Katina Leisure Mobile 2010


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Katina Leisure Mobile 2010

  1. 1. INTERNATIONAL MOBILE AFFILIATE PROGRAM Highest payout rates in the industry Partners keep up to 90% of revenue Katina Leisure Limited 1
  2. 2. CONTENTS Presentation pages 3 Introduction 4 Phone Types 5 World Wide 6 How It Works 7 Compliance 8 G-Rated Sites 9 U-Rated Sites 10 R-Rated Sites 11 Promotion 12 Revenue 13 Key Facts 14 Demo Links 15 Contact Us Katina Leisure Limited 2
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION A world of wireless entertainment awaits Welcome to our International Program 4 Proven business model – yes, it really pays! Fixed line internet web affiliate programs continue to generate many millions of dollars in revenue and our cell phone program is based on the web model 4 The mobile opportunity – big and getting bigger Web-only content sites have passed saturation point and remain in decline as literally millions of users are actively seeking access to cell phone services 4 Expanding market – it’s a one-way trend The growth of the Mobile Internet has exceeded even the most optimistic predictions and continues to expand. More users are spending more time using their mobiles and typically spend more on content than web-only users 4 Get connected – start earning straight away Our unparalleled out-payment rates and free sign-up policy mean our partners can begin profiting from the mobile internet immediately – easy, risk free and instant Services compliant with prevailing laws & restrictions Adult content is USC title 18 section 2257 compliant Katina Leisure Limited 3
  4. 4. PHONE TYPES TOP 20 MOBILE MANUFACTURERS Our content services work on any type Amoi ALL CONNECTION TYPES AVAILABLE of phone in any country of the world Apple Google 4 Optimised for ultimate performance HTC Reach users of all phone types on any network or connection and deliver services Huawei optimised for their cell phone or PDA INQ Kyocera 4 Target over 100 million customers LG Because our services work on so many Motorola 2G42.5G43G4RIM4EDGE4Wi-Fi phones and connection types our partners NEC Nokia earn valuable revenue all over the world Palm Pantech RIM Sagem Samsaung Sanyo Sharp Sony Ericsson ZTE Based on volume of visitors to our services (Nov 2009) Apple iPhone Blackberry 8300 Nokia N95 Blackberry Pearl Nokia E61 Samsung Katina Leisure Limited 4
  5. 5. WORLD WIDE Customers on 60 networks in 17 countries can pay on-bill in seconds while users across the world can ON-BILL pay using a credit card or a range of other methods TERRITORIES 4 The on-bill ‘single click’ advantage Australia We offer on-bill ‘single-click’ payments to over Belgium 60 million International cell phone users so our USA on-bill payments are for G-Rated services only Denmark services maximise impulse purchases by making Estonia the process simple, affordable and virtually instant Finland 4 Credit Card, SMS, PayPal Germany & other payment methods Ireland Prices are displayed in the users Malaysia local currency and the most Netherlands appropriate payment methods Norway are offered depending on the Portugal network or country. Users may repeat purchase with one click! Singapore South Africa 4Users can pay per video or subscribe Spain We offer customers the option of making small, Sweden virtually anonymous micro payments so they may United Kingdom browse the galleries purchasing single videos one United States at a time, and an unlimited videos subscription option (which automatically re-bills them monthly) Katina Leisure Limited 5
  6. 6. HOW IT WORKS A simple, effective system, based on the tried and trusted web-only model 4 How it works A set of unique links (entry points) are provided for each Partner. Our platform identifies visitors and records their transactions against each entry point they arrive at, and we pay a percentage of the revenue customers spend to the Partners whose uniquely identifiable entry points have been visited 4 Got customers? Start earning! 4 Really that simple? Partners are based in many countries Yes it is. Transactions are assigned to the Partner and their principal business interests whose entry point was used by the customer, as are range from wap and web site and all repeat purchases and subscriptions by each user portal ownership and management to search providers, aggregators, 4 Monitor performance networks and brand owners (including See your sales add up on-line with detailed analytics print and digital media publishers) – see who arrives at your mobile sites, from where they’ve come, how much they are spending and what 4 Easy, quick and risk free they are paying for, all in real time, any time you like Anyone with customers can earn by directing their customers to the 4 Is there a charge for the set up? services via any of the many methods No. It costs nothing to enrol and start earning listed on page ten of this presentation and there are no monthly running costs either Katina Leisure Limited 6
