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The Candidate Experience Awards: Recognizing Employers With The Best Candidate Experience


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Presentation delivered by Ed Newman of the Accidental Entrepreneur and The Talent Board on 12/7/2011 at The George Washington University at the FedCollege recruiting conference co-organized by RECSOLU and

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The Candidate Experience Awards: Recognizing Employers With The Best Candidate Experience

  1. 1. Candidate Experience Awards 2011- 2011- 100’s- 70’s- 50’s- 30’s-12,000- 24- 5
  2. 2. Participant Primary Industry Advertising and PR Services Business Services - Other Chemicals/Petro-Chemicals Computer Hardware, Software, IT Services Construction - Industrial Facilities and Infrastructure Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturing Electronics, Components, and Semiconductor Mfg Engineering Services Financial Services, Accounting, Banking Food and Beverage Production Healthcare Services Insurance Internet Services Manufacturing - Other Metals and Minerals Other/Not Classified Printing and Publishing Real Estate/Property Management Retail Staffing/Employment Agencies Telecommunications Services Travel, Transportation and Tourism
  3. 3. Company Profile Survey ResultsWhat is your organizations total North American How many people are [directly] involved in employee population? North American recruiting? 100,000+ 4% Over 200 11% 25,000- Under 500 100-200 100,000 Under 10 24% 9% 21% 34% 50-100 10,000-25,000 500-2,500 10% 11% 7% 25,000-75,000 2% 10,000-25,000 75,000+ 25-50 4% 0% 11% 2,500-10,000 5000-10,000 10-25 33% 7% 25% Less than 100 19% 2500-5000 100-200 11% 6% 1000-2500 13% 200-500 17% 500-1000 21% What were your total North American new hire numbers in 2010?
  4. 4. 0.0% 20.0% 40.0% 60.0% 80.0% 100.0%The average/expected time to complete the application is indicated at the beginning of 120.0% the application. As the candidate finishes each sectionthere is an indication of the % completed or some other means to determine how far… Accommodation information for peoplewith disabilities is prominently displayed at the beginning of the application. The reason for requesting race, gender, veteran status, etc. is explained in layman terms as a part of the… An explanation of privacy commitments- specifically with regard to the staffing process is explained in layman terms. Privacy commitments include a specific time frame when the data collected will be deleted from the system. Contact information for concerns about data privacy is included in the applications data privacy statement. The applications (in the U.S.) is available in describe your application process? another language(s). The ability to upload a prepared resume orstandard pre-populated profile to be parsed for application fields is an option. Submitting an application triggers an immediate Thank you. Company Survey Question: Which statements below accurately Submitting an application triggers a reminder about next steps.
  5. 5. Company Survey Question: How many Candidates apply and how many are NOT qualified? 11-25 < 90% > 250 10-25% 10% 9% 12% 10% 25-50% 75-90%101-250 22% 24% 29% 26-100 50% 50-75% 34% How many Candidates are not How many Candidates Apply? Qualified?
  6. 6. Company Survey Question: What communication takes place between yourcompany/recruiter and candidates who submitted UNQUALIFIED applications. Nothing, the original response when the application was submitted clearly stated that we will only get back to candidates we are interested in. 9% Recruiters are not required to respond but 26% some do based on their judgement that the Other applicants might qualify in the future or be 24% qualified for other jobs, etc. Recruiters are required to respond with a10% standard thank you but... using scripts that suggest the position has been filled or that more qualified candidates are being considered. 31% Recruiters are required to respond to all unqualified candidates with some feedback.
  7. 7. Candidate Survey Question: Which of the following statements most closely represents your experience?50.0%45.0%40.0%35.0%30.0%25.0%20.0%15.0%10.0% 5.0% 0.0% I received an I received a I was provided I received an None of the Other (please email from a phone call from a link where I email from a above. specify) "do not reply" a recruiter could check the recruiter address notifying i was status of my notifying me I notifying me I not being application. was no longer was not being considered.. being considered. considered.
  8. 8. Company Survey Question: If candidates who are NOT selected as Finalists inquire about their status which of the following.. Other (please specify) The recruiter whose email is included with each open requisition would respond within X (hours or days).We might remind them to use the automatic status feature of our ATS which they first learned of when they applied. We would be surprised because we inform candidates directly by email as they are dispositioned. It would be pretty difficult to inquire as weoffer no contact info in any of our automated responses or materials. 0.0%5.0% 10.0% 20.0% 30.0% 40.0% 50.0% 15.0% 25.0% 35.0% 45.0%
  9. 9. Company Survey Question: How do you communicate with your Candidates? Extensive part of our total strategy Routine for some hiring Limited Use We are Experimenting100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0%
  10. 10. Candidate Survey Question: Describe your experience with the following recruiting communication options. Aware of this and used to interact. Aware of this but did not use. Not aware the company had this. Dont know what this means.100%90%80%70%60%50%40%30%20%10% 0%
  11. 11. In the categories below have you implemented a third party solution to enhance your recruiting efforts?50 No Yes454035302520151050 Applicant Background Assessment/ Sourcing Employer Social Media Candidate Interviewing Outsourcing Onboarding Tracking (ATS) Checking Testing Branding Relationship (RPO) Mgmt (CRM)
  12. 12. Contact Ed Newman Chief Analyst Inside Talent Management Technology (610) 935-4516 www.InsideTMT.comWednesday, December 1214, 2011