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Business owner interview

  1. 1. Steve Copeland Business Owner Interview
  2. 2. Introduction The company I interviewed was Subway. I interviewed by boss, Neil Gwatsighi. I met him by working for him. He started working in the food industry when he was only sixteen years old. He eventually worked his way up to manager until he had enough money to afford his own store and manage his own business.
  3. 3. Entrepreneurs Company Subway is in the food industry and has thousands of stores nationwide. Subway sells subs, pizzas, drinks, and also soup and cookies. Neil has been in business for 8 years. Neil manages the store and also takes care of financial issues and food orders. Neil chose this business because he has been with subway his whole life and fell in love with the food industry.
  4. 4. Background of Business Neil enjoyed working in the food industry at a young age. It then carried over to when he was an adult and decided he wanted to make his own profit and bought out the subway and hired his own employees. He started the business because he wanted to be in charge and manage his own business. Neil gained his work experience from working there at a young age and gaining experience over the years. The company is now differently managed. Neil saves natural resources. For example, we use rags to wipe down windows as opposed to paper towels; therefor saving trees.
  5. 5. Successes and Challenges Some challenges Neil faces are severe weather conditions, running out of inventory, and also if an employee(s) calls out sick. Some successes Subway has is when revenue is $2000 or more for a days work. Another success is if 200 or more costumers come in within a day. The most challenging aspect Neil faces is when all employees call out and he has to work a busy day all by himself. This issue is overcome by a strong work ethic and appropriate time management skills.
  6. 6. Successes and Challenges Some critical success factors consist of making sure all preparation is ready for a days work. For example, all the veggies such as onions and peppers should be sliced and ready for access throughout the day. Neil makes sure all his employees are doing their work “the subway.” One major flaw that subway has is that they produced to many coupons allowing customers to get free subs. This causes Neil to lose profit.
  7. 7. The Future Neil plans to stay in business in the future but not in the food industry. He is losing profit with the coupons and point cards. He has more business, but less profit. Neil wants to run a camera business in the near future because it is more profitable and its self proprietorship. Neil likes to work alone and get things done right.
  8. 8. Interesting Questions Some questions that I asked Neil and found interesting are what brought you to subway. Neil responded that his father also worked at subway and he hired him at a young age to begin working and follow the foot steps of his father. Another question I found unique was what he found most difficult about working at a young age. Neil answered that his father gave him a large amount of hours. Neil was working 40+ hours a week and it was extremely difficult with no free time.
  9. 9. Summary Neil’s advice to the members of the class was to establish a strong work ethic and time management skills at a young age so that you are prepared for the real world and be successful in life. I learned how difficult it really is to manage a business. It takes a lot of hard work, time, and determination to be successful when managing a company. I will take this experience as a learning block and use what I have learned about management and become successful in the near future.