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Is a Scam? - To Tell You the Truth by My Own Experience


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I joined two months ago. At the very begining, I doubt about its reliability, but my personal experience tell me it's not!

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Is a Scam? - To Tell You the Truth by My Own Experience

  1. 1. Is a Scam? - To Tell You the Truth by My Own Experience About As a lot of you might have heard about this dating giant, it's actually a popular online communication platform which brings the singles closer. With 10-year experience in online dating, it has over millions of members joined over the decade. The main services includes EMF Mails, Live Chat, Call Service and the one I love most-- Camshare and so on. Its mission is to create a chance for singles to encounter and deepen mutual understandings. My Own Experience In December last year, I started using to learn about Eastern Europe. Prior to this, I experienced a lot with free dating software, and then I was lured by photos of beautiful ladies on ads. Although I was afraid that they are part of a scam, of, because it was just too good to be true,seeing all those beautiful ladies online, sending me admirer mails and telling me they have a crush on me... All made me feel so untrue. But I admitted that my heart beat faster when I received those emails. Anyway, I decided to try it out. I firstly used the site’s mail service and randomly contacted a beautiful lady after being attracted by her profile photo – she had a sense of gentle beauty with a bit of coolness. And you know what – she’s also a hardcore Linkin’ Park fan! Our feelings quickly warmed up, and in addition to writing mails we also use Live Chat. We also called each other using CharmDate’s (not cheap) call service – I told her I loved hearing her voice and she said she wanted to surprise me at Easter. Then at Easter, all of a sudden she wanted to use CamShare, so we did. She wore what she had been wearing in the first photo I saw her in. Damn was she sexy! From that moment i knew that CharmDate wasn’t a scam. The surprise she gave me was after CamShare she continued to use and played and sung Linkin’ Park’s ‘In The End’ – the song we both love! I don’t think there’s anyone else who knows me better than she does! When I found out on July 21 that Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin’ Park, committed suicide, I was shocked and disheartened. I realized I shouldn’t be worrying whether CharmDate is a scam or not, but should be living in the moment, as you never know what’s round the corner. I decided right away that I was going to go to Kiev at the end of September to see her. I’ve already arranged a date through the Cupid Date service and, if she’s willing to, I’m going to bring her back to the States this year. I hope my luck lasts!
  2. 2. My conclusion After trying this site for several months, I believe is a site that you really can find the kind of relationship you want. Whether it’s making friends with others, or find someone special. To attract more attention, please take my advice guys, filling your profiles and uploading your profile photo can help you reach a higher success. Try to say hi to the member you like and the results might be surprising.