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A look at the projects of Aardex

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Master Project File

  1. 1. Signature Tower Englewood, CO COMPLETION DATE Signature Tower is a 21st Century office experience. The largest structure in the 2012 Denver metropolitan suburban market with 17 floors and 360 degree views, the Tower is just walking distance from the Arapahoe light rail station at Denver Tech SIZE Center and I-25. This building introduces the latest User Effective® applications, 475,000 SF exclusively brought to you by Aardex, developers of User Effective Buildings and creators of Colorado’s first commercial LEED double Platinum building, the SERVICES Signature Centre at Denver West. Architecture Development The new Signature Tower is nearly three times as large as its predecessor with Construction Management features that will transform your working world. Property Management User Effective Design Elements include: • State of the art under-floor HVAC system - serving the entire building and allowing individual control of both air flow and temperature by each and every occupant within the building • Passive exterior heat-load mitigation via hot and cold-water coils along interior curtain wall P L ATI • Individual temperature and ventilation control for individual’s preferred D N climate E U • Electrostatic air filtering for improved air quality and reduced absenteeism LE M • Noise control via STC 56 demising walls • Raised Floor w/ HVAC, Electrical, Phone and Data under floor for ultimate systems flexibility • Clerestory windows that harvest natural daylight and greatly enhance outdoor views Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s
  2. 2. St. Anthony Medical Office Building Lakewood, Colorado ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE Tenants can customize state-of-the-art space in these two on-campus medical Phase I Building - Fall 2010 office buildings adjacent to the new St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood, CO. Our Phase II Building - Summer 2011 architect will design space and maximize efficiencies for each client. CURRENT STATUS The first phase MOB, at 100,000sf, will open in fall of 2010. The second phase In Development MOB, at an anticipated 150,000sf will open in summer 2011. These two medical Under Construction Fall 2009 office buildings will complement the 630,000 sf Hospital facility, servicing 270 beds. Features: • Central covered corridor linked to St. Anthony Hospital • Multi-zoned HVAC systems for frequent air exchange • Advanced individual temperature controls • Fiber optic ready • Sound diffusion • Sophisticated piping and electrical systems • Privacy windows in exam rooms • Efficient energy saving systems and design • Natural daylighting • Secure lab pick-up areas Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s
  3. 3. Hampton Inn & Suites® Rifle, CO YEAR BUILT Aardex and RIM Hospitality have partnering to build and operate this new 2009 58,000 square foot hotel in Rifle, Colorado, the first LEED certified Hampton Inn & Suites® in Colorado. SIZE 58,000 SF This 92 room hotel features 30 suites to accommodate business travelers and 92 Rooms guests. An indoor pool, 850 square foot meeting room, laundry facilities and a two-story atrium Perfect-Mix Lobby add to the comfort and convenience of this SERVICES new place to stay and play. Development Construction Management Conveniently located on I-70 at Airport Road at the Rifle exit, the Hotel is within walking distance to an abundance of retail shopping and restaurants. Hampton Inn & Suites® hotel is just minutes from Glenwood Springs Hot Pool, Rifle Falls State Park, Sunlight Mountain Resort, Colorado Wine Country and Rifle Gap State Park. Hotel amenities include complimentary on the House hot breakfast, access to fitness center, business center, meeting space available, suite shop, and indoor pool. Guestrooms are equipped with complimentary high speed internet access, in room iron and ironing boards, in room coffee makers, Cloud 9 beds & 32” flat screen HD TV’s. RIM Hospitality, a national leader in hotel operations, manages more than 7,500 rooms across the country. Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s
  4. 4. Muskogee Community Hospital Muskogee, Oklahoma YEAR BUILT Muskogee Community Hospital is the nation’s first ground-source geothermal 2009 hospital in the country. The project is located on a 22 acre parcel on North Main and Harris Street in Muskogee, Oklahoma. SIZE 95,000 SF The development and design of the acute care facility focuses on bringing a higher standard of care to the community. The 95,056 square foot facility SERVICES includes 45 licensed patient rooms, 3 procedure rooms, Level IV Emergency Architecture Assistance room and supports 34 physicians. Development Assistance Construction Management MCH is the first hospital in Oklahoma to be designed and built using the Green Guide for Healthcare, a science based approach to design and construction, and the principles of the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) rating system. MCH will be certified under LEED for Healthcare which is being used to set the precedent for the sustainability of all future healthcare facilities. MCH User-Effective® features incorporate details that provide a functional space to maximize employee efficiency and energy savings. All work spaces are located adjacent to an exterior window bay to maximize daylight and views. The interior is equipped with a sound masking system at the discretion of MCH, further enhancing employee comfort. Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s
