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Secured Universe Phase One: Operation Eureka


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Secured Universe Presentation

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Secured Universe Phase One: Operation Eureka

  1. 1. Phase 1: Operation Eureka! A secret to be revealed. 2Confidential
  2. 2. ROI Potential: Over $100MM in 18 Months on FULL ROLLOUT Team: Seasoned, Accomplished, Engineers & Strong Business Mix Traction: Zero Breaches in 3 Years / Over 10,000 Users / High Security - Government / Proven & Trusted Solution Competitive Advantage: Yes Barriers to Entry: Yes - Significant (We’ve Already Passed Them) Intellectual Property: Yes Market Size: Multi-Billion / Multiple Applicable Markets / Niche Launch: 6 Months Revenue: YR1: $1.4MM YR2: $7.8MM YR3: $15.5M Raise: $2MM Confidential 3 What you need to know…
  3. 3. See full presentation at: Note: This will forward to docsend. 4Confidential
  4. 4. Contact Confidential 5 For more information, please contact us. Steven Rahseparian, CEO 858.345.0012