Chuck E Cheese's - Solution Marketing Case Study


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Case study by Sara Sigel & Gordon Alemao
from Solution Marketing course at The Boston Startup School. June 2012.

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Chuck E Cheese's - Solution Marketing Case Study

  1. 1. ChuckE.Cheese’sSara Sigel & Gordon Alemao
  2. 2. Chuck E. Cheese Solution Marketing
  3. 3. Solution Marketing AnalysisCompletenessPeople / Users 4Process 2Content / Information 5Technology: Hardware and software 3Services and Support 2StrategyDifferentiated Offering 3Partners: Tech, Apps, and Content 4Partner-Friendly Business Model 5
  4. 4. People and User Fit 4Offers convenient, one-stop parties.Customers not looking for high quality.Mass appeal to busy parents.
  5. 5. Process / Service 2 Food oriented. Expensive. Lack of staff training.
  6. 6. Content 5Interactive games.Music.Other kids.Food.Play equipment.
  7. 7. Technology 2 Frequent equipment failures. Reinvent the wheel with copycat games.
  8. 8. Differentiated Offering 3 Crowded space. Competes with amusement parks, arcades,free playgrounds, and other indoor playspaces.
  9. 9. Partner-Friendly 4/5 Purell / Dreamworks / Lowes Schools / Teachers / Parents
  10. 10. Solution? Party Scene. 28KidsStimuli everywhere! Adults Its so easy!
  11. 11. ResourcesChuck E Cheese Official WebsiteAbout, Promotions, Content, TechnologyBlogs, i.e. Insidepizza.blogspot.comProcess, Staff, Service,, Customer ReviewsCost, Technology, Staff, ProcessCompetitors Official WebsitesDifferentiated Offerings, Cost, Service
  12. 12. Sara SigelBoston Startup School, Gordon Alemao Boston Startup School, Marketing @GCAlemao