  5. 5. Additional Muskogee Community Hospital Features While tracking LEED® Gold, Muskogee Community Hospital is the only hospital in the United States with 100% heating and cooling from a ground-source heat pump. This unique system consists of 280 wells – 70 per field. Each of the wells has been bored 300 feet into the earth to better utilize the thermal energy radiating from the earth’s core. Water is pumped into these wells, then circulated through the complex via the HVAC system. Geothermal energy will keep MCH’s residents cool in summer and warm in the winter. MCH incorporates full height glass in the tower’s main entrance storefront as well as high performance glass and glazing throughout, to take advantage of reflective and low-e properties. The windows are high on the exterior walls and clerestory windows and light shelves are incorporated with the intent of bathing the majority of the interior space in natural light. A portion of the façade is covered with no maintenance stucco. A secondary weather wrap to prevent moisture intrusion and eliminate any possibility of mold growth sheathes the entire building. Landscaping at MCH is as innovative as the building. Xeric gardening is utilized and a landscape design aimed at the goal of zero potable water use will be employed. Native shrubs and other plants, acclimated to the climate, will provide focal interest and, within two seasons, will require minimal irrigation from the drip systems, thriving instead on the natural moisture of the area. Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s
  6. 6. St. Anthony North Medical Office Building Westminster, CO YEAR BUILT The 65,000 square foot medical office building at St. Anthony 2008 North Hospital opened its doors in October of 2008. Tracking LEED Gold, this is Westminster’s first LEED building. SIZE 65,000 SF The neighboring full service, acute-care community hospital is licensed for 196 beds and provides 68,000 outpatient visits SERVICES annually. St. Anthony North offers new 24 hour emergency Architecture care and holds a Level IV trauma designation. Development Construction Management Features: Property Managment • Central covered corridor linked to St. Anthony North PROGRAM Hospital Centura Outreach Lab • Multi-zoned HVAC systems for frequent air exchange Panorama Orthopedics & Spine Center • Advanced individual temperature controls Panorama Physical Therapy • Fiber optic ready Rocky Mountain Cardiovascular Associates, P.C. • Sound diffusion St. Anthony North Family Medicine Center • Sophisticated piping and electrical systems St. Anthony Senior Health Center • Privacy windows in exam rooms Women’s Health Specialists • Efficient energy saving systems and design • Natural daylighting • Secure lab pick-up areas Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s
  7. 7. Signature Centre Golden, CO YEAR BUILT Signature Centre is the first commercial Platinum building in Colorado and 2007 one of only four Double LEED Platinum certified buildings in the world. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating SIZE System is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and 185,900 SF operation of high performance green buildings. SERVICES LEED promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability by recognizing Architecture performance in five key areas of human and environmental health: sustainable Development site development, water savings, energy efficiency, material selection and Construction Management indoor environmental quality. Property Management The five story structure features underfloor air throughout with individual PROGRAM temperature and ventilation controls. Daylight harvesting via interior and exterior Gambro light shelving, abundant glass and individual lighting showcase the many Aardex LLC features promoting productivity and creativity in this state-of-the-art workplace. CaridianBCT Blue Sun Bio-Diesel • Signature Center was the 2008 winner of the NAIOP National Colorado Financial Partners LLC Green Development of the Year Award P L ATI • Signature Centre was built at standard construction costs D N E U LE • Signature Centre was 100% pre-leased prior to completion M Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s
