatering. You can enjoy fine dining at award-winning restaurants, or enjoy casual meals. Entertainment:
  50. 50. Entertainment at Panama has no limits. You will enjoy amusement parks, zoos, golf, water parks, museums, arts, and more. Panama also serves up some of the best beach club’s around. If you enjoy dancing and music, including modern hit, gold platinum old hits, high-energy volumizers, heavy-metal, etc, you will enjoy Panama’s fabulous clubs. Festivities: Panama has summer, and year-round festivities. Festivities include the Gulf Coast Triathlon, Seafood festival’s, which takes place around Indian summer. Additional events include the Tournaments at Bay Billfish Invitations. Craft and Art festivities at the Nature Gallery Historical are another of Panama’s remarkable enjoyment. Hotels: Panama has thousands of motels and hotels, as well as condominiums. Campgrounds, RV parks, are other lodging facilities available to you as well. Panama’s Treasure Island hotel is one of the finer hotels in the area. This is a great vacation escape. The hotel is conveniently located near white beaches, private beaches, etc. You will enjoy the emerald green waters at this hotel. In addition, the hotels swimming pools are heated. Panama activities generally take place on calendar events, where you will have the advantage of seeing Panama’s main sites and attractions. People typically take a vacation to Panama during spring break. While visiting Panama, they often enjoy scuba diving, fishing, hunting, boating, camping, water sports, volleyball, religious gatherings, and night spots.
  51. 51. Additional Hotel Information Tiki Bar is one of the favorite hotspots in Panama. Here you will enjoy the Gulf Beach, lazy river rides, pools, dual Turbo water slides, indoor heated pool, atrium dome, etc. As well, you will enjoy Gulf-side tubs, parasailing, jet skiing, playground, golf, game room, gift shops, suites, family units, etc. In some of the hotels room you will enjoy coffee makers, microwaves, kitchen, laundry facility, safes, television, phones, security, and an amazing private gulf-side balcony. Gulf Crest is a condominium resort where families will enjoy emerald green waters along sandy beaches. The hotel has two hot tubs, gazebo, kiddy pools, exercise room, a parking lot where your car will have coverage. The hotel condominium also includes dune walkovers, tropical landscapes, fitness center, gamer room, high-speed elevators, double bedrooms with dual baths, etc. A lounge and billiard room is also conveniently situated in hotel area. If you’re planning a trip to Panama you may want online were you will find a variety of packages, information, tips, hints, reviews, etc. Each piece of information you gather you can apply it to your planning, which will help you make sure the direction you intend to go. RIU is another Paradise Island you may want to visit.
  52. 52. RIU Paradise Island Travel Temptations Online you can find resources that offer all-inclusive vacation packages. The packages may include roundtrip airfare, meals, water sports, accommodations, drink, etc. For around $1400, i.e. per person you will spend 5-nights in Miami Florida, which will take you to Paradise Island. The package includes hotel and airfare. At RIU you will enjoy the graceful white-sandy beaches amidst the beautiful Bahamas shorelines. Some of the main attractions are near this area. On the island you will enjoy suites, rooms, and resorts that offer all-inclusive recreational, including lessons. You may want to learn how to scuba dive. Volleyball, windsurfing, dining, lounging, etc, are all the activities, pastimes, etc, you can enjoy. Few of the lounges and restaurants will serve you up delicious Japanese dishes. (Check out TENGOKU) Furthermore, you can enjoy massages, Caribbean Casinos, as well as visit Nassau. The area is just over the fabulous Atlantis. In addition, RIU Paradise Islands has swim up bars, which you can literally swim to the bar, have a drink, and continue your water activities afterward. Best places to stay: RIU has some fine resorts and hotels in its area. The Harborside Resort is located at Atlantis. One and Only Ocean Club, Sunrise Beach Club & Villas, as well as Comfort Suites Paradise Island is just a few of RIU favorites. Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Casino is another hotel you may want to visit. Paradise Beach Club, RIU Paradise, Royal Towers in Atlantis, Bay
  53. 53. View Village, and Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat are other hotels conveniently located in RIU. Atlantis Resort Casino will offer you Disneyworld themes coupled with grandiloquent entertainment. You will also enjoy a replica environment of Las Vegas gambling. Comedy clubs, disco, dance halls, casinos, mall, etc, all combine to give you a selection of fun, delight, and entertainment. The One and Only is the place to hit if you enjoy spas. Dune Bar will take you to paradise at its bar and club. Predator Lagoon is the hit, if you enjoy aquariums, ocean creatures, etc. Here you can snap shots of RIU and its black nose sharks. Cloisters will put you close to paradise as you enjoy Monastery French 14th century atmospheres. The event will transfer you to each stone discovered in the paradise lands. Take an adventure over to the Bahamas where you will discover various architectural adventures. The Waterloo Club is another paradise hot spot. Here you will enjoy clubs that will keep you up all night rocking and rolling. Drinks and friendly people also make up this atmosphere, as well as dance and disco. Plato is a Lounge located in the beautiful Atlantis Resorts. The hotel includes a bar and club. If you like golfing you may want to hang out at the Ocean Club Golf Course. The Waterscape is located at Paradise Island as well. Additional golf hangouts include the Paradise Island Golf arena. You will enjoy the largest of sand traps in the world while tweeding at this course.
