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How to Start a University Recruiting Program from Scratch


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Presentation delivered by Doug Fauth of Southern California Edison on 12/7/2011 at The George Washington University at the FedCollege recruiting conference co-organized by RECSOLU and

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How to Start a University Recruiting Program from Scratch

  1. 1. How to Start a University Recruiting Program from Scratch Doug Fauth University & Campus Relations Manager Southern California Edison (SCE)
  2. 2. AGENDA1. University Recruitment Philosophy/Charter2. Historic Background/Key Implications3. Key Initiatives for University Recruitment4. Recruitment Strategy5. Action Items
  3. 3. UR Philosophy & Charter Philosophy  Partnering with Clients  Long vs. Short-Term Relationships  “High-Tech” or “High Touch” Charter  Who’s Responsible?  Programs Offered  Why?
  4. 4. Historic Background/Key Implications  Historic Background  New or Old Program  Executive Support  Centralized or Decentralized  Key Implications  Brand Recognition  Phased Approach  Economic Conditions
  5. 5. Key Initiatives BU/Division Utilization Marketing & Communication Campus Sourcing & Recruitment Intern/Co-Op Program New Grad Program Diversity & Inclusion Metrics & Measurements Budget On-Boarding
  6. 6. University Recruitment Strategy Components CAMPUS CAMPUS CAMPUS STUDENT BRANDING RELATIONSHIPS EVENTS TEAMS PROGRAMS ADVERTISING “Target” Schools  Targeted Presentations  “Pilot” Program  New Grad Fall Recruiting  Internal Site Partnership Programs  Classroom Demo’s  Alumni  Intern/Co-Op Series  Social Media Faculty/Administration  Information Sessions  Hiring Goals  Rotation Programs Advisory Boards  Career Workshops  Campus Scorecard  Peer Advisor Student Organizations  Diversity & Inclusion  Metrics  Diversity & Inclusion HBCU’s  On-Campus Interviews  Affinity Groups Metrics  Posting Strategy  Metrics
  7. 7. Action Items Conduct U&CR initial staff assessment by August 5, 2011. Assign “Target” schools to U&CR staff by August 26, 2011. Present 1st draft of U&CR Strategy to Talent Acquisition Manager by September 9, 2011. Start creating system requirements and templates, as well as “look and feel” of RecSolu e-Campus Manager software by September 19, 2011. Develop a 2012 U&CR Operations Budget to include Recruiter Travel, Candidate Travel, Interview Days, On-Campus recruiting, Intern/Co-Op Programming, Target Universities, Branding/Advertising, Collateral, Social media and Professional Memberships by September 30, 2011. Identify and track metrics and measurements related to U&CR for reporting by September 30, 2011. Develop and update web-based candidate/client survey’s by October 7, 2011. Work with Corporate Communications, Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, U&CR and outside vendor (TMP) to start creating and developing a new brand by November 25, 2011.
  8. 8. Questions