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Psychology case study regarding cognitive development


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This is a psychology case study regarding cognitive development. For psychology homework help, please visit our website

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Psychology case study regarding cognitive development

  1. 1. Psychology case study regarding cognitive development: Vygotsky Theory proposes childrens cognitive development gets promote by adults bypassing along the meanings that their culture assigns to objects and events as well as by assistingchildren with challenging tasks getting accustomed the world . The social activities act asprecursors as well as the basis for, complex mental processes: Children initially use new skills inthe course of interacting with adults or peers and slowly internalize these skills for their own,independent use. Often, children first experiment with adult tasks and ways of thinking withinthe context of their early play activities. But as per Piaget portrayed children as active andmotivated learners who, through numerous interactions with their physical and socialenvironments, construct an increasingly complex understanding of the world around themDevelopment occurs there.Sensory motor stage (when cognitive functioning is based primarily on behaviors andperceptions);Pre operational stage (when symbolic thought and language become prevalent, but reasoning is"illogical" by adult standards);Concrete operations stage (when logical reasoning capabilities emerge but are limited to concreteobjects and events);Formal operations stage (when thinking about abstract, hypothetical, and contrary-to-fact ideasbecomes possible).Click here for Psychology Homework Help