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Subscriber functionality using s2member


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Presentation that covers the basics of the s2Member plugin for WordPress. This is a free plugin that provides membership capabilities to your website.

Published in: Technology
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Subscriber functionality using s2member

  1. 1. Subcriber Functionality Using the s2Member Plugin to provide membership based services for your website
  2. 2. s2MemberFeature richFree and Pro versionGood reviewsWell supported
  3. 3. Membership Comparison
  4. 4. DocumentationThe s2Member plugin is well documentedEvery configuration option comes with detaileddocumentation built right into the interface.Video Tutorials forum is somewhat lackingNO phone or live chat support - even for Pro version
  5. 5. What s2member doesManage users / subscriptions to your siteMust be logged in to view restricted contentRestrict content based on membership
  6. 6. Login Designs2Member allows you to re-design thestandard WordPress login pageIve used the plugin just for this feature aloneThere are other plugins that do this, buts2Member does it better IMO
  7. 7. Membership levelsMust be logged in to view restricted content.4 levels of access: Free (email registration) Bronze Silver GoldAccess is cumulutive - i.e. Silver can accessBronze, Gold can access Silver, etc.
  8. 8. s2Member allows you to:Restrict based on membership level... e.g. gold, silver, bronze or freeRestrict specific posts, pages and categoriesRestrict to post/page access w/ timeout (no user subscription - one time purchase)
  9. 9. Payment featuresFree version supports PayPalPro version supports Paypal Payments Pro, Authorize.Net,ClickBank, Google Checkout, AliPay, and ccBill.No support for upsells (auto-promotional features) but inits place it has “One-Time-Offers” which you can displayto users upon logging in.Supports coupon codes for PayPal Website Payments Proand Authorize.Net
  10. 10. Paypal buttonsPaypal purchase buttons are inserted usingshortcodesA handy shortcode builder is included with theplugin to create your Paypal buttonsThese buttons are generally placed on themembership options page
  11. 11. Paypal ConfigurationInvolves many settings - logins, keys, urls,various on/off switchesDifficult to find all these in Paypal account(not a fault of s2Member)s2Member documentation innacurateregarding where Paypal settings located(search on paypal to find)
  12. 12. Login landing pageAllows you to configure which page isdisplayed when user logs in.Typically a welcome page, thanking the userfor subscribingGood place for navigation to featured content
  13. 13. User Profile Built InEasily add a user profile in the sidebar or page[s2Member-Profile /]Allows user to change email address,password, etc.
  14. 14. s2Member Shortcodes[s2Member-Profile /][s2If_current_user_is(s2member_level2)] Premium content for level 2 access[/s2If] (inline conditional)[s2If_current_user_is(author)] Content displayed only for authors[/s2If] (inline conditional)
  15. 15. Other featuresEasily integrate with Mailchimp - can maintaindifferent lists for each membership levelSupport for content dripping like this:<?php if(S2MEMBER_CURRENT_USER_PAID_REGISTRATION_DAYS >= 30){ ?> Drip content to Members that started paying you at least 30 days ago.<?php } ?>