Steven A. Cohen- 'My Misson statement"


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Steven A. Cohen
‘Personal Mission Statement’
My thoughts on how I can contribute as a ‘Key Contributor’ to your organization…

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Steven A. Cohen- 'My Misson statement"

  1. 1. Steven A. Cohen ‘Personal Mission Statement’ "Ability is what you're capable of doing; motivation determines what you do; attitude determines how well you do it." Lou Holtz- My thoughts on how I can contribute as a ‘Key Contributor’ to your organization…
  2. 2. Being able to see the opportunities is the foundation of one’s ability to capture the opportunities. In today’s business climate; a company that looks at both short term goals and long term objectives is a forward thinking and progressive organization. This is the type of company I want to be part of and I know my contributions can help you and your ‘TEAM’ achieve this mission. For the purpose of you understanding a bit more about my professional demeanor and experience; I have taken sixteen of my ‘key attributes’ and formulated them into paragraph narratives as it relates to this opportunity. It is with these sixteen skill-sets I can contribute confidently, not only individually; but also as a cohesive team member and ‘key contributor’ within your organization. My thoughts relating to company culture… I always liked to say that it is important to hire people who are ‘like-minded’. Then I asked myself what it would be like to work with people like me all day. In re-defining my own statement; what I realized is that it is important to have employees who share and understand the ‘core values and ideologies' of the organization and have the same integrity when it comes to supporting the company culture. I believe that developing a strong organizational culture comes from achieving a balance of 'like-minded' individuals complemented by individuals who further complement the viewpoints, ideas and suggestions of others. More importantly; I believe a balance of these personalities helps bring the team together to expand creativity and further creates the necessary synergy to develop innovative solutions to everyday problems. Overall; passion, trust and shared values are the glue that holds an organizations team together. Once you have a ‘TEAM’ that unilaterally works together; this forms the foundation that brings workplace diversity, organizational strength, and endless opportunities for employees personally and professionally. In thinking about prioritizing my own personal and professional goals for the future, I do believe, working within; both a teaching and learning culture and building on a company’s culture of this attitude will present not only an opportunity for myself; it will also afford the company and its ‘TEAM’ with endless opportunities for personal, professional and financial growth.
  3. 3. Professionalism- My professionalism stems from my passion to be a committed and responsible contributor not only the green industry; but to all those I serve within the organization I serve. In the professional relationships that I cultivate and carefully foster; my professionalism is an integral part of the foundation on how I build long term strategic partnerships. It is with this skill-set I build a level of trust with the clients by assuring them of the contract or service deliverables. Services that ultimately will meet or exceed their expectations on all levels. This level of professionalism evokes into strong customer loyalty and lasting working relationships. It is with these same principles that I guide my relationships with my co-workers, peers and industry colleagues. It is with these guiding principles; we as a TEAM will collectively continue to build brand loyalty and growth for the residential design/build department for the foreseeable future. My Personal and Professional Demeanor- I consider myself to be a well-spoken key contributor and mentor, one that couples industry knowledge and passion with charisma and a well- defined character. In my personal and professional relationships this has allowed me to represent myself, the organization and those I speak for in a manner that is clear and concise. I use these skill-sets to clearly explain goals and objectives to my co-workers and peers in a manner that allows them to feel comfortable to express themselves, share ideas freely while always understanding the mission of not only myself in my role; but that of the company as a whole.
  4. 4. Entrepreneurial Spirit- Throughout the years I have parlayed my innovative entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the green industry into every aspect of my management style. I utilize this spirit to recognize opportunities and position the company to take advantage of them. My passion is to take a process from conception through completion and to see a positive and successful outcome. The same can be said for my abilities to use an existing framework of processes; managing within those guidelines to yield the same positive results operationally and financially. Being a ‘hands-on’ leader and mentor; I always have a finger on the pulse of the operations regardless of my time or commitments. I believe strongly that opportunities are ‘created’ and with that I create the opportunities for the business model and its contributors. Process Oriented- Being a process oriented individual allows me to employ my strategic planning, and tactical process management work style within all aspects of any organization. My ability to work within a framework of company goals and objectives and turn them into actionable strategic operational plans locally and within new emerging markets will not only allow me to leverage these capabilities for a market position advantage; it will allow me to ensure that the business model is always performing at its peak and most profitable capacity. Multi-Tasker- Under tight time-lines and pressure; I am calm, cool and collective; able to successfully manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously. My ability to switch gears in a faced-paced environment allows me to manage the needs of all those counting on me and or those who surround me. As a key contributor within any organization; I thrive on challenges, opportunity and a work environment that continually pushes me to perform to the best of my abilities. These skill-sets are the core of how support the endeavors of all company team members.
