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IHRSA Ignite 2013


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Presentation during Ignite session at IHRSA 2013 in Las Vegas. Introduction to "quantified self" and personal tracking devices that will be a disruptive innovation in the fitness industry.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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IHRSA Ignite 2013

  1. 1. What is Quantified Self? And why should you care?
  2. 2. What exactly is Quantified Self?2007 The Year of the iPhone2009 The Year of Social Media2011 The Year of the Tablet2013 The Year of The Quantified Self
  3. 3. "Data acquisition onaspects of a persons daily life in terms of inputs, states and performance." ~ Wikipedia
  4. 4. Inputs: Calories, sleepquality, air conditions,weather...
  5. 5. States: Hydration level,temperament,excitement level...
  6. 6. Performance: Physicalsuch as speed anddistance &physiological such asheart rate and bloodglucose