  54. 54. Marine Park is also on the beautiful Atlantis. If you want to enjoy marine life on the largest grounds while viewing sea creatures, this is the spot. Clubs, including the 601 will put you in the 60s as you disco the night away. Nature lovers may want to head over to the Versailles Garden where the French Cloister will send you through well-maintained gardens. The gardens rest comfortably near RIU 12th century monks Augustine. RIU has a variety of other Paradise Island hot spots. To learn more go online and view pictures so that you will see that RIU is truly a paradise on earth. Are your ready for the streets of San Diego?
  55. 55. San Diego Travel Temptations San Diego has some of the finest areas in California, yet 8 miles away you could enjoy a stay at the Catamaran Resort and Spa. The hotel is comfortably seated near the Mission Bay Aquatic Park. The international airport is only eight miles away, adding to the convenience. In addition, if you Travel four miles you will enjoy a day at California’s finest Sea World. The attractions in this vicinity also include Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, and the beautiful Coronado. Each area is around 15 miles away from the Catamaran. Amenities: Catamaran Resort includes a shoeshine parlor, safe deposit, currency exchange, gift shop, concierge, security, multilingual staff, business center, computer rentals, game room, picnic area, fitness center, volleyball court, heated pools, Jacuzzi, and more. You can also enjoy pastime adventures such as water sports while staying at this hotel. Skates, paddleboats, kayaks, bikes, powerboats, rafts, jet skis and boogie boards are all advantages you can enjoy at the hotel Catamaran. Dining: The Catamaran Resort includes restaurants comfortably situated inside the hotel. You can enjoy indoor and outdoor seating while biting down on a Californian Cuisine. Champagne brunch, luaus, and more are available at the hotel. In addition, on Friday you can enjoy live entertainment and drinks in Moray’s atmosphere.
  56. 56. Guest Rooms: At Catamaran Resort the guest areas include wall to wall picture windows with wide views. You will also enjoy TV, cable, satellite, air conditioners, iron/ironing boards, coffeemakers, hairdryer, telephone, dial-up internet connection, voicemail, clock/radio, videogame console, refrigerator, climate controls, and more while resting at the Catamaran Resort. Catamaran has more than 300 rooms, which includes 14 floors. The hotel and spa offers first class service, data ports, business and meeting rooms, car rental, meals, family room, wheelchair access, fitness area and more. While resting at Catamaran you will have everything you need at your access. West San Diego The West San Diego Hotel is approximately 19 stories, and is only a few blocks away from the sparkling Little Italy. In addition, the hotel is a few blocks away from California’s fine Gas Lamp Quarters. You only have to walk a few miles from and to the Airport as well. The Trolley, San Diego Bay, Embarcadero (Ferry and Excursion), Horton Plaza, and so on are only a walk away from the West San Diego hotel. Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo are only two miles away from this hotel as well. Amenities: The hotel includes fitness arena, rooftop sundeck and pool: the sundeck and pool includes beach sand. In addition, the hotel has a beach bar located on the rooftop. The bar includes fire pits, cabanas, and movies during night hours. Treatment center, spa, Rice, and a west end living room is also
  57. 57. available to you in this fine California hotel. You will enjoy poolside massages, business center, valet/laundry, and more. Room: The rooms at the West San Diego hotel features AVEDA bathing amenities, signature bed, bathrobes, high-speed internet connection, DVD, alarm/clock, hairdryer, coffeemaker, in-house movies, munchies, oversized desk, iron and ironing board. Like the Catamaran Resort, the W. San Diego hotel includes first class service. Pets are permitted at this hotel. Non-smoking areas, data ports, and wheelchair access, as well as luxury is also available to you. In conclusion, Stay Bridge is San Diego’s Carmel Mountain, which the only recourse is to rent a suite. The hotel is around 20 miles from the beautiful downtown area of San Diego. At the hotel you will receive a complimentary breakfast where you can feast off a buffet daily. If you are ready for your Travel destination take a virtual tour online, and visit Sandy Point.