  5. 5. Strategic Thinker- Being a strategic thinker; I continually analyze ways to position the company to maximize growth operationally and financially. In all cases; I work with ownership and other key executive/senior team members on how to best position an organization for meeting short term goals and long term objectives. I am a confident and strategic analyst that knows how to grow opportunities within existing markets and leverage opportunities in new emerging markets. Detailed Oriented- My attention to detail is reflected in every aspect of my management style. This is exhibited in the ‘finishing touches’ of every project I am involved in and deliver to a client. My passion for excellence in the delivery ‘EXCEPTIONAL’ client services is paramount. I so by continually training and mentoring team members in understanding the values of not only delivering this level of services to the client; but also insuring that quality is a daily expectation not an exception. Strong Salesmanship- My salesmanship skills are based on building a strong rapport with potential clients through my well poised people skills. I emanate a level of confidence to the client that forms a bond of trust by both educating them on what makes our service and expertise different from others and assuring them that the contract deliverables will be done in accordance with the contract, on-time and within budget. I know that I will be able to contribute to; and further complement any aspect of the sales initiation and on-going sales process for the organization likewise; I know I will collaborate extremely well with all other business development team members. My ability to leverage a company’s reputation into a unique market position is something that I excel at.
  6. 6. Strong Intuition- My intuition guides me in my decision making processes. What usually feels right, is right, what feel’s wrong, needs further evaluation. Using my strong intuitive skills I have been able to successfully guide relationships and situations towards a more favorable outcome and most-often a successful conclusion. People Oriented- I am a people oriented person by nature. These personality traits allow me to build a strong rapport with the people I work with and allows me to earn the support and trust of those not only around me; but those I manage. My out-going personality is fun in nature, spirited by a great sense of humor, compassion and friendliness. I integrate these personality traits with a firm understanding that we all have a job to do. I am professionally respectful, ask for accountability and provide guidance all along the way to support the TEAM as required. Being able to adapt my personality to meet the array of personality dynamics of any company culture or business relationship allows me to creatively generate solutions and resolve client driven issues. Consummate Leader- I am a goal oriented-driven leader who maintains a professional climate that continually motivates and coaches team members to meet high performance standards. I lead and manage from the top down and demonstrate this through my ‘hands-on’ management style in order to develop the design/build department. There is no job or task that I am too good to do. Driving jobs, talking with team members and discussing ‘best management practices’ on a project is common place for me.
  7. 7. Multi-cultural Sensitivity- My sensitivity to diverse cultural backgrounds and understanding the needs of the team member ‘globally’ allows me to build a strong and trusting rapport with each team member on the core understating of mutual respect. With this; I am able to achieve a higher level of performance from team members and therefore a stronger team environment is developed within the company culture. I build exceptional relationships with all work forces and many of these relationships have followed me throughout my career. Problem–Solving- My mentality is one that if you bring me the problem; I will provide you with a solution. My problem solving skills are tremendous and are based on me employing the following skill-sets; effective reasoning, creativity and available resources within the company or team environment to create problem solving answers. My innovative problem solving skills are applied to every facet of my expertise; operational; financial and customer service. I am an ‘on my feet’ thinker and it does not take me long to process information. Integrity- In dealing with management, team members, clients and vendors I handle myself with the highest level of integrity and professionalism in representing the interests of those I serve. Through this I am able to provide effective leadership and create optimal business partnerships that grow into long term business and personal and professional relationships. Integrity has been instilled in me from childhood and I clearly understand the importance of how to integrate this into a company culture.
  8. 8. Self-Confident & Self Motivated Work Style- While teamwork is one of the most important aspects of any business enterprise; my self-confidence allows me to always operate with a ‘can- do attitude’. I have the ability to work well both in the team environment and independently with minimal guidance or supervision while remaining within the framework of the corporate structure. Being highly motivated to showcase others my capabilities; I am self- motivated to take initiative with minimal or no guidance at all. Open-Mindedness- Even with all of the above; I always continue to have an open mind and look to grow personally and professionally. My willingness to continually hone my management style, work skills and industry expertise allows me to meet new challenges with enthusiasm and quickly assimilate new ideas, concepts and solutions. With these attributes my contributions include limitless energy and enthusiasm; a “can do” mentality; innovative and creative ideas; wit, humor and entertainment; inspiration and spontaneity; a talent for networking, promoting and storytelling; and excellent multitasking skills. My natural strategies are to take advantage of opportunities and options, experience life to its fullest, focus on best case possibilities, stay busy and on the go, and move at a fast pace.