The Cretan Perish T


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The Cretan Perish T

  1. 1. The Cretan Perish TThe Greek isle of Crete lies in the Mediterranean, 200 a long way south of Athens and 160 a longway North of Libya. It is the largest from the Greek islandshaving a land size of 3216 square miles.The Cretan diet plan forms the basis from the Mediterranean Dietand is also said to be one of thebest in the world.Based on The Sevennations Study which came about during 1958 in order to 1970, it was found thatthe control band of 700 rural Cretan men had extremely low death costs from heart disease,despitemoderate to high intake of extra fat , and lived with a ripe old age.The type of extra fat was olive oil as well as the beneficial healthoutcomes are due to the oil’s highcontent of monounsaturated fatty acids along with antioxidants.The Cretan people were mainly land owners, maqui berry farmers , and ruralfarming workers.Traditionally residing off the land, get together wild herbs along with fruits, growing their very ownvegetables and elevating animals for various meats – particularly hen chickens , lambs and goats.Food was often fresh, never highly processed , and mostly house produced. Meat has been rarelyeaten, perhaps once a week at most, along with was mainly restricted to special occasions.Note: One aspect of the authentic study which created the Cretan diet plan phenomenon which israrely mentioned is the significance that physical exercisepossibly played in the original study group.These were active men engaged in uncertain labour; farmers toiling their land.The following foods form the basis of the wholesome Cretan Diet along with were eaten in abundance;Olive OilExtra virgin essential olive oil is used in just about every Cretan meal. Soups, stews along withvegetables are cooked with plenty of essential olive oil and salads are very generously dressedtogether with oil.Mountain Herbs and GreensOn the Cretan hillside grow plentiful wild herbs including thyme, oregano, sage and rosemary. Manywild mountain greens also grow throughout Crete.. Known as ‘horta’. There are various types of hortasuch as ‘vlita’ along with ‘stamnagathi’. The greens are boiled and then served smothered togetherwith olive oil and orange. These mountain greens form an integral part of your Cretan diet, and stillwidely eaten during the entire island today.Vegetable DishesThe following locally produced vegetables are used frequently , usually boiled in the tomato andessential olive oil sauce with additional herbs. Each meal is a meal on its own , served with newlybaked bread along with salad.Green beans / runner beans, courgettes/zuccinni, aubergines, artichokesOther veggie dishes include briam (courgette, myzithra mozzarella dairy product and potato curry ),yemista (whole tomato plants and green peppers stuffed with rice along with herbs, oven baked ,and dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with almond and herbs, range baked).
  2. 2. Beans and PulsesBean soup, Lentil soups , Chick pea stewFishGrilled seafood , sardines, fish soup8oz white harricot beans3 carrots - peeled and chopped1 large onion : chopped1 stay of celery : chopped1 tablespoons of parsley - sliced1 tbsp oregano1 cup of olive oil1 tbsp tomato puree / pastesalt and pepperone particular tbsp vinegarPlace the beans in the pan and fill over boiling drinking water to cover. Leave in order to soakovernight or for 8 hours.After soaking, drain your beans and include fresh water to cover. Give the boil and then simmergently with regard to 40 minutes. Atart exercising. The carrots, pears , parsley and oregano to thebeans. Fry the onion in the little olive oil along with add this for the beans. Simmer for any further 20minutes or until the carrots along with beans are cooked (tender). Finally include the olive oil, tomatopuree, vinegar plus salt and spice up to taste. Simmer for a further 10 mins.Serve hot together with fresh bread along with feta cheese.Note: Dont scrimp on the olive oil in this formula , it really is important for your flavour.SaladsThere are a pair of popular salads – one a winter months and one a summer salad, using the in-season vegetables.Summer Salad or ancient greek Salad – tomato, cucumber, green spice up , onions, olives,dressed with olive oil along with vinegar. Often topped with feta mozzarella dairy product or the localrich and creamy myzithra cheese.Winter Salad – chopped lettuce, shredded cabbage, grated carrot and spring onion , dressed withessential olive oil and vinegar.FruitAgain whichever is growing locally, throughout seasonOranges, apples , pears and figs in winter.Melon, watermelon along with grapes are summer favourites, all produced on the island.NutsAlmonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and chestnuts all grow throughout Crete.YoghurtFresh yoghurt made from sheep, goat or cows milk.Honey
  3. 3. Thyme, flower and pine honey are all produced upon Crete.Other foods, which were eaten in moderation in the authentic Cretan diet:ChickenEggsLambGoatSnails ( high in calcium)Goats milkHome made cheesesWineA moderate glass or two of home made, village, burgandy or merlot wine was usually taken daily.The Cretan Diet along with Crete TodayAll of the above foods are still comsumed throughout Crete today, together with olive oil, vegetablefood and salads still playing a large portion in the diets of Cretans. However there is now also a largerprevelence of fast foods including pizza, hamburgers along with gyros souvlaki (a new Greek snackof pitta bread, various meats , chips, tomato & yoghurt), as well as highly processed and ready foodsavailable in supermarkets. Added to this the Cretans currently consume greater amounts of fattymeats along with fried foods.In todays modern the island , with the majority of ladies with families trying to help support them ,there is little time for the old traditions of growing and growing fresh foods or for the daily prep andcooking of such foods every a treat.- the very first pressing of the oil produces extra virgin mobile olive oil, the most genuine.- Extra virgin mobile olive oil from the island is green throughout colour, rather than discolored.- A tbsp of olive oil contains 120 energy , 14 grams of fat, and no ldl cholesterol.- Olive oil is at its peak in just a year of creation. Newly pressed essential olive oil tastes bitter alongwith takes 2 to 6 months to mature.- Greece is the worlds largest manufacturer of extra virgin olive oil- Greece takes in the most olive oil for each capita in the world, as well as the Cretans consume themany in Greece!Dark wine grapes are generally pressed to make conventional Cretan Village burgandy or merlotwine.In late september and September your grape harvest begins in earnest, so does the traditionalpressing from the grapes. Many villagers produce their own do-it-yourself wine by filling stone troughsusing the grapes and treading them barefoot in order to extract the veggie juice.The must along with grape skins are generally then used to make the local firewater, Raki, alsoknown locally because tsikoudia. The grape skins are boiled and distilled in the kazani or centralheating boiler to produce this strong alcoholic drink.
  4. 4. Kalitsounia : small cheese pies, usually served scorching and drizzled together with honey.Kochlous : Snails cooked together with onions and do-it-yourself tomato sauce or fried andsimmered in vinegar along with rosemary.Rabbit stifado - Rabbit cooked with onions along with tomatoes.Staka - hot cooked smooth goats cheese.Dakos - Rusk bread coated with essential olive oil , grated fresh tomato and creamy mizythracheese.For More Info Click Here