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MyGOAL Autism Assists Families


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MyGOAL Autism, Steven Bier, MD

Published in: Health & Medicine
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MyGOAL Autism Assists Families

  1. 1. MyGOAL Autism Assists Families Steven Bier, MD
  2. 2. MyGOAL Autism Assists Families Steven Bier, MD, is an accomplished medical professional. Currently, Dr. Steven Bier works as an attending radiologist at the Jersey City Medical Center in New Jersey. In addition to his professional pursuits, Steven Bier, MD, actively supports several charities and nonprofits, including MyGOAL Autism.
  3. 3. MyGOAL Autism Assists Families Established in 2008, MyGOAL Autism provides a range of support and advocacy services to families affected by autism. The organization largely focuses on the parents and siblings of individuals with autism spectrum disorders.
  4. 4. MyGOAL Autism Assists Families MyGOAL Autism offers several education and supportoriented initiatives and events. These programs are aimed at helping families to gain the knowledge and skills needed to understand and advocate for an autistic family member. In addition, MyGOAL Autism assists families with grants that provide much-needed medical, social, and educational services that are not covered by other third-party sources.
  5. 5. MyGOAL Autism Assists Families Since its founding, MyGOAL Autism has been a valuable resource for those touched by autism spectrum disorders. The organization continues to help thousands of families each year to cope with autism and move forward in their lives.