  58. 58. Sandy Point Travel Temptations Sandy Point Travel temptations to the Bahamas are ideal, since you will visit the largest islands in the lands. On the beach you will enjoy whales floating onto the beach, which often the whales will push themselves back into the waters. The beaches are heavenly, while the waters are pure. You definitely want to bring camera equipment along with you on this trip. Activities: Activities include bar diners, quietness, peace, and tranquility. Hiking, biking and walking trails are also available. The atmosphere is not super populated, therefore the activities typically include a get together a local pubs where drinks and dining is the focus. Still, you can enjoy boating, skiing, scuba diving, undersea viewing, and more. Hotels: Sandy Point has a variety of Hotels, motels, and lodging. Donkers is one of the areas where many tourists enjoy resting. One hotel in Sandy Point, (Paradise under the sun) has a tree that stands over the hotel, thus providing you shade. Paradise is conveniently located near the beaches, airport, and shop areas. The hotel offers a surplus of amenities; as well the staffing is friendly. In addition, the kids will enjoy the hotels playground. In summary, Paradise has a warm atmosphere, pools, as well as BBQ, bar, etc. Shopping: Sandy Point is basically a touring area, since shopping is limited. In this area there are no malls, yet there are basic stores where you can purchase food.
  59. 59. The area has some expensive items, since all food, etc, are imported from various areas. Still, there is a surplus of shopping areas that fits this area. In aspect, Sandy Point is a nice area to visit if you want relaxation and quietness. Still, the area is beautiful. A About the People A vast majority of the people on this island come from various lands. The Bahamians is the general population. In summary, Sandy Point is the Bahamas largest island, where you will want to take camping gear and learn how to live off the land. The island is intended specifically for nature lovers who enjoy the challenges of nature. At what time you visit Sandy Point you will also enjoy hiking trips, which on the hike through specially sculpted trails you will enjoy tropical islands, exotic fruits and plants, exotic wildlife, and more. Sandy Point according to those who live in the area, and has visited the land, is a peaceful and pleasurable environment to visit. Along the beach is a bar, whereas a sauna and pool is also available to help wash away the days stress. Wash rooms and three Jacuzzi’s are available to you, as well as access to lounges. The staff at the bar and lounge is friendly and attentive to your needs. According to reports, Sandy Point is safe, clean, and offers tasty dishes and great service. However, at the areas hotels, the rules tend to stretch, yet it is a delightful experience that will inspire you to return.
  60. 60. Clubs: Sandy Point has an apartment complex, which is the areas club. The apartment includes studios, which four individuals could comfortable feel at home. Few apartments have two or even three bedrooms, which can host at least 8 individuals. In addition, the apartments include air condition, cable television, and a full kitchen. You can only stay one week here. You must also pay a security deposit. Furthermore, you have availability to the airport, since you can arrange pick-up. In summary, you will enjoy air conditioned rooms while staying at Sandy Point. In addition, you will enjoy terraces, balcony, beach, bike riding, sailing, boating, golf, mini-bars, scuba diving, tennis, phone, and more. Let’s move on down to Singapore.