  7. 7. COMPLIANCE 4 UK mobile networks age verification Our services are compliant with UK and UK customers who have not previously International adult mobile regulations verified their age may continue to purchase on-bill from any of the U-Rated services, 4 The difference between U, G & R Ratings or click the XXX links and follow the simple G-Rated mobile services can’t contain topless on-screen instructions to verify their age content but U-Rated services can. Adult services and continue through to the hardcore are classified as R-Rated and may contain content services (which also charge on-bill in the graphically depicting scenes of a sexual nature. UK and in 15 countries) Anyone may access G and U-Rated services but only user who are aged 18+ may access R-Rated 4 Anonymous users (age unknown) Because we identify all visitors our Partners are able to direct customers whose ages are unknown to our non age-restricted U-Rated services, which offer on-bill purchases in 16 countries plus credit card and other payment methods globally 4 International access to hardcore XXX 4 A once only process Links and buttons in the U-Rated services promote Non UK customers never have to the XXX R-Rated services. All non UK users may enter any of their details to age verify, pass through to the R-Rated services by accepting and even UK customers need only do so a simple adult warning stating that they are aged once (as their status as an ‘adult’ customer 18 or over and that viewing adult material in their will be recognised on each subsequent visit) territory is not prohibited (as on the internet) Katina Leisure Limited 7
  8. 8. G-RATED SITES USA customers can pay directly on their phone bill with just one impulsive click 4 What does ‘G-Rated’ mean? Mobile content is regulated on USA mobile networks such as AT&T, Sprint, AllTel and T-Mobile. Only content that has achieved network approved is awarded a ‘G’ certificate 4 What if the customer is not in the USA? Tens of millions of customers can pay ‘on-bill’ for our G-Rated Services in the USA and 16 other countries, while customers anywhere in the world can use credit cards to pay 4 What difference does a G-Rating make? USA users may pay only using their credit cards for content which hasn’t been granted a G rating. Our G-Rated services have been approved so your American customers may pay with a single click, which results in very high conversion rates Katina Leisure Limited 8
  9. 9. U-RATED SITES Topless ‘Page 3’ type glamour content services for users who are not aged 18 4 Unrestricted access U-Rated services can contain topless content but no nudity or overtly sexual material. Access to U-Rated services is instant for everyone, there is no adult verification check and most users outside the USA may pay on-bill (all can use cards) 4 Softcore to hardcore U-Rated services feature links to our XXX R-Rated hardcore services which users outside the UK can follow with a single click. Most UK customers are also able proceed with a single click (see page 7) 4 Maximise conversions Remain able to convert 100% of your traffic 4 Wide range of services not just the users who are aged 18 or over Our U-Rated services offer a massive choice of non age verified content, from the pneumatic delights of Mega Boob Mayhem to Sexy Secretaries, Asian Babe Invasion, Hot Models at Home and more Katina Leisure Limited 9
  10. 10. R-RATED SITES We own and operate one of the biggest and best XXX adult portals on mobile 4 Age verification system Our R-Rated services comply with 4 On bill single click payments the UK age verification system Most International and UK-based customers can purchase single 4 The hardcore ‘market’ ‘pay per view’ videos and join to the The adult market is genuinely huge but few unlimited videos subscription service providers really understand how to unlock just by clicking an ‘accept’ button its full potential like we do. The whole adult which results in significantly higher market is in fact a collection of ‘mini markets’ conversion rates than any other each attracting only a percentage of the overall payment method available on mobile customer base. Fans