  8. 8. Other building features include: • Under floor ventilation achieved by high efficiency roof top units equipped with an outside air economizer • Building perimeter conditioned with chilled beams and radiant heaters • Hot water supplied from high efficiency boilers • Chilled water supplied from evaporative cooled condensing chilled water units on roof with variable volume pumping distribution • Lighting controlled by occupancy sensors, dimmable switches, and photo sensors Sustainability Goal Signature Center at Denver West Objectives Minimize Site Impact ‫ ٭‬Erosion control plan ‫ ٭‬Maximizing open space onsite ‫ ٭‬Reduction of heat island effect caused by roof Minimize Effects of ‫ ٭‬Bicycle racks and onsite shower facility Transportation ‫ ٭‬Access to public transportation ‫ ٭‬Preferred parking for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles Minimize Energy Usage ‫ ٭‬No CFC or halons usage from Conventional ‫ ٭‬Fundamental and enhanced building commissioning Sources ‫ ٭‬Created a measurement and verification plan for base building as well as tenant sub-metering ‫ ٭‬Purchased 100% wind based Green Power Select Environmentally ‫ ٭‬More than 20% recycled content materials Responsible Materials ‫ %001 ٭‬recycled construction waste ‫ ٭‬More than 20% local materials used ‫ ٭‬Storage and collection of recyclables ‫ ٭‬More than 50% FSC certified wood ‫ ٭‬Provide guidelines for tenant design and construction Provide Good Indoor Air ‫ ٭‬Minimum indoor air quality requirement Quality ‫ ٭‬Environmental tobacco smoke control policy ‫ ٭‬Mechanically ventilated outdoor air delivery monitoring system ‫ ٭‬Increased ventilation by a minimum of 30% ‫ ٭‬Implemented an indoor air quality management plan during construction ‫ ٭‬Low VOC materials (adhesives, sealants, paints, carpet, composite wood) ‫ ٭‬Provide indoor chemical and pollutant source control Provide Comfortable ‫ ٭‬Designed for thermal comfort and provided for controllability Buildings for Occupants ‫ ٭‬Provided daylighting for over 90% of occupants ‫ ٭‬Provided views for over 90% occupants Minimize Water Usage ‫ %05 ٭‬reduction in water needed for landscaping ‫ ٭‬Greater than 40% reduction in water usage for water fixtures Education ‫ ٭‬Education plan for User Effective® Buildings ‫ ٭‬Education plan for sustainably operated and maintained buildings • Signature Centre is Aardex’s premier User Effective® Building • Signature Centre achieved Double LEED Platinum certification for Core and Shell and for Commercial Interiors • Signature Centre is the 2008 Winner of NAIOP’s Green Development of the Year Award • Signature Centre was the largest LEED Platinum speculative building in the U.S. in 2007 • Signature Centre is the 2007 Winner of Jefferson County’s Design Excellence Award • Signature Centre is the 2007 Winner of Colorado Renewable Energy Society’s Exemplary Building Award Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s
  9. 9. National Archives and Records Administration Perris, CA YEAR BUILT The design/build 183,000 square foot building has Class A office space along 2004 with 850,000 cubic feet of storage area that serves as NARA’s Pacific Region Storage Facility, equipped with the most state-of-the art archival and records SIZE management building systems. 183,000 SF The ESFR fire system delivers 0.3 GPM per square foot to the most remote SERVICES 1,500 square feet, and is independently certified to not allow destruction of Architecture more than 300 records in the event of a fire (in a facility of over one million Development records). Construction Management Property Management Building systems include a “smart” security/access control/ intrusion detection system, on-site emergency power generation, super-flat floor, and HVAC with humidity control and gas-phase filtration. Building amenities for the occupants include an exterior lunch patio with shaded canopy, palm tree-lined driveway, extensive use of interior glass for day-lighting, individual HVAC control, indoor air quality monitoring, fiber connectivity, and low-VOC materials. Although the facility is leased for 20 years, the building and its systems are built to last 50 years due to the chance of damage or loss to archival records during relocation. Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s
  10. 10. Veteran Affairs Clinic Santa Maria, CA YEAR BUILT On 3.6 acres, the 36,200 square foot facility incorporates a traditional Spanish 2007 Colonial style that is the predominant architectural vernacular. The building is designed to promote energy efficiency that will provide a long-term sustainable, SIZE economical and environmentally friendly facility. 36,200 SF The outer envelope of the building has a skin of cement plaster using three earth SERVICES tones. The plaster covers metal studs attached to a steel superstructure on a Architecture slab on grade. A tower element signifies the main entry along with a welcoming Development Spanish tile covered canopy. Natural lighting is provided all along the perimeter Construction Management of the building and skylights offer filtered lighting to the interior. Property Management Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s