  61. 61. Singapore Travel Temptations Brief outline: The Republic of Singapore is now known as Singapore. The island is one of the smaller areas around Asia. Along the way Malay Peninsula, which is near Southern Malaysian: Malaysian is Johor state, which north of this area is Indonesia Riau Islands? In other words you are not far from the equator when you visit areas around Singapore. Singapore has a selection of port cities, which are ancient, and emphasizes shine around the empire movements. The movement includes the village of Malay where you will enjoy fishing in a colonized land. The United Kingdom’s inspired Malay. During the 19th centuries, the Japanese empires during World War II followed pursuit behind the United Kingdom’s. This merged the Federations of Malaysia, and the independence of Singapore. Today, Singapore is a natural resource, which at one time was undeveloped economically and socio-politically. The explosions led to investments from foreign regions. In addition, the explosion brought forth industrialized nations, since the government moved rapidly to take the lead. The ports in Singapore are now manufacturers of electronics, etc. The movement also led to Asia’s ranking, which is 11th ranking in the entire world. Asia has a premium life. Today, the population of Singapore spends their time living in estates, which are constructed through the HDB. (Housing Development Board) In Singapore, you will have exceptional options of transportation. In addition, ministries owned and run by the government set off Singapore’s environment. You will enjoy clean lands
  62. 62. throughout Singapore, since industries located on the island of Jurong is primarily Singapore’s dumping area. Today, Singapore is a democracy area. Singapore is also responsible for the adoption of the welfare system. Due to this system however, Singapore’s DPS (Dominant Party System) has brought forth attacks on the county due to controversial issues. Still, Singapore has some fascinating lands. The Island in itself is shaped like a diamond. Along the islands are diminutive islands, which connect from the shores of Singapore onto the lands of Johor. The land surrounding Singapore includes the Johor Causeway, which is directly to north side and crosses through to Tebrau Straits. Tuas Second Links also connects to this area, which is a bridge. Singapore also has some high lands, which include Bukit Timah Hill. Around the area are smaller islands, including Pulua Ubin and Tekong. Singapore’s, Jurong Island is also in the proximity of this area. Singapore also has its urban areas. Most of the areas are near the Southern lands, which the cavity sets apart the Singapore River. The Core is near downtown. Throughout the area you will enjoy tropical rainforests, agriculture, central spots, business districts, and more. URA (Urban Re- Development Authority) handles the planning throughout Singapore’s urban areas. Moreover, throughout urban areas of Singapore, you will enjoy to seabed, hills, as well as area countries that neighbor the land. The rainforests you
  63. 63. will see through the lands of Singapore primarily remains around Bukit, since like many other states the forests are destroyed. Still, you can enjoy a selection of parks in Singapore, where humans has preserved the lands. The Botanic Gardens, etc, is just one of the areas man has preserved. In addition, Singapore has a wealth of fresh drinking water. The lakes and rivers provide Singapore drinking water. Rainfall is also half the percentage of resources available to you Singapore for drinking. In conclusion, if you are planning a trip to Singapore you may want online where you will find a variety of vacation packages, promotional packages, holiday packages, Travel packages, and more. The packages typically include, lodging, discounted meals, discounts on shopping, activities, and more. When you are ready to head back to the United States, let’s hit Tennessee.
  64. 64. Tennessee Travel Temptations Tennessee is one of the prettiest areas in the lands. Throughout the lands of Tennessee, you may want to visit Lookout Mountain, or Nashville, Tennessee. In Nashville, you can visit the Grand Ole Opera, or musicians’ stores where Elvis Presley, Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, George Jones, and various other country-western singers started their career. In Nashville, you can also enjoyed art exhibits, dining, free activities, museums, mansions, concerts, music, tours, parks, outdoor activities, theatre, wildflowers, fan fairs, and more. Hotels in Nashville: Over in Nashville you may enjoy a stay at the Music Festival Hotel, or you may rather visit the Guesthouse Inn. The Embassy Suite hotel is also one of Nashville’s hottest hotels. You can purchase online packages, which will put you in front of Nashville’s Blue Shoe Music Festival. The Festival starts in 2007. You will enjoy hotel stay at Nashville’s Five Diamond hotel. You’ll also stay at the Hermitage. This hotel is conveniently located in the downtown area. You can also stay at the Holiday Inn Express, as well as the Guesthouse Inn and Suites. It depends on the packaging purchase; still, you will enjoy a stay at one of Nashville’s finest hotels. Some packages include a stay at the Embassy Suite Airport and OpryLand. Vanderbilt, Baymont, and other hotels are also included in few Tennessee vacation packages. While hanging around Nashville, you may want to visit the Parthenon, Grand Ole Opry, lobby of union station, Ryman Auditorium, the Country
  65. 65. Music Hall of Fame, Andrew Jackson’s Home, at the Hermitage, etc. You may also want to visit Belle Mead Plantation, Cheek Wood Gallery and Botanical Garden, Gen. Jackson’s showboat, etc. The FRIST Center is also available where you can tour and view visual arts. Lower Broad and Second Avenue is where you will find the district of Nashville. Van VECHTEN art gallery is located at the Fisk University. Memphis, Tennessee Memphis, Tennessee is another area you may want to visit. Memphis is the land of nightlife, Graceland, NBA, etc. You will also enjoy zoos, historical sites, and so on. Memphis TN is the landmark where Elvis Presley took the top of the charts in the 1950s. Memphis is also where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with martyred. In addition, in the early 20s, Memphis is where the blues hit the charts. WC Handy is the man who played the first blue’s song in Memphis, which gave Memphis TN the name, land of the blues. Throughout Memphis, you will enjoy fabulous nightlife, or you can visit clubs and join in on the boot scootin’ boogie. Shine up those boots, since you will enjoy live music and entertainment every night while staying in Memphis. Favorite Dining Spots: The LOVE at FIRST OYSTER is Memphis’s top choice diners. Here you will enjoy juicy lobsters, top served steaks, crab, and oysters. Anywhere you visit in the southern areas, you will also enjoy some down home country hospitality.
