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2017 10-18 - canady letter


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Steven's attorney was forced by Cyrus Vance, Jr to submit an unauthorized letter to the court stating that Mr. Canady did not oppose paying for restitution in the case.

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2017 10-18 - canady letter

  1. 1. MERCHANT LAW GROUP LLP NEW YORK • VANCOUVER • CALGARY • EDMONTON • REGINA • WINNIPEG- TORONTO • MONTREAL October 18,2017 Hon.Daniel Conviser New York County Supreme Court 111 Centre Street,Room 687,6'^ Floor New York,New York,10013 Re: People v.Steven Canady,Ind.Nos.0007/2015;2824/2015 Dear Judge Conviser: We have no objections to the proposedjudgments which the People have asked the Courtto sign based on the figures contained in the People's Sentencing Recommendations,dated July3,2017, and assumingthosefigures have been accuratelyrepresented bythe DistrictAttorney's office. Yours truly, Daniel DeMaria cc: All Counsel ofRecord New York *535Fifth Avenue,Fl.25 *New York, NY *10017 * Tel:(212)658-1710 *Fax:(212)658-1711