of big boobs will never buy from a site dedicated to tiny titties and vice-versa 4 All sites in one or individually We provide our partners with unique 4 Multi niche approach ‘entry point’ links to the main service Many niches fall under the overall adult category home page from which all categories but each serves a unique customer base. That is may be easily accessed, and we also why the Raw XXX Hardcore slogan is Every Kink provide ‘deep level entry points’ so Catered For! We deliver on that promise by providing our partners may promote specific access to over 35 ‘niche’ video categories which categories connected with certain key cater for every legally permissible taste from A-Z word terms or other promotions Katina Leisure Limited 10
  11. 11. PROMOTION 4 Automatic re-direct 4 Are you losing valuable revenue? We provide webmasters Do you operate a popular adult web site? with a small piece of Partners use a range If so, did you know that as many as 20% html code which they of different methods of your visitors could be arriving on may use in their website their mobiles, not a computer, and you and channels to direct may be losing valuable revenue if your headers. Invisible to visitors, our platform uses customers to the sites web site is not 100% cell pone optimised the code to detect if the user is visiting via a cell phone or a computer then instantly re-directs them to the mobile service if they are using a mobile device 4 A win-win solution All PC traffic continues to arrive at your web site as normal. Your existing traffic and revenues remain unaffected and you will now receive significant additional revenue from mobile visitors who may otherwise have remained unable to covert into customers via the web site Katina Leisure Limited 11
  12. 12. REVENUE Example Pay-Out Rates 4 Credit Card Rates (gross) Nobody else pays their partners as much of the revenue as we do 4 Retain up to 90% of the revenue We offer an incentive based payment scale that nets our larger clients an industry beating 90% 4 Revenue payment scale Percentages differ depending upon the volume 4 PayPal Rates (gross) of monthly revenues generated. The more revenue our partners generate the more they are paid $50,000 4 and over pays 90% of monthly net revenue $10,000 4 $50,000 pays 80% of monthly net revenue 4 PayForIt On Bill (gross) $5,000 4 $10,000 pays 70% of monthly net revenue $1,000 4 $5,000 pays 60% of monthly net revenue $0,000 4 $1,000 pays 50% of monthly net revenue 4 Live Reporting In addition to itemised monthly activity and revenue reports our partners may also access the analytics centre to monitor everything from handset types and operators to countries and revenue breakdowns See how much you are earning as you earn it… Katina Leisure Limited 12
  13. 13. KEY FACTS Reminder of our Program’s key facts and other important information 4 Highest payment rates in the industry Our partners receive up to 90% of the revenue 4 Free set-up and no running costs We won’t charge you to try us – it’s risk free 4 Live on-line client sales reporting See how much you earn as you’re earning it! 4 More ways to promote than anyone Direct mobile links, auto re-direct, SMS, etc 4 One stop shop – we provide everything From hosting and delivery to reporting and 4 Works on more phones and networks billing, content licensing, even a care line! From old 2G Nokias to 3G iPhones and more! 4 Compelling content & dynamic pages 4 Allows access via Wi-Fi, RIM & more! Thousands of eye-popping easy-to-browse Works on all mobile networks and wirelessly videos and photos - constantly updated! 4 Full range from bikini babes to hardcore Serve 100% of the potential market not a sector 4 FREE XXX video for every new visitor Effective promos - what customer can resist? Katina Leisure Limited 13
  14. 14. DEMO LINKS The best way to experience our services is to visit them on a phone, but they also work via any fixed line internet browser 4 G-Rated Link – International OUTSIDE THE UK http://bikini.wap.com 4 Get a link to the service by sending a text message 4 U-Rated Link – International http://mobilebabe.wap.com Text GO RAWXXX 4 R-Rated Link – International To +44 7786 203 222 http://rawxxxporn.wap.com 3 Mobile Code INSIDE THE UK 4 Get a link to the service Many users enjoy by sending a text message simple point and click connectivity Text GO RAWXXX using their phone To 60550 cam and a mobile bar code reader Katina Leisure Limited 14
  15. 15. CONTACT US Email enquiries info@katinaleisure.com Telephone enquiries +44 (0) 783 366075 Katina Leisure Limited 15