Freelance Audio Editing: Video Transcription Services


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Global Interview - By investing in freelance audio editing, businesses will no longer have to be burdened with transcribing, formatting and editing their audio files. These tasks can be properly handled by freelancers.

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Freelance Audio Editing: Video Transcription Services

  1. 1. Freelance Audio Editing: Video Transcription Services Interview with a Freelancer
  2. 2. What are the most important considerations an employer should have when planning these types of projects? • Make sure that your files to be transcribed are in the exact order that you want them finished. • Please give clear instructions on how you want a particular project done, e.g. formatting. • Please give a reasonable amount of time for the completion of any project, a freelancer could only do so much in any given day. • Be straightforward about the quality of the audio or video file to be transcribed, e.g. quality of the audio or video, number of persons in it, accents.
  3. 3. What are some guidelines and/or best practices that will ensure project success? • The best management practice advice that I could give is to make sure that the employer communicate regularly with the freelancer. Don't hesitate to ask if the freelancer is on track to finish the project on time. • An important guideline would be to establish, before the project begin, regular lines of communication between the employer and freelancer. • Employers shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions of potential freelancers while negotiating on a project.
  4. 4. What are common milestones or project phases in this area of outsourced work? • Employer gives the freelancer instructions on what needed to be done and the time-frame for the completion of project. • Transmission of the files from employer to freelancer. • Freelancer transcribes the files. • Upon completion of the transcription, freelancer edits, proofreads, and formats the finished product. • Transmission of the transcript from freelancer to employer for review. • Freelancer deletes all audio/video file/s related to the project.
  5. 5. Three of the cons of outsourcing this type of work? • An employer must not fail to clearly instruct the freelancer on what he/she wants to be done. For example, if you want timestamps on the transcription, don't just say I want it in this format or so then stop there. • Inadequate time given to the freelancer for the completion of the project. Don't hesitate to ask the freelancer if he/she could complete the project within your desired time frame. • Don't fail to communicate regularly with the freelancer during the duration of the project. There might be more clarifications that the freelancer might need regarding the project.
  6. 6. What are three fundamental errors that can result in project failure on the freelancer’s behalf? • A freelancer must not accept more projects than he/she could handle within a certain time-frame. • Nuances in accents and pronunciation could often lead to errors in transcription. The freelancer must make sure that he/she is comfortable with any nuances before accepting the project. • A freelancer must not hesitate to communicate with the employer if he/she needs more clarification regarding the project. Not doing so might lead to a less than accurate or satisfactory product.
  7. 7. An employer should not post a project in this area if he has not considered what three questions? • The most fundamental question that an employer should consider is; would it save him/her more time and money to have it done by a freelancer instead of doing it himself/herself. The employer should decide whether he/she is comfortable enough to entrust a sensitive or personal files to a person that he/she barely knows. Trust between an employer and freelancer is very important. • The employer should consider if the time-frame he/she requires would be enough for the freelancers to successfully finish it. Not even the fastest transcriber could finish a one hour audio file in under an hour.
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