  11. 11. US Army Corps of Engineers Office Building & Warehouse Albuquerque, NM YEAR BUILT This 3-story, 54,000 square foot steel and stucco office building was constructed 1996 on 3.75 acres. The secure building has access control and intrusion detection systems as well as emergency power. It has a highly specialized computer SIZE room, emergency incident command center, and a secured parking area with 54,000 SF 297 spaces. SERVICES Custom millwork is used throughout the building. Other features include tile Architecture flooring, an outdoor lunch plaza, and drought resistant landscaping. The Development warehouse portion of the building has a covered loading dock. Recycled Construction Management building materials, high performance glazed glass, and monitoring equipment Property Management to economize the HVAC system were built into the facility. Property lines and rights-of-way were adjusted; traffic lanes, city streets and utility lines were constructed prior to obtaining a permit. Aardex worked with the city to expedite this process and receive the building permit on schedule. The tenant was able to move into the facility 3-weeks ahead of schedule. Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s
  12. 12. Bureau of Land Management Cheyenne, WY YEAR BUILT Aardex LLC was the developer, program designer, general contractor and initial 1995 property manager for this 126,000 square foot, Class A office facility. SIZE There is secure parking, an enclosed warehouse with loading dock, specialized 126,000 SF computer and electronics requirements, and a sophisticated access control/ intrusion detection security system. The office space has custom millwork and SERVICES computer room. The interior environment was developed with user efficiency in Development mind. The design/build project has subsequently been retrofitted and updates Construction Management have occurred in the facility since occupancy, all of which were designed and Property Managerment constructed by the original design team. Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s
  13. 13. National Advanced Fire & Resource Institute Training Facility Tucson, AZ YEAR BUILT Aardex LLC developed this 25,000 square foot, design-build training facility for 2004 the US Forest Service. The property had to be re-assembled into one parcel, re-platted, and re-zoned, requiring public hearings. The total cost of the project SIZE came in under budget by $54,000 even though the ceiling was upgraded and the 25,000 SF building systems required commissioning to meet US Green Building Council’s LEED Certification. SERVICES Architecture The structure is also designed for high environmental and energy efficiency, Development through the use of waterless urinals, Low-E glazing and a direct control HVAC Construction Management system, allowing the tenants to completely shut down the training wing of the Property Management building when not in use. Aardex provided design and construction management services with in-house staff. Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s
  14. 14. Internal Revenue Service Office Building & File Management Facility Fresno, CA YEAR BUILT Built on a downtown redeveloped site, the facility has 105,000 square feet of 2003 office and warehouse space as well as a parking garage. The office building is blast resistant, has hardened 7.5” thick concrete walls, and houses the document SIZE handling system for the West Coast Region. 105,000 SF The warehouse features a mezzanine with a freight lift, loading docks and ramps. SERVICES The building is fenced and secured with site access controls and cameras. Architecture Development Construction Management Property Management Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s
  15. 15. USDA Forest Service Regional Headquarters Albuquerque, NM YEAR BUILT The site for this 98,000 square foot, design-build, 4-story building was a 2001 downtown revitalization 4-acre parcel that was assembled by Aardex, from 20-parcels owned by 9 different entities. SIZE 98,000 SF The building serves as the Agency’s headquarters and command center to support fire fighting operations for the southwest. Capable of withstanding a SERVICES 48-hour power outage, the 24/7 operation has redundant systems, research Architecture laboratories, a 300-person conference center, rooftop plaza/lunch patio area, a Development full service restaurant/deli, stone flooring, secure parking, exterior surveillance, a Construction Management vault and underground storage. The loading area has 30’ column bay spacing. Property Management Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s
