5 essential google plus circles for business


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2014 is not about "if" you will use Google Plus - it is about how.

One of the biggest benefits I see with Google Plus is the ability t segment your brand posts to make sure that the right post goes to the right people. This helps stop brand fatigue and helps you deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

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5 essential google plus circles for business

  1. 5 Essential Google Plus Circles For Business
  2. In 2014 it s no longer the about “if” you will use Google Plus……
  3. Its about HOW
  4. Social Search
  5. Google Plus affects search rankings. Authoritative accounts get preferential ranking. Simple.
  6. Stop Brand Fatigue
  7. Most social networks only allow for mass communication. Google Plus allows segmentation through circles.
  8. 5 Essential Circles
  9. Customers
  10. You may wish to split into further circles depending on: Location / product preference
  11. Advocates
  12. This helps you to track your advocates and build better relationships. You should hold hangouts with these people.
  13. Brand Mentions
  14. Use search to find people to a circle that mention your brand or keywords. Interact with them appropriately to make them aware of your business
  15. Team Members
  16. This will help you enforce any social media policy you have. You could hold brainstorming hangouts.
  17. News / Influencers
  18. You can aggregate relevant news. Build relationships with influential people in your sector.
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