  66. 66. Auto Slim Tonga Club is another of Memphis’s favorite diners. At this diner you will enjoy awesome food, including yellow fin tuna fish, duck, coconut shrimp dishes, mango sauce, martinis, and more. Rendezvous is where the ribs are happening. If you like the blues, likely you love ribs. Rendezvous serves up a heaping dish of the best ribs you’ll ever eat in your lifetime. Festivities: Each year on Elvis Presley’s birthday (January 8) Memphis dishes out some of the finest festivities around. Shortly after, around January 15th another celebration unfolds, including the City Tributes and National Holidays, where Martin Jr. memory is resurrected. Tennessee pays tribute to Black History Month, which throughout January and February Anniversaries are celebrated, including the death of a great man, Martin Luther King Jr.
  67. 67. Travel Agents and Travel Temptations Travel agents work hard to reduce rates for lodging, transportation, etc. Their goal is to attract newcomers to promote vacations, promotions, and traveling destinations. Often Travel agents train ahead of time, since in the Travel and industry the competition is steep. Travel agents consistently change airfares, schedules, vacation packages, etc. Since, the Internet is swamped with traveling resources, people tend to feel confused, which Travel agents work hard to reduce the confusion. As well, agents work hard to cut back time you will spend in Travel destinations. If you are planning Travel destinations, Travel agents might be your option. The agent will explore many Travel options to find the best choice for you. If you are taking a business trip, or tour, the agent will help you find hot spots, while working to save you money. Agents tend to try to make the best possible arrangements for Travel by evaluating your needs. At Travel agencies you can book resorts, cruise lines, lights, etc. You can book single or group Travel as well. Travel agents will also provide you advice on the destinations you are considering. As well, the agent will make arrangements to setup your Travel destination. Arrangements will include hotel accommodations, transportation, recreation, car rental, tours, etc. In addition, you can get insight on weather conditions at the area you wish to Travel. You will also get advice as to where the best restaurants are, as well as the best attractions.
  68. 68. In addition, if your traveling overseas, to agent will help you acquire proper IDs, such as passports, certifications, visas, vaccinations, while helping you learn where to change currency. In addition, you will learn the country’s customs and regulations on such documentation. Online you can find Travel agents, as well as images, photos, etc of various areas you are considering to visit. Having photos in sight can help you make a better choice, since no one can truly give you a verbal visual. Various packages online include Disneyland, Disney World, Panama City, Black Hills, Caribbean Cruises, Bahamas Cruise, Las Vegas, Paris trips, and more. Right now is the time to check out the packages online, since you will find a wide assortment of bargains. Few packages offered are as low as $225, which will take you to Orlando, Florida. Of course, you want to read all details when considering packages, which will help you, gain insight as to what you will get from the package. Typically, the packages include hotel accommodations, Travel, activities, etc. You may receive coupons or vouchers for meals and shopping. The vouchers or coupons will provide you a discount. In addition, if you purchase packages, the Travel expert may send you to 2 or 3 hotels while you visit your Travel destination.
