Mis5101 wk8 - business intelligence


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Slides from week 8 of MIS5101: Business Intelligence taught by Prof. Steven L. Johnson at Temple University Fox School of Business.

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Mis5101 wk8 - business intelligence

  1. 1. MIS5101: Business Intelligence Week 8 – Business Intelligence PROF. STEVEN L. JOHNSON Twitter: @StevenLJohnson http://stevenljohnson.org http://community.mis.temple.edu/mis5101fall10/
  2. 2. Today’s Agenda   Health Informatics Colloquium – Noon, Mon.Nov. 8   Leveraging Healthcare Data: Turning Electronic Medical Records into Evidence-Based Care   Guest speaker next week (Wed, 27 Oct)   Dan Garrett, Managing Director, Health Industry Advisory Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP   Case Discussion   data.gov   Blog + Reading Discussion   Activity
  3. 3. Case Analysis Discussion Questions   What is the purpose of data.gov?   What does data transparency mean?   Who are the major stakeholders of data.gov?   Let’s do a SWOT analysis...   Has data.gov met its objectives yet? If not, is it on track to meet them?   What needs to be done moving forward to enhance the data.gov initiative?   What lessons can you apply from data.gov to other organizations or industries?
  4. 4. 100 Second Reflection 1.  What is something you want to remember about the data.gov case at the end of the semester? 2.  What would you like to know more about? 3.  Any comments?
  5. 5. Blog + Reading   Unlocking value from business intelligence   Business intelligence   Process management   Successfully rolling out
  6. 6. Activity   See handout   Explore: symbol, context, meaning   Compare and contrast   Most effective and least effective visual metaphors   Inherent assumptions in symbolic communication
  7. 7. For More Information PROF. STEVEN L. JOHNSON EMAIL: STEVEN@TEMPLE.EDU Twitter: @StevenLJohnson http://stevenljohnson.org http://community.mis.temple.edu/mis5001fall10johnson/