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Steps to Grow K-12 Catholic Schools


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Steve Virgadamo, the Associate Superintendent for Leadership at Archdiocese of New York shares his knowledge on the best ways to grow a Catholic education institution. Enjoy the presentation and be sure to share. Thank you!

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Steps to Grow K-12 Catholic Schools

  1. 1. Steps to Grow K-12 Catholic Schools Steve Virgadamo
  2. 2. Sometimes the question of scalability comes up when discussing Catholic school and their ability to grow beyond their humble beginnings How can the schools continue to build new additions to existing buildings/erect new buildings, provide athletics and activities for all students, and give back to the community as a whole, all while remaining in business? Most Catholic schools have bookkeepers or business managers that look after all finances coming in and going out of the school, and it is their job to allocate costs accordingly Below you will find a few key ways to grow your Catholic school
  3. 3. Increased Fundraising Whats better than feeling good by doing good? Not much at all! Giving back to the local community as well as select areas of the world that require help outside of their normal means is a very important part of Catholic education and the personal growth of young men and women Increasing fundraising allows schools to not only grow their institution but also help out countless people For this step to be successful a school needs to look at their donor base and the current procedures in place Is there an annual giving program for donors, alumni, and current students? The best Catholic schools are tracking their donors contributions as well as setting and resetting both short-term and long-term goals
  4. 4. Strong Cash Flow Don’t collect a vast majority of tuition at the end of the school year, even though this is the norm and a major benchmark for the books A strong cash flow includes all your tuition, account receivables, and other fees billed to parents or guardians This method is something that needs to be made public knowledge for all families within the Catholic school community Offering parents or guardians a flexibility option and remaining engaged with them can help the flow of cash into the school throughout the year
  5. 5. Going Mobile In this technologically savvy age of smartphones, tablets, drones, and more it is extremely important to stay up to date with it all Although there may not be any need for drones flying around campus, a mobile friendly website is a must Mobile capabilities have grown exponentially in the past few years and have become massively more important since #Mobilegeddon , which essentially ramped up the importance of mobile-friendly websites Without being mobile-friendly your website and its Google search result ranking may be affected in a negative manner
  6. 6. Going Mobile Pt. II Make sure your school’s website is clean, crisp, fast loading, and has new and relevant information Include all types of media and links that positively publicize the school like videos of students, parents, and faculty about why they love the school Include the statistics from basketball game from last night Some sites can massively help you by utilizing their software to determine if your site is mobile-friendly, but none are better than Google
  7. 7. Wrapped Up In the end a strong cash flow, increased fundraising activities, and having a strong website for mobile users are at the top of the priority list when it comes to growing your Catholic school By accomplishing these necessary tasks you can effectively and efficiently grow your school and increase your school’s recruitment
  8. 8. Thank you for viewing! -Steve Virgadamo