  16. 16. Bureau of Reclamation & Social Security Administration Office Albuquerque, NM YEAR BUILT Located on a downtown redevelopment site, the 60,000 square foot, 2-story 2003 structure houses both the Bureau of Reclamation on the first floor, and the Social Security Administration on the second floor. The neighborhood required SIZE upgrading of its electrical service to handle the building’s telecommunication 60,000 SF systems. SERVICES This design-build project has high quality interior finishes and materials. There Architecture is parking for 220 vehicles; 160 secured and 60 public spaces, along with native Development xeriscape landscaping. SSA-OHA asked for minor tenant changes during Construction Management construction that did not effect the schedule. Aardex absorbed the associated Property Management costs of those changes. The Bureau of Reclamation did not ask for any changes in their tenant space. Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s
  17. 17. Federal Courthouse Pocatello, ID YEAR BUILT This 65,000 square foot courthouse was completed in 1999 and features 1999 progressive collapse and blast resistant structural design, bullet resistance to small arms and high power rifle fire through windows and interior reception SIZE areas, automobile intrusion detection, electronic surveillance and access 65,000 SF control systems, flame retardant intrusion and blast resistant exterior materials, including concrete roofing. SERVICES Architecture The building also includes an underground secured parking garage, premium Development grade hardwood custom millwork throughout, imported Italian stone, chandeliers, Construction Management and irrigated landscaping. Property Management Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s
  18. 18. _____ and the User Effective® Advantage User Effective® Buildings are designed and constructed to impact human performance, the most valuable asset in any business. ______ has the opportunity to deliver an outstanding building that will literally pay for itself through the in- creased productivity of its occupants. Aardex and its User Effective® practices realized terrific results on similar projects. Bureau of Reclamation Office Building and Social Security Administration Office Alb Albuquerque, NM 60,000 SF Completed June 2003 User Effective® applications to this project transformed the productivity performance for these two agencies as soon as they occupied the building. Of particular note is the Social Security Administration. Aardex separated the court proceedings from the day-to-day administrative duties to produce stunning results for the agency. Case worker productivity increases far outpaced the increased cost in real estate. • Increased space by 19% • Increased lease rate by 80% Net additional cost = $316,627 • Productivity increase of approximately 19.6% Total realized savings = $1,741,525 annually – Before: 78 cases handled per employee – After: 97 cases handled per employee Net Savings to taxpayers = $1,424,898 annually “Our review reflects our very high satisfaction with the quality of construction and functionality of the building for our needs.” -Donald F. Hunsaker, Contracting Officer, Space Leasing, US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, 4/27/2004 Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s
  19. 19. The True Cost of Space Real estate decisions can have a dramatic effect on employee productivity. When the high cost of salaries and benefits weigh in with the cost of the real estate supporting the staff, the impact can be staggering. Below is GSA’s own view of where the opportunity really lies in impacting the bottom line: The Worker: Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s
  20. 20. The US Forest Service Regional Headquarters Albuquerque, NM 98,000 SF Competed January 2001 The flexibility of this User Effective® space allowed the US Forest Service to reduce the number of employees from 325 to 305 during one of the worst fire seasons ever recorded! The Aardex proposal to RCIT mirrors this project as flexibility of the space was vastly improved and multiple functions were consolidated. Design decisions included the creation of spaces which promote interaction and teamwork, provid- ing every employee with a view to a window for that all important natural light. It also included amenities that enabled employee needs to be met in the building throughout the day rather requiring them to travel off-site, e.g. a deli in the building, new LAN/WAN system and a more collaborative space to fit the needs of each employee. “I would like to say that it has been a pleasure to work with the management team for Aardex. I have found them to be very professional and capable individuals, always willing to do whatever it takes to see that the project is completed in accordance with the Forest Services’ needs. From initial proposal phase, through negotiations and award, through the design and construction phase, the personnel associated with Aardex have been great to work with. We are also very pleased with the quality of the space provided. Aardex has done their best to provide us with attractive and quality of- fice space, always meeting or exceeding our specifications and requirements. I recommend them very highly to anyone considering this company for possible award of a future contract.” -William A. Candelaria, Contracting Officer, US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service Develo p m en t D e s i gn Co n s tr u c ti o n Pro pe r t y S e r v i ce s