  69. 69. In addition, online you will find a wide array of Travel destinations, which include low fares. To give you an example, we can look at a few discounts. Online you could purchase flight and hotel stay for as little as $320, which will take you to Philadelphia. If you wanted to book a flight and hotel stay to California, you can get the combo for as little as $820. Flights only could cost you around $320. In addition, online you can book top of the line cruises, starting at $180. Last minute sailors may pay around $300. Regal Caribbean cruises are available online as well, which through traveling agencies you can save as much as $200. Note that some agencies or Travel experts online will toss in free nights at hotels if you purchase a package from their resources. The freebie is an extra savings. We are all different in many ways, yet many of us enjoy cool, snowy, inviting lands, such as Alaska.
  70. 70. Travel Destination to Alaska Imagine the snowy white trails of Alaska areas where polar bears, igloos, bright lights, and Eskimos Travel the land. Alaska is one of the most beautiful and captivating lands in America where many people enjoy ice fishing, ice skating, hunting, and resting at night under hot, smoking fire places. Right now is the time to go online, since you cam save on tour packages. The packages may include tours of Alaska’s coast. The coast has a wide array of heavenly scenery, which includes ice inlets, glaciers, mountains, national parks, forests, and so on. You can also book tours where you will Travel Alaska’s Beautiful Canadian Rocky areas. If you enjoy scenery lands then prepare to glide and slide across Alaska’s soil. You want to perk up, since in Alaska tours you will enjoy frontiers, itineraries, snowcapped mountain peaks, glaciers, wildlife, and steep fiord. Along the journey you may stumble upon the shores of the ocean, where black/brown bears, whales, bald eagles, seals, sea otters, and more roam the waters and lands. Choosing tour packages enable you to participate in a wide array of fun and exciting adventures. Few packages enable you to tour Alaska’s historic towns where gold rushers were hunted for priceless jewels. Along the way you will learn Native cultures and American Art. You may spot take a bike ride, or hike once the tour is completed, or else you may find your self in a whitewater kayaking adventure.
  71. 71. If you love danger, excitement, adventure, and areas that will ignite your interest above any other time your interests have ever been ignited, then an Alaska Travel is the choice you want to consider. According to reviews, Alaska is by far the most captivating area in the world. While many areas across the world present majestic surroundings, Alaska takes you on a journey far superb than any other adventure you will ever encounter. Various Alaska packages are available online. You can book tours to Inside Passages, Natural areas, Call of the Wild, and more. You can book a 1st class majestic tour, which can include a 7 night stay at the Gulfs of Alaska. Otherwise, you can take an extensive cruise alone the shorelines. Dates, as well as prices are available online. Tour packages may also include visits to the Rockies, Glacier Park, Canadian Rockies, Yukon, Inside Passage, Discovery Land, Cruises, Grand Alaska, and so on. African travels, Gutsy Women, and more are all packages available online as well. The packages: It depends on the package you choose, however you can book a two week stay in Alaska. The package may include wilderness visits, rafting in the world’s world-class river, glacier walks, ice climbs, hiking, biking, and more. The package may also include meals as you float along in a raft through Alaska’s heavenly waters. Travel packages may also include Hikes through four of Alaska’s State and
  72. 72. National Parks, as well as a kayaking trip through the Seas of Prince William Sounds. You may also enjoy a two-night adventure while resting at Alaska’s finest resort cabins in the wilderness. You can also use the water taxis to arrive at Kachumek Park, which is Alaska’s heavenly State Park. Yukon packages could get you a trip to Anchorage, Alaska. Just imagine spending 12 days hanging out with Alaska Cosmos. Of course, on the first day you arrive you will rest at one of Alaska’s finest resorts, and spend leisure time acquainting yourself with the surroundings. In the end and throughout the remaining trip however, prepare to adventure and explore the beautiful area of Anchorage. If you need more information go online, since here you can view pictures that will inspire you to a journey over to the Alaska atmosphere. Enchiladas! Where, New Mexico?
  73. 73. Travel Destination to New Mexico Online you can book flights, cruises, yachts, hotels, and more. Here you will find helpful guides to direct you on a vacation of choice, including a Travel destination to New Mexico. Online too, are vacation packages, promotional packages, and so on. Each package has its own incorporated fun time. You will enjoy leisure, hotels, meals, trips, tours, and more while choosing promotional or vacation packages online. Ultimately, you will enjoy top deals, including vouchers and coupons, which is an added commodity to help you save money while having the time of your life. Hotels to visit: In New Mexico you may enjoy a stay at the 4-star NH Hotel Mexico City. For around $116 dollars per night you will enjoy superb staff services. According to reviews the hotel rooms are practical. As well, the Chef on staff is a creative soul who dishes out superb meals at the hotels restaurant. The walks along the street however will leave you wondering where to Travel next. Discount rates are available. The Gran Melia Mexico Reforma is another of New Mexico’s four-star hotels. The hotel costs a few dollars more, yet you will enjoy a grand view of the building’s beautiful design. Hotel Gran has some of the friendliest staff in Mexico. In addition, the hotel includes concierge, friendly Café Miro, and a superb buffet. The meal at this hotel is inexpensive compared to many hotel prices across the land. One of the finest diners or restaurant includes the L’Albufera. Enjoy a Spanish dish.
