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Steven Bier MD, Photo Scan Man

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Copy of presentation legal (3)

  1. 1. Photo Scan Man - A Business with a Mission Steven Bier MD
  2. 2. Photo Scan Man - A Business with a Mission Steven Bier, MD, an attending radiologist at Jersey City Medical Center in New Jersey, applies a broad base of hospital and private practice experience. Dr. Steven Bier founded Photo Scan Man alongside his wife, Dr. Barbie Zimmerman-Bier, an expert on autism.
  3. 3. Photo Scan Man - A Business with a Mission A thriving business on the campus of the College of New Jersey, Photo Scan Man provides meaningful and sustaining employment to people with disabilities. The company primarily employs young adults with Asperger's syndrome, and many of them study at the college's Career and Community Studies (CCS) program. This program targets young people with this particular condition who stand out as meticulously detail-oriented and committed employees.
  4. 4. Photo Scan Man - A Business with a Mission At Photo Scan Man, these young people scan old photographs and film to create digital images. Customers receive these high-quality images at an affordable price, made possible by the not-for-profit nature of the company. Meanwhile, employees enjoy the security of a good job in a market that otherwise may have made if difficult to find employment.