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Utopian project stevengelario

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Utopian project stevengelario

  1. 1. Stevengelario Home of the Strong, Brave, and Determined
  2. 2. Religion <ul><li>- In the city of Stevengelario our citizens have the right of Freedom of Religion. We encourage the citizens to take part in the religion they wish to be believe in so that there will be no religious disputes. There will be different types of churches and temples around the city of Stevengelario that have different types of religions that the citizens believe in. Even the founders of Stevengelario have different beliefs and religion. This is why there is freedom of religion in Stevengelario. If the founders can accept the different beliefs each one of them has then the citizens of Stevengelario should be able to do the same just as well. We the founders of Stevengelario hope that the citizens can accept one another despite their different religion, even if their religion is Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, etc. Hopefully setting this right will make the citizens get along together and there will be no fighting and disputes or any outbreaks of rebellions. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Technology <ul><li>The citizens of Stevengelario will be required to have a chip implanted into your brain. This chip can be used to torture you, and track down where you are. You are required get a government phone. On that phone, you have access to the Apple App Store and the Android store and the Stevengelario Phone App Store. The phone will be given free of charge to every person who turns 13. The phone is able to text, and video call. Every citizen is required to have one of these phones. Every citizen is also required to have a laptop that is government approved. If a phone or laptop is broken, take it to any government funded store named Stevengelario Technology Center. It will be fixed free of charge. These new outbreaks of technology will stop crime, find lost children, and have better communication. With this technology, it is sure to make us the best society there is! </li></ul>
  4. 4. Education <ul><li>In Stevengelario education is important. Citizens are required to attend school from first grade through twelfth grade. After graduating they have the option of continuing school in any college they wish to attend. Students are to attend school for five hours a day Monday through Friday every week for 6 months (not including the holidays and vacations).School will begin at eight in the morning and finish at one in the afternoon. There will be five periods in a day including lunch. Students can wear anything they want to when going to school. For example pajamas are aloud to be worn to school. Body jewelry is also aloud to be worn during school. There are different types of colleges to choose from each having its own specific career that the citizens can study. You cannot go anywhere in life without a degree. If you get kicked out of school, that is entirely your fault. There are different types of scholarships that the citizens can apply for in order to help them get into college if they need it. These rules are set so that the citizens have the opportunity to succeed in the career they choose to be in. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Government <ul><li>Our government is an “Easy Going Dictatorship” that gets along very well with its people. We do let people have their freedoms though we force everyone to do the stuff we want them to do. We don't force them to do bad things though. We will only force someone to do something when it benefits popular demand. We will take a year-end census and survey on how we did during the year and how we need to change. A dictator will have his chance to reign based on education and determination every ten years. Citizens are more than welcome to include their voices in the government, and we’d love to hear what the citizens have to say. The only things you can’t do are disrespecting the government, violent protests, profanity, riots or revolutions, nor vandalism. The things listed are very rebellious and we will not tolerate it. Being a Stevengelarion citizen is a very prestigious honor and you should respect it. If you have any problems, just let the government know. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Media <ul><li>Media in Stevengelario is published in the main publishing company in the city. Newspapers will be printed out everyday with the recent news about everything that goes on in Stevengelario. Publishers are to re-read each story and vote which ones are to be selected to be in the newspaper. There are sports magazines published every month as well. Stories will be about the truth and nothing else. Anything else will be considered a lie and will not be tolerated. There will be consequences if there is something in the story that is not true. Books must have SOME educational value. The media will cover mostly sporting events since Stevengelario take pride in its athletic teams. The media will also cover government issues and take interviews with citizens about their living conditions so far in the city of Stevengelario. There will be a main website for the newspaper for the citizens to visit and to enjoy at home. Newspapers will be free. </li></ul>
  7. 7. Health/ Physical Well Being <ul><li>Every citizen that lives in Stevengelario are required to participate in at least one physical sport of their choice, and are also required to work out everyday six days a week for at least one hour a day. Citizens will need to do the morning stretch. Working out everyday and participating in sports will allow the citizens to be athletic and swole. We want our citizens to be healthy as they can be by exercising. Work outs will consist of running a mile or more and lifting weights. Such exercises can be done in the citizens own home, local running park, or the local gym in the center of the society. Any of these places can be used to for the citizens to exercise. Maintaining the population’s health up is very important. Keeping the citizens healthy will expand the populations life expectancy, and will keep our society growing and growing. Eventually Stevengelario will be the biggest society known to man. </li></ul>
  8. 8. Food <ul><li>Citizens in Stevengelario will have a healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables, meat, grains etc. The purpose for doing this to increase the healthy well being of our citizens as much as possible, and raise our city’s life expectancy as much as possible. Citizens are to eat at least 2 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit a day everyday. Citizens cannot eat any types of sweets at all, except on occasions like birthdays and holidays. Any day else is not acceptable. Children must eat vegetables and fruit at least once a day everyday so they can mature strong. Food supplies shall be provided in convenient supermarkets located around the city. The food products will be fresh everyday and will be receive from our city’s farms that grow fresh fruits and vegetables everyday. Our purpose in doing this is for the benefit of every citizen in the city of Stevengelario and we hope the best will come out from doing so. </li></ul>

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