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Using Social Media To Protect Your Digital Footprint


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For the University of Sussex.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Using Social Media To Protect Your Digital Footprint

  1. 1. Using Social Media To Get Your Dream Job10th March 2012
  2. 2. Using social media to get employed
  3. 3. This is me...Average StudentPoor Background Missed Grades Gap Year Illness Computer Jazz Hands Science Text
  4. 4. First Year Second Year Third Year Text
  5. 5. Graduate Employed Text
  6. 6. Powerful When Used Properly
  7. 7. How is social affecting recruitment?
  8. 8. Text
  9. 9. A changing digital landscape
  10. 10. I don’t think it is for me...
  11. 11. :-) Social media is about people:-) Employers will look at your social properties before meeting you:-) Hiding ‘behind the curtain’ will damage your chances of employment:-) Everyone else is doing it... Text
  12. 12. But how?
  13. 13. AP Create and use a friendly profile name and avatarAP Always link to your proudest digital portals (e.g. Sussex Plus)AP Keep your updates public. Private accounts will not help youAP Use #Hashtags to join in with debates, topics and conversationsAP Promote others and keep self-promotion to a minimumAP Follow, connect and communicate with chosen industry experts TextAP Be consistent
  14. 14. Where?
  15. 15. LinkedIn Twitter Text Blogs The Web
  16. 16. FacebookBe social, not foolish.
  17. 17. Full Name, Location and Current Role Current and Past Employment Recommendations and Connections Links To Your ProfileOptimise Your Profile
  18. 18. Solid and GenuineBusiness Contacts
  19. 19. Applications
  20. 20. Recommendations
  21. 21. Be Considered An Expert
  22. 22. Merging of personal/professional lives
  23. 23. Make a professional ‘you’
  24. 24. The Tools
  25. 25. Any Steven GradidgeQuestions?
  26. 26. @StevenGradidge
  27. 27. LinkedIn Twitter Text Blogs The Web
  28. 28. TwitterWorldwide audience of over 300 millionQuick and universally ubiquitousEngage on the move via mobileKeyword specific #hashtags
  29. 29. BlogsThe best personal branding techniqueUse your blog to let employers know the real youIncrease your overall web exposureFree
  30. 30. LinkedInThe worlds largest B2B social networkOver 125 million active global users80% of companies now use it as a recruitment64% of members are male
  31. 31. Further tools
  32. 32. Hootsuite FREEFreeMultiple account sendingScheduled messagesReporting and analyticsName monitoringRSS feedsMobile app
  33. 33. Sprout Social From $9Free 30-day trialMultiple account sendingScheduled messagesReporting and analytics (GoogleAnalytics integration)Name monitoringRSS feedsMobile app
  34. 34. Google Alerts FREEFreeMonitor any keyword (includingcompetitorsHighly customisableE-mail updatesSimple and easy to set-up
  35. 35. @StevenGradidge
  36. 36. Most images taken from - They are not my own work. I implore you tosupport the artists on the site as well as the site by registering. I can provide authorsupon request.Other imagery used has been sourced from Google Images.Event organised by The University of Sussex.If you want further information, please contact: @StevenGradidge Steven Gradidge Resources