  74. 74. Marquis Reforma is a hotel and spa combined. Marquis has some of the finest landscape and building structure you will ever experience. The waterfalls outside of the hotel will take your breath away. For a little more than you would pay at the Gran, you will enjoy superb guest service, fine meals, and beautiful scenery: IN addition, the beautiful Torre Mayor is down the road, which is the statue of Diana. Torre de la Independencia, US Embassy is a few blocks away as well. This hotel is centrally located near PASEO de la REFORMA. As well, you are a walk away from New Mexico’s finest CHAPULTEPEK Park. Here you will have a selection of museums to visit. The rooms at this hotel are luxurious regardless of the room you select, as well you can enjoy taxi services, or navigators who will drive you through the city for a nice view of beautiful New Mexico land. Gillow is New Mexico’s five-star hotels. This grand hotel offers some of the finest service in New Mexico. While staying at Gillow you will enjoy ZAOCALO, which is conveniently located two minutes from the hotel. The food, according to visitors is by far some of the best food you will eat as you will enjoy the La Capilla. Additional hotels in New Mexico include the Sevilla Palace, La Casona, Four Seasons, Casa Vieja, Presidente Inter-Continental, Marco Polo, and more. The valleys throughout New Mexico are glorious to view, therefore do not forget your camera equipment, or camcorders, since you will definitely want to take pictures back to your hometown.
  75. 75. Activities: In New Mexico you can enjoy main attractions, such as the Castillo de Chapultepec spots. You can also enjoy contemporary arts at the Museo Frida Kahlo. Religious sights, such as the Basilica de Nuestra Senora de Gu is another of New Mexico’s fabulous spots to visit. IN addition, you can enjoy castles and palaces at the Palacio Nacional. Along your day trips you may want to visit the Xochimilco spot. As well, take a stroll through Anthropology at Papalote Museo del Nino, and Museo Nacional de Antropologia. I don’t know about you, but I am heading off to Amsterdam.
  76. 76. Travel Temptations in Amsterdam Amsterdam is a unique atmosphere where many people would like to visit. Now you can visit Amsterdam, since online you can book Travel Temptationsat the lowest price ever. If you are planning Travel destinations, it is wisest to choose packages. packages will include hotel stay, meals, trip expense, and so on. Few packages will also include discounts and coupons. To locate Travel agents online you merely type in your keywords, which will bring you to a variety of links on a single page. You can scan each website to compare and contrast packages, as well as learn more information about Amsterdam. In addition, you will find maps, which you can print out from your printer to use while you are visiting Amsterdam. Maps are a surefire way of staying on course without getting lost. Amsterdam is reported as one of the most aspiring and intriguing city, which includes prominent museums, shops, flowers, relaxing pubs, markets, and more. While planning a trip to Amsterdam you want to make sure you know where the hot spots are so that you can get the full benefit of your trip. To get you started we can evaluate a couple of hotels in Amsterdam, which we hope points you in the right direction. The Grand NH Hotel or the KRASNAPOL SKY is one of Amsterdam famous resorts. The hotel is recognized throughout the world for its famous coffee shop. Thus, this hotel is now one of Netherlands five star resorts. KRASNAPOL SKY has more than 450 rooms, which includes a Suite situated on the hotels tower. In addition, the hotel has six junior luxurious
  77. 77. Suites, as well as more than 35 apartments. Amsterdam’s famous KRASNAPOL SKY also has a center designed for Congress. The entire area could house more than 2000 board members. Winter Garden is this hotels historical monument, which includes the monumental Reflet restaurant. In addition, Amsterdam’s famous restaurant has invented the “Village on the Dam.” IF you are on a romantic vacation, this is the hotel you want to visit in Amsterdam. Victoria Amsterdam Hotel is another of Amsterdam’s greatest resorts. The hotel is a four star luxurious Victorian creation centered near busy business centre, shops, malls, and Amsterdam’s historic train station. In addition, Victoria Amsterdam is near the Dam’s Square, as well as near the Royal Palace. The hotel has more than 300 rooms, and connects with the chain hotels Park Plaza. Recreation: It depends on what you taste buds are; however in Amsterdam you can rent bikes, boats, cars, and more. In addition, you can enjoy boat trips, bowling, gym, internet cafés, swimming, tennis, squash, Laser games, and more. Of course you want to spend some of your recreational time sight seeing, since Amsterdam is a remarkable delight to look at. Additional recreation in Amsterdam may include camping, backpacking, hikes, sunbathing on the beach or lakes, whitewater rafting or kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, and more. Amsterdam also has a variety of museums you will find of interest. The Van Gogh Museum is just one of Amsterdam’s famous recreational pastimes you want to experience.
