LinkedIn For Construction


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Unlocking The Potential Of LinkedIn. By Steven Gradidge.

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LinkedIn For Construction

  1. 1. Unlocking TheLinkedInUnlocking The Potential Of6th March 2012Potential Of LinkedIn21 November 2012
  2. 2. Unlocking The Potential Steven Gradidge of LinkedIn
  3. 3. SEO ServicesSocial Media ManagementWeb Build & DesignPPC ManagementWeb CopywritingCompetitor Analysis Who Is Steven Gradidge Steve
  4. 4. The worlds largest B2B social networkOver 175 million active global users80% of companies now use it as a recruitment toolAverage user is 39 and earns £60k a year What Is Steven Gradidge LinkedIn
  5. 5. What People Think Steven Gradidge LinkedIn Is For
  6. 6. Keeping In Touch With Steven Gradidge Contacts
  7. 7. Recruitment Steven Gradidge Jobs
  8. 8. Talking in Business Steven Gradidge Groups
  9. 9. Powerful When Used Steven Gradidge Properly
  10. 10. Steven Gradidge
  11. 11. What do they Steven Gradidge think
  12. 12. What Steven GradidgeLinkedIn Is Really For
  13. 13. Digital Darwinism > A period of time where significant change isnecessary. Business is fundamentally changingPeople buy peopleLife is a social network. LinkedIn just serves as a tool to organiseour connectionsNew form of social business > The blurring of our business andpersonal personaSocial business is a like a garden > It requires love, care,attention and time Time for Steven Gradidge Change
  14. 14. NOT a Steven GradidgeCURE
  15. 15. Building Solid and Genuine Steven Gradidge Business Contacts
  16. 16. Steven GradidgeBut How?
  17. 17. Full Name, Location and Current Role Current and Past Employment Interesting Summary Links To Your Website Optimise Steven GradidgeYour Profile
  18. 18. List Skills & Expertise Recommendations and Connections Optimise Steven GradidgeYour Profile Cont.
  19. 19. Steven GradidgeApplications
  20. 20. Make Updates and Steven Gradidge Cross-Post
  21. 21. Steven GradidgeRecommendations
  22. 22. Upload Your Complete Steven Gradidge Address Book
  23. 23. Connect a client with someone else Research a prospect before you meet them Write a recommendation for someone elseHelpful Steven Gradidge Tips
  24. 24. LinkedIn Steven GradidgeGroups
  25. 25. LinkedIn Steven GradidgeGroups
  26. 26. Be Considered An Steven Gradidge Expert
  27. 27. Basic Premium Contact anyone on LinkedInContact only connections Expanded Profile Viewer Including 3rd Basic Profile Viewer Degree and Group Profile ViewingBasic Search Functionality Fully Search Functionality With Filters Reference Check Function OpenLink Messaging Service Contact Folder Organization Account Type: Steven Gradidge Basic Vs. Premium
  28. 28. Profile Page Steven GradidgeSneak Preview
  29. 29. Profile Page Steven GradidgeSneak Preview
  30. 30. Ask questions to engage conversation and topic interaction discussion Be noticed and recognised as a subject expert Get recommended as an expert within your nicheVisibility/Credibility Steven Gradidge Answers
  31. 31. Be aware if your contacts connect with other suppliers Include LinkedIn on website, email signature, biz card Ask For Referrals Message people who change jobMore Helpful Steven Gradidge Tips
  32. 32. • Engage an infinite network • Free insightful research• Multi-platform sharing • Fun and engaging Visibility/Credibility Steven Gradidge Polls
  33. 33. Arranging Steven Gradidge Events
  34. 34. LinkedIn Steven Gradidge Ads
  35. 35. Steven GradidgeLinkedIn Ads
  36. 36. Steven GradidgeCompany Profiles
  37. 37. Steven GradidgeCompany Profiles
  38. 38. More Tips: Steven GradidgeShare Advice
  39. 39. Steven GradidgeMobile
  40. 40. A continuous source of enquiries andprospects.Contact and engage with customers,clients, friends and brand advocatesA valuable resource to grow your networkand online identity Steven Gradidge Summary
  41. 41. Any Steven GradidgeQuestions?
  42. 42. We hope this helps...White Hat MediaSussex Innovation CentreScience Park SquareFalmer, BrightonBN1 9SB+44 (0)1273 704
  43. 43. Most images taken from - They are not my own work. I implore you tosupport the artists on the site as well as the site by registering. I can provide authorsupon request.Other imagery used has been sourced from Google Images.Event organised by Constructing Excellence Sussex Club.If you want further information, please contact: @StevenGradidge Steven Gradidge Resources