  78. 78. Restaurant: In addition to recreation and hotels, you want to check out Amsterdam’s restaurants, including the Garlic Queen. According to reviews the restaurant serves up tasty dishes and the prices are average. According to reviews you want to book reservations at this restaurant. Apparently REGUILERSDWARSSTRAAT is near street that streams behind the restaurant, as well as Amsterdam’s floating flower market. Meals Served: It depends where you go in Amsterdam, however you can enjoy cuisines, Chinese dishes, Greek, Fusion, Dutch, Argentinean, Asian, Italian, Japanese, Seafood and more. AS well you can enjoy Indian, International, Spanish, Indonesian, as well as many other types of dishes in Amsterdam. Are you ready to plan your Travel destination? We’re going to have scribbled minds from jumping from one country to the next, however I think we really need to see Iowa.
  79. 79. Travel Temptations in Iowa Imagine the mountains capped with snow top exposure, while the grounds are salty wet with smudges of snow about the land. Can you picture it? Iowa is a western land located in the western parts of the United States, which everyone at one time must see. Des Moines is an area you definitely want to visit. Since, its beauty alone will make you thank your self for planning your Travel destination in Iowa. Captivating, not to say the least... Imagine driving through the mountains as you spot underground roadside parks along the way: The parks are buried beneath snow, which you may want to bring skis to slide down the mountain slopes along the way. Capture the pictures of the distant city as the lights dance off at a distance. Watch as the lights send a spark in a Las Vegas night look-alike. You dance, sing, and shout for glory as you move along the pathways of the glorious Iowa. There is nothing like traveling the western atmosphere during the months when snow sets off the top of the mountains. Throughout the lands you will see lands that will inspire you along the way. When calculating Travel temptations to distant lands, make sure you add to your budget a trip up the mountains. Now, let me tell you about the hotels in Iowa, since it will be a night or two you will not forget. If are planning to stay a night or two, or stretch your vacation out longer, you can find fully accommodating arrangements or packages online. In addition, you can use tool bars to find hotels, Bed &
  80. 80. Breakfast, campgrounds, RV Parks, Natural Resources, and more. RV Parks in Iowa typically offer amenities to make your stay more relaxing. Des Moines, Iowa is the state capital. In Iowa you might enjoy a stay at the Baymont Inn & Suites. The hotel includes airport conferencing centers. Three miles from the hotel is the International airport. In addition, the hotel is conveniently located near Willow Creek Golf Course, Prairie Meadows Casino, Blank Park Zoo, Botanical Center, as well as near the Iowa Art Center. Nearby the hotel is fabulous restaurants, and shopping. The malls are conveniently located near Jordan Creek. Valley West, as well as the South Ridge Mall is close by as well. In addition, the hotel is near the VA’s (Veteran) Memorial Auditorium. You may want to make reservations to stay at Baymont Inn, since the hotel only has a little over 50 rooms seated on three floors. A quick note: Iowa is on Central Standard Time (CST), so set your watches if you plan to visit Iowa. Iowa hotels, including Belmont Inn has a surplus of amenities. While resting at the hotels you can enjoy AVE (Audio Visual Equipment), Continental Breakfasts, wake-up service, golf, indoor pools, sprinkles located in the rooms and more. In addition, you can enjoy free parking, newspapers, game rooms, elevators, laundry and valet services, handicap rooms, and more. The rooms may also include safe deposit box. AS well, extras are available, such as rollaway beds and cribs.